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The Basic Basics - How to play

The basic overall goal of elimination is to get everyone else "out." To achieve this goal, one must hit other people in the room with the elimination ball. When one picks up the elimination ball, thou shalt be allowed three steps, no more, no less. Three shall be the number of steps thou shalt take, and the number of steps thou shalt take will be three. Four steps shall thou not take, neither two, excepting that thou shalt proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the step three, being the third step has been reached, then lobest thou holy hand grenade…erm…elimination ball towards thy foe. If thy foe is hit by the ball, they are out, and must sit on in the designated out area until they get back in. You can get back in if, and only if, the person who hit you gets out. The object of the game is to hit as many people as possible, and avoid getting hit yourself. The game ends when only one person remains standing.*

*Note: The most recent person to actually, legitimately, win a game of elimination is Brandon Jones, and he did so over two years ago. He is currently the most exalted player in the troop.

Additional Rules

If at any time, the ball is thrown at you, you may catch it, and if you catch it successfully, the person who threw the ball is out. You only have a limited amount of time to throw the ball, so if a member of the Senior Patrol begins counting down you have to through the ball before he gets to zero. If at anytime a member of the senior patrol calls All-in, everyone who is currently out is now in. If you hit someone in the head with the ball, that person is NOT out. If the person was hit in the head while they were DUCKING, they ARE out. If the ball bounces off someone and is subsequently caught before hitting the ground, no one is out. If the ball bounces off anything (walls, ceiling, chairs, tables, ect.) and is caught, no one is out. Finally, if the ball bounces off someone, bounces off a wall or other object, and is then caught by the person who was hit, the person who threw the ball is out. Well, that seems clear enough.

The multi-person touch rule

We have a special rule here in troop 5. If multiple people are going for the ball, and they all touch it, the person who gets the ball cannot get the other people out, as long as they touched the ball. The purpose of this rule is so that people are not afraid to try and get the ball, as long as you touch it, you have nothing to loose, even if you don't get there first. One exception to this rule, however, if you don't touch the ball before some one else picks it up, you can still be hit. My best suggestion, if this happens to you, would be to run... very, very fast.