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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Charleston Chain's' Of Command

This first table illustrates your position as a crewmember based upon when your character arrived on the Charleston. The second table shows you your In Character CoC.

Position Character Name Rank
1 Captain Joshua Samual ReedCaptain Joshua S Reed
2 Commander Daeren IrilCommander Daeren Iril
3 Lieutenant Commander Joe Deacairan (5 of 9)Lieutenant Commander Joe Deacairan
4 Dr (Lieutenant Commander) Un'larLieutenant Commander Un'lar
5 Major Archer FulgrimMajor Archer Fulgrim
6 Dr (Lieutenant Junior Grade) Chris MayersLieutenant Junior Grade Chris Mayers
7 1st Lieutenant Eric Lampright1st Lieutenant Eric Lampright
8 Ensign PedroEnsign Pedro
9 Ensign JeffEnsign Jeff
10 Ensign Hru'Llaudh RadaikEnsign Fvillha Radaik
11 Private 1st Class Vlek ReidPrivate 1st Class Vlek Reid

Your Chain of Command (CoC) as it Applies To YOU!
Whos orders do you follow?

If your are a new Ensign and a LT give you an order, do you have to obey it? Quick answer: only if they are in your CoC. Your CoC is listed below according to your department.

Reed / Iril / Deacairen

Deacairen / Radaik

Fulgrim / Lampright / Reid

Un'lar / Mayers / Deacairan