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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Duty Positions


Chief Operations Manager
Assistant Chief Operations Manager
Operations Manager
Missions Operations
Transporter Chief
Computer Management
Computer Operations

The available duty positions are not limited to those listed on this page. If you want a position that is not listed, just select "other" on the application and fill in the appropriate box describing what position you would like.

Operation Duties

Chief of Operations: The Chief of Operations (CoOps) is responsible for the smooth and efficient functioning of a starship. They are in charge of logistics, services, computer operations, communications, and transporter operations just to name a few of their duties. In addition, they control all of the ship's resources, and prioritize usage among departments. They organize research teams, investigation teams, and away missions if personnel from more than one department are involved. Usually, but not always, the CoOps is also the Second Officer.

Assistant Chief of Operations: The ACoOps acts in the CoOps place when they are unavailable. They also supervise tasks in remote areas (such as away missions) and critical maintenance tasks when there is more than one task of the same priority (the CoOps will supervise on task, the ACoOps the other...).

Mission Operations: Mission Operations (or simply "Mission Ops") is a one deep slot filled by a trusted officer. This officer is charged with researching all pertinent data for missions/away teams, preparing mission briefings, organizing away teams, and issuing equipment. When an away team is deployed, the Mission Ops officer is posted on the bridge where they can monitor the away teams progress, act as a central point for communications, and coordinate emergency transports as necessary.

Computer Operations: The officers of Computer Operations are trusted with the maintenance, backup, and occasional recovery of the Main and Auxiliary Computer Cores. In addition to maintaining data and standard programs, skilled computer operators have been known to modify or even write programs on demand as needed.

Stellar Cartography: The officers of Stellar Cartography are the mapmakers of the future. Using a 360 degree holographic display, they maintain and update all known astrographic maps, as well as chart previously unexplored areas and phenomena.

Transporter Operations: The officers of Transporter Operations are few in number. Their main purpose is to supervise the enlisted technicians that operate the ship's transporters. They are responsible for ensuring safe and efficient transports, as well as assisting their subordinates try to accommodate the occasional unusual request. In addition, on the occasion that something goes awry, it is the job of the Transporter Officers to conduct and official investigation.

Logistics: The officer's in charge of logistics have a daunting, tireless and thankless task that is nonetheless vital to starship operations. It is their responsibility to ensure that there are spare parts available for emergency repairs, that the ship has enough raw materials on board for use by the replicators, and they supervise the loading, transport, and unloading of all material brought into the cargo bays.

Services: Services Officers are the jack-of-all-trades. They supervise the largest number of enlisted technicians. From personnel specialists, cooks, administrative personnel, etc... Many personnel from this department pull extra duty when visitors are on board, functioning as escorts and guides, and ensuring that all of their needs are met.

Operations Manager: This is not a full time duty, but rather a position on the bridge. All operations officers take turns doing rotations at this station. The OM utilizes their station to prioritize and allocate resources to various departments during missions (ex: Science is using a forward sensor array, but stellar cartography also requires its use. The OM would handle who gets it and when). In addition, the OM coordinates all communications, operates sensors, and coordinates damage control efforts.

Boatswain: Each vessel and base has one Warrant Officer (or Chief Warrant Officer) who holds the position of Boatswain. The Boatswain (pronounced and also written "Bosun" or "Bos'n") trains and supervises personnel (including both the ship's company or base personnel as well as passengers or vessels) in general ship and base operations, repairs, and protocols; maintains duty assignments for all Operations personnel; sets the agenda for instruction in general ship and base operations; supervises auxiliary and utility service personnel and daily ship or base maintenance; coordinates all personnel cross-trained in damage control operations and supervises damage control and emergency operations; may assume any Bridge or Operations role as required; and is qualified to temporarily act at Operations if so ordered. The Boatswain reports to the Chief Operations Officer.

Boatswain's Mate: The Boatswain, like many other positions, needs help at times. The Boatswain's Mate is an NCO that assists the Boatswain and helps out in the Operations Department wherever needed.

Materials Officer: Replicator usage can allow the fabrication of nearly any critical mission part, but large-scale replication is not considered energy-efficient except in emergency situations. However, in such situations, power usage is strictly limited, so it is unwise to depend upon the availability of replicated spare parts.

Thus a ship/facility must maintain a significant stock of spare parts in inventory at all times. The Materials Officer works in conjunction with the Logistics Officer, and is the person responsible for the requesting part from Starfleet and maintaining the stock and inventory of all spare parts. All request for supplies are passed to the Materials Officer, who check and send the final request to the XO for final approval. A good Materials Officer is never caught short on supplies.

Quartermaster: The Quartermaster trains and supervises crewmen in Bridge operations, repairs, and protocols and sets the agenda for instruction in general ship and Starbase operations for the Boatswain's Mate; maintains the ship's log, the ship's clock, and watch and duty assignments for all Bridge personnel; may assume any Bridge (i.e. CONN) or Operations role (i.e. transporter) as required; and is qualified to temporarily act as Commanding or Executive Officer if so ordered.

Quartermasters ensure that all officers and crew perform their duties consistent with Starfleet directives. The Quartermaster reports to the Executive Officer.