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Hello! I see you've found my personal (as opposed to my professional) website! ;-)personal photo These are the things I like to do when I'm not torturing my students and acting like a professor!

First of all, I'm a science fiction fan, so you'll find lots of Star Trek novels on my bookshelf, the Sci-Fi Channel programmed into my TV remote, and a coffee mug in my cupboard that says "Reality is for those who can't handle Star Trek". (Are you getting the picture yet???)

So... how does this obsession manifest itself?

Read on...!

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  • Reading (yup--ST novels as well as medical thrillers, political intrigue, and cyber-techno thrillers)
  • pixel shimCreating web pages
  • pixel shimI enjoy creating my own needlepoint/fiberarts projects.
  • pixel shimI participate in large choral groups and have performed many of the major chorales of Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Handel, Mendelssohn, Faure, and Rutter. I play the organ. I recently bought a guitar, but haven't had time yet to learn to play it.
  • pixel shimIn my youth, I was a gymnast for 7 years. In that time, I managed only to suffer various sprained ankles/knees, etc., and one dislocated elbow--I never DID like vaulting!
  • pixel shimMy favorite type of music is new-age and classical; my favorite foods are mongolian beef, prime-rib, shish-kabobs, pizza, and chocolate! Favorite desserts: key-lime pie, anglefood cake with chocolate frosting, and cherry pie.

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Coast To Coast
This is actually a late night talk radio program which has guests on talking about things like UFO's, crop circles, paranormal phenomena, life after death and out of body experiences, shadow people, and a host of other things--and NO--it's not the flaky kooks as guests! (BTW, the show is on KNRS out of Salt Lake from 11:00 PM - 3:00 AM live, if you're brave enough to check it out!)
pixel shim Boogie Jack
If you're a web-o-phile--and if you're reading this for MCT 3110, you qualify--you need to spend some serious time at this site. Major tutorials on just about anything you could ask for, cool free graphics, a great left border maker software app (yes--it's even FREE) and a chance to sign up for a great e-zine on good web design, tips, and tricks.
pixel shimClickable Client Side Image Map Maker
A handy on-line image mapper for those of you who want to make 'em and don't know how/don't care where it is in your graphics software. BTW, this is the only on-line one I've found, but that doesn't mean there aren't other sites like this.
pixel shimTami's Web Design Resources Page
A shameless plug for a bunch of web design resources I've found and put together for a web design class I taught at another university--not all are still current, nor are they annotated--but there's quite a bit of good stuff still to be had here!!!
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By the end of this class I would like to learn to:

  1. Create and access a database of test items so I can put tests/quizzes on-line.
  2. pixel shimGet quizzes to self score so I can provide students immediate feedback.
  3. pixel shimLearn about layering in CSS and how to get images to show/hide themselves (Javascript??) so I can create instructional tutorials with hidden hints and that provide feedback.
  4. pixel shimCreate sliding drop down menus (Javascript?? Flash??).

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