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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Mission Log

Current Mission

All Best Are Off

Began: Stardate 37908.02
Status: Current

Another diplomatic mission to a the planet Cadian. However, Cadian is a military society. Before they left the UFP a large percentage of Starfleet's finest marines came from this planet. Starfleet is already wounded from the high death tolls from the Borg and Dominion Wars. Will is survive a conflict with this heavily armored, totally miltistic planet? Will it come to that? A section as been added to the Charleston's Database to include information on this society and culture here.

Past Missions

Starfleet Logic

Began: Stardate 37809.09
Status: Completes Stardate 37903.01
Results: Satisfactory

Admiral Samual J Carthright has ordered the Charleston to Gamma Hydra III to establish diplomatic relations with the inhabitants of Hydran Prime, the homeworld of a race who call themselves the Faellen. Several rare animals have been recorded to live exclusively on Hydran Prime. In addition to our diplomatic responsibilities, the Charleston has been given the task of investigating and recording these animals.

Fight or Flight

Began: Stardate 37804.26
Status: Completed Stardate 37807.14
Results: Satisfactory

Starfleet scientists have constructed plans for a prototype ship capable of traversing though the different dimensions of the Universe. Even with the latest in security measures taken, Starfleet has reason to believe that espionage by the Romulan Empire has taken place within the laboratory. Located on the Wayune Beta IV star cluster near the boarder of the Gorn Confederation, the laboratory is extremely vulnerable. Three Romulan warbirds have been sighted in the adjacent sector, and several Gorn Battleships have gathered at Beípot 3, the Gornís boarder outpost. Our mission is to prevent the plans or scientists from being captured by enemy forces. The USS Fearless C has been ordered to rendezvous with the Charleston at Wayune, and the two ships are to see that the scientists and the plans reach Starbase 145 safely.

Hostilities between the Gorn Confederation and the Romulan Star Empire have escalated. Possibility of open war is likely. The positions of the enemy fleets suggest that Wayune may be in the middle if hostilities do erupt. Time is scarce and quik action is required.