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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Duty Positions


Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Medical Officer
Head Nurse
Physicianís Mate
LMH (Long Term Medical Hologram)
EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram)
Chief Counselor
Assistant Chief Counselor
Counselorís Mate

The available duty positions are not limited to those listed on this page. If you want a position that is not listed, just select "other" on the application and fill in the appropriate box describing what position you would like.

Medical Duties

Chief Medical Officer: Manages all medical personnel and is responsible for the administrative tasks associated with the department. The CMO must be a Doctor, and will also perform their normal medical duties as well. With regards to the medical care of ship personnel, if there is a disagreement between doctors on the method of treatment to pursue, the CMO will make the final decision.

Assistant Chief Medical Officer: He is responsible for representing the CO to the officer crew, as well as insuring the orders of the CO are carried out by all hands. He makes sure all stations are operating at peak efficiency. In times of crisis, the XO may be designated as Commander Pro Tempore and is one of two officers capable of jointly removing the CO from command. The Executive Officer also helps with many aspects of the Aquarius. At the end of each mission, the XO and CO determine any and all promotions. The XO can also help with new crew members, website work, etc.

Doctor: Doctor's primary concern is with the physical health and well-being of the crew, and as a secondary role, the health and well-being of any Federation citizen in need of medical attention. In addition to performing routine examinations and check ups, the Doctors on a starship perform emergency medical procedures, conduct surgery, and assist with injuries and illnesses of all types. When not actively busy with patients, many Doctors occupy their time with conducting medical research for cures or to understand new illnesses/lifeforms.

Head Nurse: The Head Nurse oversees all the Nurses currently aboard, ensuring they are assigned to task and working as required in there area. Additionally the Head nurse performs the normal duties of the nurse, assisting the Duty Medical Officer in sickbay.

Nurse: Nurses are trained in basic medical care, and are capable of dealing with less serious medical cases. In more serious matters the nurse assist the medical officer in the examination and administration of medical care, be this injecting required drugs, or simply assuring the injured party that they will be OK.

The Nurses also maintain the medical wards, overseeing the patients and ensuring they are receiving medication and care as instructed by the Medical Officer.

Physician's Mate: The Physician's Mate trains and supervises Medical crewmen in departmental operations, repairs, and protocols; maintains duty assignments for all Medical personnel; leads triage and emergency medical efforts when necessary; coordinates all personnel cross-trained in emergency medical operations; and is qualified to temporarily act as Chief Medical Officer (except where surgical procedures must be performed) if so ordered. The Physician's Mate reports to the Chief Medical Officer.

LMH ( Long Term Medical Hologram ): The LMH replaces Starfleets standard EMH on most starbases and starships. The LMH is to activate upon request from anyone in the Infirmary Sickbay, or upon the death of the ships Chief Medical Officer. The Long Term Medical Hologram is designed after the U.S.S. Voyager's Doctor. Starfleet felt that it was wise to redesign the EMH to possibly run long term. The current LMH does not have the ability to activate or deactivate itself. The Mobile Emitter is also not in use in most applications.

Counselor: Ship's Councilors are responsible for the mental health and well-being of the crew. In addition to performing counseling and routine stress evaluations, counselors are also called upon to provide therapy for mentally disturbed crewmen, and help ease conflict on the ship. The Counselor is also the ship Captain's primary advisor on interspecies relations, and diplomatic negotiations.