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IT 3240 Guided Practice Feedback: Lesson 3

How has this site indicated:

  1. Ease of use?
  2. links to first page of each lesson on the site; indication of which lesson this is in the course, pop-up windows used for links so learner is not taken off-site without notice

  3. Accessing next and previous lessons?
  4. links at the top and bottom of each page; use of "forward" and "backward" arrow graphics combined with text links

  5. How this lesson fits in with the other pages used for the course?
  6. Lesson number "X" of "X" given on lesson introduction page; listing of all lessons in this site provided on lesson introduction page

  7. Identifying main sections within this lesson?
  8. blue 3-D ball graphic bullet ()

  9. Identifying subsections within this lesson?
  10. Task graphic used for student Quiz, Practice, and Assignment ()

  11. Visual consistency?
  12. Same background, headers used for lesson sections, limited number of fonts and colors, same navigational structure location and look

  13. Providing feedback?
  14. Use of checkmark graphic to access answers to quiz and practice (); practice feedback page provided and uses yellow background to easily distinguish it from the rest of the sites instructional pages

  15. Having clarity of meaning (Icons, labels)
  16. graphic used for student tasks clearly indicates a pencil, paper and ? mark common to indicating a paper/pencil learning task ()

  17. Appropriate to learners' purpose?
  18. No extraneous graphics/sounds that are used for anything other than instructional purposes; table of contents provides navigation overview