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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Example Biography

Below is an example of a biography for a federation ensign.
Name: Jericho Gilmore
Age: 26
Race: Human
Place of Birth: Pearce, Southeast Arizona, Earth

Physical Description:
Jericho stands tall at 6’3”, weighing at 200 pounds. He has sandy blonde hair, which he keeps parted neatly to his left side, and hazel eyes.

The Physical Description should include any physical characteristics that you want you character to have, i.e. scars, birthmarks, height, wieight, hair color.....

Jericho is confident of him self, even to the point of arrogance, but carries it well because he has a natural ability to cover it. He can also be very secretive. Jericho believes in doing his work with excellence, taking it beyond simple pride to a level of perfection rarely reached by other individuals. He relates well with those under his authority, being both compassionate and assertive. He is often strong headed and will push his points until the other side either agrees, or tires from the constant wear. Jericho is fond of medieval recreations for the holodeck, many of which he designs himself, and monopoly. He also has a very ACTIVE dislike for okra and bad attitudes.

The personality section should list all the 'quirks' or emotional 'qualities' that your character possesses.

In grammar school, Jericho was often bright in mathematics, a natural talent that he continued to develop at Cochran University, where he graduated with a Master’s Degree at the top of his class. While there, he also minored in emotion suppression and logic under the guidance of a Vulcan Professor. He enlisted in Starfleet and graduated from Starfleet Academy, majoring in ship design, and minor of ship operations.

The Educations sections should have included within the level of education that you crewman or officer should have aquired by the time he reached the position that you are requesting. Example: a petty officer should have about five years experience, shipboard, whereas a cadet should have four years Acadamy training.

Growing up in a small retirement community, Jericho had few opportunities for nurturing relationship with youth his own age. Though he learned the value of a good book, it took him many years extra to learn of the necessity of friendship. Often pegged a 'loner,' Jericho had few friends. At Cochran University he was often hindered in his emotion and logic studies by his English-Welsh ancestry, which he blamed for his great passion in old fashion chivalry.

He wanted to be placed at Utopia Planetia to begin his career in Starfleet. After being station there, he made several friends from the crews on the ships that came in for repairs. While repairs where being made on the USS Excalibur, he befriended a helmsman, Tyler Foltine, who told him several stories of life on the frontier. The stories so enthralled him that he quickly became bored at the Utopia Planetia and requested a transfer to a starship. His transfer did not come as quickly as expected, and after six months; he was finally transferred to the USS Pathfinder.

The history of a character is perhaps the most important part of the biography. This needs to be well developed and starting from somewhere in their childhood....a particular atribute or quality that your character had that set him/her apart from the rest. The history should continue right up until the time of entry into the USS Charleston NCC-70570.

Medical Profile:
Jericho Gilmore has passed all physicals with flying colors. His medical scans, DNA type, blood type, bone structure, tissue compotion, and past ailments have been classified by the Federation Council. A security clearance of 12 is needed to access these records.

A medical profile will be used by the CMO, Chief Medical Officer, and the Ship's Councellor to help them make a determination of the psychiatric, physical, and mental well being of the character while in game. This can, but is not required to, contain personal family medical history.

Psychological Profile:
Ensign Jericho Gilmore has a temperment natural to human being. He has extreme mental disappline, and some mild mental abilities in telepathy and empathy have been developed. Jerihco is extremly smart, which often shows itself in arrogence. He handles himself well under pressure, staying calm and collected, yet takes offence at being placed in a dangerous situation on purpose.

The Psychological profile should contain a history of the characters reaction while under stress, and how this effected his judgement and/or personal well being. Many characters, particularly the cadet or enisign ranks, will not have a long psych profile since they are in essence still 'green'.


Utopia Planetia (1 yr)---Cadet Year
USS Pathfinder (Current)---Ensign

Past posts will not be necessary for appications for a civilian. A typical posting assignment for a federation cadet fresh out of Academy is one year, followed by about four conceutive years on various assignments for each level in rank that he/she has increased. Example: cadet to ensign-one year, ensign to Lt. j.g.-four years, Lt. j.g. to full Lt.-four years, and so on and so on......