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Founded as a philosophical study group, the ancient Jedi spent centuries contemplating the mysterious energy field called the Force. After mastering it, they chose to use their skills for good, to help those in need.

For 25,000 years, the Jedi Knights served as peacemakers for the Galactic Republic. Operating out of the Judical Department under the Office of the Chancellor, the Jedi became the guardians of freedom and justice. They battled interplanetary criminals and settled cosmic disputes, becoming legendary throughout the Galaxy.

Jedi are usually identified within the first six months of birth. At this early age, the infants begin their Jedi training. Because older children experience fear and anger, the Jedi believe it is unwise to train them in the ways of the Force. To enter Jedi training, one must be approved by the Jedi Council.

The Force

The Jedi's greatest ally is the Force. The Force is an energy field generated by all living things. It surrounds and penetrates everything, binding the Galaxy together. Those who are attuned to the Force and study it diligently can learn to manipulate its energy.

Utilizing the Force, Jedi Knights can perform incredible feats of strength and speed. A Jedi's keen mind can see far-off places, project illusions, move objects, and hypnotize opponents.

There are two sides of the Force: the peace, serenity, and knowledge of the light side and the fear, anger, and aggression of the dark side. Balancing life and death, love and hate, and creation and destruction, both sides of the Force are part of the natural order. Knowledge of the Force gives power to the Jedi Knights.

The Sith

The dark side of the Force empowers the Jedi's most dangerous foes, the Sith Lords. Legends of the Sith go back thousands of years. A cult of renegade Jedi who gave in to the dark side of the Force, the Sith embraced the concept that power denied was power wasted. The cult was built in opposition to the Jedi. While the Jedi order was created to serve, the Sith only believed in domination.

Many of the original Sith destroyed each other and themselves with their own evil. The few surviving Sith were hunted down and killed by the Jedi. After the killings, only one Sith Master remained. To prevent future fighting between rival Sith apprentices, the Sith Master decided to take only a single apprentice. Thus, there were never more than two Sith Lords at one time

For a millennium, the Sith maintained their order in secrecy, passing down their evil heritage. As they gained knowledge of the dark side of the Force, their powers increased with each generation. Nearly forgotten by the Republic, the Sith patiently waited for the day they would find weakness in the Jedi.

The Jedi Code

The Light Saber

Essentially a blade of pure energy, the lightsaber is capable of cutting through almost anything-except another lightsaber blade. These elegant and very effective weapons have been masterfully weilded by Jedi Knights for thousands of years.

Part of a Jedi Knight's training includes the task of building a personal lightsaber. Although each lightsaber is unique, the weapon's basic design reamains the same. The handle, twenty-four to thirty centimeters long, holds a power cell as well as one or more crystals-seldom more than three. The crystals focus the energy released by the power cell into a tight, bladelike beam. The blade's color depends of the nature of the jewel it springs from. When a single jewel is placed in the lighsaber's handle, the blade length is fixed. But if more than one crystal is placed in the handle, the blade's length can be changed. By rotating a knob, the Jedi can adjust the focusing crystal activator, which changes the refraction pattern between gems, resulting in a shorter or longer blade.