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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Awards Guide

USS Charleston NCC-70570 Awards

This is a listing of the awards uses exclusively by the GM
of the USS Charleston NCC-70570, and awarded to the crew.

Academy Citation:Awarded to those officers who complete and graduate from Starfleet Academy and/or Starfleet Medical School versus being brought into service from the enlisted corps or from planetary defense forces.

Bridge Command Qualification: For officers in the grade of Senior Lieutenant and above who have passed the Bridge Command Qualification test.

Combat Injury: Awarded to those who are injured during a combat situation.

Combat Landing Force: Awarded to those who actively participate in a combat boarding parties.

Combat Wings: Awarded to those who actively participate in a combat situation while onboard a shuttle craft, Runabout, or assigned to an AWS unit.

Command Achievement Medal: Awarded to those in command for the advancement of Starfleet.

Medical Achievement Medal: Awarded to those in the medical field for advancement of medical treatment.

Engineering Achievement Medal: Awarded to those in the engineering field for advancement of engineering design and function.

Operations Achievement Medal: Awarded to those in the operation field for advancement of operations.

Science Achievement Medal: Awarded to those in the science field for advancement of science.

Security/Tactical Achievement Medal: Awarded to those in the security/tactical field for advancement of security/tactical procedures.

Crew Recognition: Awarded by the Captain for outstanding duty performance.

Distinctive Service: Highest normal non-combat award.


Below is a listing of the Awards offered by the Obsidian Fleet.
To view the actual awards and their definitions, click here.

Level 1 Awards Level 2 Awards

Purple Heart
Obsidian Fleet Service Citation
Obsidian Fleet Merit Of Time Served
Obsidian Fleet Gold Service Merit
Professional Merit
Captain's Personal Merit
Unit Citation
Silver Star(Character of the Month)
Distinguished Service Cross
Merit of the Tiger
Technical Merit
Rose Award
Deforest Kelley Humor Award
Service Accomidation
The Library Excellence Ribbon
Plot Development Citation
Crew's Choice Award
Newcomer of the Month Award
Most Improved Player of the Month Award

Zefram Cochrane Medal of Exploration
Geneva Peace Ribbon
Engineering Ingenuity Award
Flying Cross
Patterson Ribbon of Excellence
Tactical Superiority Award
Kublai Klan Award
Exemplery Courage Award
Medal of Honor
Joint Service Commendation Medel
Ribbon of Merit
Creativity Award
Ribbon of Compassion
Intelligence Prowess Award
Pow Ribbon of Sacrafice
Ribbon of Commitment
United Federation of Planets PIP

Ship Awards Player Awards

Simm of the Month
Admirality's Annual Simm of the Year

Task Force Post of the Month
Fleet Recuiting Award
Silver Fleet Recuiting Award
Gold Fleet Recuiting Award
Commanding Officer Merit of Excellence
Role Player of the Year
William Riker XO of the Year
James T. Kirk Co of the Year