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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Duty Positions


Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Head Security Officer
Head Tactical Officer
Security Investigations Officer
Brig Officer
VIP Gaurd
Gunnerís Mate
Security Guard

The available duty positions are not limited to those listed on this page. If you want a position that is not listed, just select "other" on the application and fill in the appropriate box describing what position you would like.

Security Duties

Chief of Security: The Chief of Security (CoS) is responsible for the safety of all resources and personnel on the ship. They are tasked with ensuring the safety of all information, equipment and personnel. Therefore, they function as investigators, police, and on occasion, soldiers as well. The Chief of Security supervises all operations under his department, whether it be conducting a criminal investigation, securing the ship or repelling boarders, or protecting away team missions.

Tactical Officer: This bridge position is responsible for the operation of all defense and weapon systems aboard a starship. In addition, the Tactical Officer also handles sensor probes, message buoys, tractor beams, and during alert conditions, long and short range sensor arrays. This is not an assigned position, but rather one that all security officers share on a rotating basis.

Security Investigations Officer: The Security Investigations Officer is an Enlisted Officer. S/He fulfills the role of a special investigator or detective when dealing with Starfleet matters aboard ship or on a planet. Coordinates with the Chief Security Officer on all investigations as needed. The Security Investigations Officer reports to the Chief of Security.

Brig Officer: The Brig Officer is a Security Officer who has chosen to specialize in a specific role. S/he guards the brig and its cells. But there are other duties associated with this post as well. S/he is responsible for any prisoner transport, and the questioning of prisoners. Often Brig Officers have a good knowledge of forcefield technology, and are experts in escaping such confinements.

VIP Bodyguard: VIPs are sometimes difficult people to get along with. They want this and that, and want it as soon as they ask for it. So a VIP Bodyguard has not only to guarantee for the safety of the person s/he guards, but must also be good at organizing the requests from VIPs.

More than once s/he has to be diplomatic about what s/he has heard while staying in the vicinity of there VIP guests. As with brig Officers, VIP Bodyguards are specialist Security Officers, and when not serving a VIP most Bodyguards partake in normal Security duties.

Master-at-Arms/Armory Master: The Master-at-Arms/Armory Master trains and supervises Security crewmen in departmental operations, repairs, and protocols; maintains duty assignments for all Security personnel; supervises weapons locker access and firearm deployment; and is qualified to temporarily act as Chief of Security if so ordered. The Master-at-Arms/Armory Master reports to the Chief of Security.

Gunner's Mate: The Gunner's Mate trains and supervises Tactical crewmen in tactical operations, repairs, and protocols; maintains duty assignments for all Tactical personnel; supervises ordnance inventory, preparation, and deployment; and is qualified to temporarily act as Chief Tactical Officer if so ordered. The Gunner's Mate reports to the Deputy of Tactical.

Security Officer: Security officers spend their day monitoring internal security sensors, guarding sensitive areas, conducting random patrols, investigating crimes, neutralizing potentially aggressive personnel, guarding brig prisoners, and reviewing Starfleet wanted persons reports. Security Officers, as a general rule, are a must on any away mission.