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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Name: Unlar
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Cardassian
Department: Medical
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Physical Description: Tall, long-necked, humanoid in appearance, marked by several bony protrusions and ridges: one from the shoulder to under the ears, whose bottom lobes in turn are more pronounced forward to the jawline; and from above the eyes and back over the head to the rear base of the skull, showing through hair. Other ridges run from the nose line to the forehead, and along the chin to define a sharp jawline. With Black skin, Gray hair, and green eyes.

History: Born on planet along Cardassian/Federation Border. When his father killed by Maquis rebel's he was taken captive. one of the few Cardassian's to survive captivity he opted to not return to the Cardassian Union instead to serve with Federation. Graduated top of his class, excitement overshadowed by the fact that he has no knowledge of living relatives. After graduating was posted on USS Excalibur a Nebula class starship. During away on first posting cheif medical officer was incapcitated by Phaser fire. With minimal supplies and support managed to carry her to safe beam out point while keeping her alive. Then was transfered to the USS Hood where he served as Cheif Medical officer. After a rest period at star fleet medical took on Charleston.

Psychological Profile: A stable individual at first glance he becomes moody and explosive if put under stress for long periods of time. A outsider his social interactions are done with a purpose. Avoid angering him at all costs. The 2 things he is loyal to are the Federation and himself.

Medical Profile: Amazingly healthy, with a strong body and a good constituion. His mind is unussually closed to telepathy.

Education: Went to Starfleet Academy. Graduated top of his class at Starfleet Medical.

Starfleet History: Graduated from Academy. Posted on Excalibur where he recieved commendation from captain. Then moved to Hood as Cheif Medical officer. Rested for a time at Starfleet medical then moved to Charleston.

Living Relations: None Known

Past Assignments:

Commissioned as Ensign
USS Charleston NCC-70570: Medical Officer

Promoted to Lt jg
USS Charleston NCC-70570: Junior Chief Medical Officer

Promoted to Lt
USS Charleston NCC-70570: Chief Medical Officer


'Starfleet' Academy Citation


Crew Choice Award October '02


Distinguished Service Cross June '02Obsidian Fleet Service Citation September '02Distinguished Service Cross September '02


Type II Phaser