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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Duty Positions


Exexutive Officer
Second Officer
Chief of The Boat
Mission Advisor
Moral Officer
Captain's Yeoman

The available duty positions are not limited to those listed on this page. If you want a position that is not listed, just select "other" on the application and fill in the appropriate box describing what position you would like.

Command Duties

Captain: The Captain (who is called this, regardless of rank) is the commanding officer of a starship. They are responsible not only for the care and maintenance of all resources under their control, but for the safety of their crew as well. While many tasks are delegated to other officers (Department Heads, etc...), the Captain always maintains full responsibility. It is the Captain's job to carry out mission orders to the fullest extent. In addition, starship Captains have certain legal authority while in space, and have the ability to act as Special Representatives of the UFP when necessary.

First Officer: The First Officer (also sometimes called the Executive Officer, or XO) is the second in command of a starship. If the Captain is not present or unable to perform their duties, the First Officer may assume command with all of the authority of a ship's Captain. While the Captain is present, the First Officer handles many other tasks that require a command presence, but are not high priority or are too dangerous for a Captain to perform (organizing research teams, leading away team missions). During a dangerous situation (hostile negotiations, etc...) the Captain and First Officer may not be at the same place at the same time. If one of them is planet side, one must remain on the ship.

Second Officer: If for any reason the First Officer is not present, unable to perform their duties, or is currently acting as Captain, the Second Officer assumes position as First Officer. During normal operations, the Second Officer handles most personnel related tasks such as counseling, reprimands, settling conflict and disputes, and recognizing excellent performance. The Second Officer is also likely to lead away teams that are entering known hostile situations, or routine missions where interaction with other species is unlikely.

Chief of the Boat: The seniormost Chief Petty Officer (including Senior and Master Chiefs), regardless of rating, is designated by the Commanding Officer as the Chief of the Boat (for vessels) or Command Chief (for starbases). In addition to his or her departmental responsibilities, the COB/CC performs the following duties: serves as a liaison between the Commanding Officer (or Executive Officer) and the enlisted crewmen; ensures enlisted crews understand Command policies; advises the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer regarding enlisted morale, and evaluates the quality of noncommissioned officer leadership, management, and supervisory training.

The COB/CC works with the other department heads, Chiefs, supervisors, and crewmen to insure discipline is equitably maintained, and the welfare, morale, and health needs of the enlisted personnel are met. The COB/CC is qualified to temporarily act as Commanding or Executive Officer if so ordered.

Mission Advisor: Advises the CO/XO on mission-specific areas of importance. Many times, the Mission Advisor knows just as much about the mission as the CO and XO do, if not even more. He or she also performs mission-specific tasks, and can take on any roles that a mission requires him or her to do. Often a department head in his/her own right.

Morale Officer: Responsible for keeping the morale of the crew high. Delivers regular reports on morale to the XO. The Morale Officer plans activities that will keep the crew's morale and demeanor up. If any crew member is having problems, IC or OOC, the Morale Officer can assist that crew member. Must concurrently hold another staff position, not required to be department head.

Yeoman (Assistant): The Captain's Yeoman is for Petty Officers who wish to continue as administrators. It is technically a non-Mate position. Use of this position is completely at the discretion of the Commanding Officer. File work, and sensitive message transport are but two examples of the Yeoman's possible duties. The Yeoman assists the CO in day-to-day duties that the CO would otherwise not have the time to do.