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USS Charleston NCC-70570

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Fight or Flight

Captain's Log, Stardate 37809.07

I am in route to return to the Charleston. The last six weeks have been trying, and the comforts of my own quarters are very appealing to me. I hope that the lessons I have learned these past weeks will benifit my ship and crew.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37807.15

Last night DS7 hosted a promotion cermony for the officers of the USS Charleston. I gladly recognize the crew of the Charleston for their hard efforts in earning these promotions, and I know that they will fullfill the requirements and responsibilities of their new positions to the fullest. Recognition to Lt Iril, Lt 5 of 9, Lt Un'lar, Lt jg Makhu Reis, Lt jg Micheal Vaun, Captain Archer Fulgrim, Lt Stacie Leer, at 1st Lt Eric Lampright. We wish them the best of luck.

After the ceremony I returned to my quarters to find that Starfleet had other plans for me while my crew enjoyed some R and R. I start on a solo mission tomorrow morning.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37807.14

I am strangly disappointed to find out that our past three weeks have been nothing more than another one of the elaborate 'Starfleet Holodeck' traning simulation that have become so famous.

However, our past three weeks of trials have bought us some R and R at DS7, to which I and my crew are greatly looking forward to.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37807.05

The Shenandoah and the Klingon ship both survived the battle and have returned to DS7 for repairs. My Chief Operations Officer, 5 of 9, has been taken by the Borg during our encounter with them, and we are in route to assist him. He was able to contact us a few minutes ago with news of his condition. From what he has told us, he has retained his individuality from the collective, yet they have not as of yet detected it. We have only had audio communication with him, and I don't know if he is indeed an individual, or if the borg are using him to gain information about the Charleston's current status.

Cadet Lampright has shown himself worthy of Starfleet by completeing the requirements for becomeing an officer. Today he has been promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and will assume his new position as Squad Leader. Also, Cadet Reagus Clay is now our 'Acting Chief of Helm'. 2nd Lieutenant Archer Fulgrim has also shown his abilities satisfactorily and as such has recieved a promotion to 1st Lieutenant. He will continue in his position of Marine CO. Congratulations go to all three officers.

Our mission to Wayune Beta IV is way behind scheldule, and we have informed the USS Fearless of our status. They have reported nothing out of the ordinary, and the evacuation of the scientists and research is going as planed on their side.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37806.19

After recieving a distress call from the USS Shenandoah, we have embarked on an assist mission. Ariving at their location, we found two borg sheres bearing down on her. The Shenandoah's weapons systems had been overloaded and their only defense a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37806.03

Today we have faced our first real battle. We have suffered heavy losses from an unprovoked Romulan attack. Many fine young officers and crew were killed, and several were seriously injured. A few of those among the dead include Cadet Bob, Nurse Lolaw and PO1 Quibble.

The ship itself is intacted, but it too took heavy damage. Although delayed, our mission remains the same. Proceding at maximum speed, we are in route to Beta Wayune IV and the science laboratory.

Dr. Wilcox is taking an active role in her positon of Senior Chief Medical Officer, even though she has only been on board a couple of days. Upon her recommendation I have asked all officers to join me in a holodeck simulation in an attempt to raise crew moral. The program she recommends is one of an old fashioned motor cycle rally. I must admit that motocycles are not my strong suit, but the distraction is welcome. I find myself looking forward to it with great interest and know from studying her that it will not be dull.

Captain's Log, Stardate 378505.13

The Charleston has been honored to recieve two awards from the command staff of Obsidian Fleet, the Awards of Excellence, and the People's Chioce Award.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37804.26

Starfleet has given us our mission orders. We are proceeding on coarse to the Wayune Beta star system along the Gorn/Federation boarder.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37804.18

The last transport ship arrived today, much to my relief (and thiers, no doubt). We will soon be getting underway ourselves, as soon as the last officer arrives. The shipyard is making the final touches to the crewman's lounge. Amazingly enough, even with all the setbacks that they've had, it should be done by the time we leave the shipyard. Starfleet hasn't informed me of our mission yet, but I expect the orders to be coming in soon.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37804.16

The transport carrying two officers arrived today. Still no word from the other transport ship, and I am growing concerned.

Work has been done on the Crewman's Lounge, but unfortunally it is progressing slow. I am hopeful to have it up and running before we leave the shipyard. Ship systems as a whole are running fine. The crew is adjusting to a new captain, and I am learning my way around the ship. As a prototype ship, it has a lot of surprises.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37804.13

Ship's database systems have been added. We are awaiting the arival of an engineer, helm, marine, and medical officers. Starfleet has sent them via personnel transport ships, yet an 'incident' has delayed their arival. Thier arrival ETA is currently unknown.

Also, A new Crew Lounge is expected to be installed while we are docked. Construction is already underway.

Captain's Log, Stardate 37804.10

I have arrived at Star Base 7. Website updated and enhanced. Established intership comminucations and record keeping system

Captain's Log, Stardate 37804.07

Today I was officially accepted as the CO of the USS Charleston. I am in route to Deep Space 7 where I am to rendezvous with the Charleston.

Captain's Log, stardate 37804.05.

Today the webpage is constructed. Still under heavy construction, though it is functional. Many inprovements are expected in the near future!