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Mariska Hargitay/Olivia Benson Links

Hi!! Welcome to the Mariska Hargitay/Olivia Benson Links Webpage.

Ok. Just so you know, this is just a little bit different than regular websites. This isn't another bio
website though it is designed by a fan. There are enough fan sites that rattle on all the possible
info out there on Mariska. For me to design another one is a little redundant. This page is
just a collection of links to pages that are Mariska Hargitay/Olivia Benson related. I hope
you enjoy surfing the different links and
learning all you can about Mariska Hargitay/Olivia Benson.

**All/most graphis on this page come from that specific website. (I don't own anything, just helping them
promote their site) If they don't have a banner link, I try and create one for them at no cost to them.
I always say that if there is something there to catch a readers attention, it will draw that reader
to their site. That is the only objective in creating a banner for a site that does not have one.

Most of the Mariska pics are found at**

Though please forgive me if I do say, I am a little excited about how the banners turned out for
the sites. Please also forgive me that the milk one is so small. I couldn't make the milk picture
bigger without it getting extremely pixilated. So I had to shrink down a Mariska pic majorly.


Mariska on E!Online | Mariska Articles/Pics on Just Jared | Mariska on Dotspotter

Mariska's Got Milk Commercial

Olivia Shops

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I don't know if you have asked Mariska Hargitay about this yet, but if you have noticed on
yahoo on April 22,2009; there is a brunette hugging an earth on yahoo that looks much like
Mariska Hargitay. I added the picture (2 - second picture is zoomed in closer) below. It may not be
modeled after Mariska, I don't know. All I know is that it looks like her. What do you think?

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