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Advanced Strategies

How to avoid becoming a target:
The first rule of survival is to be fast, and out on the Elimination court it's survival of the fittest. What you want to master first is rapid movement. When someone else has the ball, your safest bet is run away from that person as quickly as possible, and if your fast enough, you can be on the other side of the room before they pick up their head. If you can get far away from the person with the ball, it's likely they won't notice you, and thus you won't be come a target.

Uh-oh, they looked up before I ran, and now I don't think I can make it:
Uh-huh, well, fear not, even if your not fast enough, you can still avoid becoming a target. All you have to do is make yourself as unnoticeable as possible. You see, older scouts are like big dumb dinosaurs. If you don't move, chances are they won't see you. Remember that scene in Jurassic Park? (the first one, not the horrible sequels) If you can blend in with a crowd of people you are all the better for it.

Uh-oh, I've been seen, and it looks like I'm the main target, now what?
Above all else, don't panic. The worst possible thing you can do is madly run off in directions unknown. This course will ultimately leave your back open for an easy shot, and you won't be able to see the ball for any hope of a dodge. Ultimately whether or not you'll be hit is left up to luck and the skill of the ball chucker.

Ok, don't run off wildly, what CAN I do?
Well first of all, stop laughing about my use of ball chucker and get your mind out of the gutter. Next, you need to stay calm. There are several things you need to gauge before you make any action. First, consider how far away the person is from you. Does it look like they have a clear shot? Take into account whether or not they have used their 3 steps. Then take into account the skill level the person seems to possess, and how badly they want to get you out. Does this person have a tendency to miss a lot? Do they usually throw pretty light balls? Do they have dead eye accuracy? With this info in mind you can take one of three courses of action. Run, Dodge, or catch.

If you choose to run, the ball thrower better be a good distance away, for as soon as he sees you start to move, he'll throw the ball for fear of missing his chance. This does have it's advantages though, as it's possible the person will not have a chance to aim, or get as close as they want. The most important thing to do while running is always keep at least one eye on the ball or person throwing the ball, and not exposing your back. This can best be achieved by running backwards, or parallel to the ball thrower. However, if you cornered, running won't be an option, therefor you will have to…

Probably the most useful tactic in Elimination, and the one that will take the highest level of skill to execute well. The most skilled dodges are performed by not moving. That is, not moving until well after the ball has left the hand of the thrower. Dodging requires a light step and split second decision making. The best dodgers can read which direction the ball is traveling and don't decide if their going to move to the left or right, duck or jump, until the ball has left the hand of the thrower. This requires finely tuned reflexes and expert timing, all of which can be acquired through the frequent playing of "twitch" games….like Pong! To become a skilled dodger takes a great deal of practice. If you want to practice in your free time, have your best buddy hurl rocks at you from about 5 ft. away, and practice not moving.

The catch:
If all else fails, your last desperate resort should be to try and catch the ball. This looks really good, and can completely turn the tides of a confrontation, however there are many variables that contribute to whether or not you will be able to catch the ball. Among these, the speed and force at which the ball is thrown, the angle, and where the person was aiming when they threw. Once again, there are a variety of different skill levels possessed by different people. You can get better with practice. If you need a reliable way to practice, see above.

How about crouching down, and making myself as small as possible?
I would most certainly NOT recommend this often seen method of avoiding the ball. For one, it makes you look like your cowering in fear, and for two it highly restricts your movement. True, it can improve your chances of catching the ball, as you have less surface area to aim at, but remember, head shots are legal if your target is crouching.

Ok, so now I know how not to get hit, how do I actually win?
You win my not getting hit for as long as possible, and this can be achieved by following the guidelines above. Stay as far from the ball as you can while it's in someone's hands, but if your patient, the ball will eventually come near enough for you to grab it, if your fast enough. Once the ball gets within your range, don't be afraid to go get it. All you have to do is touch it to ensure you won't get hit.

Hey, I finally got the ball! Now what?
Don't just stand there, get someone out! As soon as you pick up the ball, everyone around you will scatter. This is the best time to get someone out. In the confusion, indiscriminately throw the ball at anyone in your facility that has their back to you. If your fast enough, you can even run and pick the ball up again before anyone else gets to it. The best way to get multitudes of people out is to be fast, and don't hesitate for a second.

Ok, everyone's out except for those hew people who never show their back, is there anything I can do now?
Yes, you still have a fighting chance. Once you get the ball, use your three steps to the fullest and try to get someone in a corner so they can't run away. Now you need to gauge the persons movements. Once the game begins to get down to the last few people, its gets less strict on how much time you can take with your shots. With this extra time, gauge if it looks like the person is going to try to catch your ball or is more likely to flee. During this time, it doesn't hurt to take a few practice shots without the ball leaving your hands. It allows you to see how your prey is going to react, and helps to physce them out a little. Once again, it all comes down to a matter of skill and practice. If you want to get practice use the previously mentioned methods, only this time, hurl the rocks at your friend that has been pelting you all day.

The senior patrol is all teamed up! I can't beat them by myself, it's not fair!
Oh but it is fair. There are no rules against forming alliances. Many years ago, we were not the senior patrol. The senior patrol was an unholy group of teenagers known as the frogs. These guys were ruthless, and it was only in forming our alliance that we were eventually able to overtake them. It wasn't easy, and it took a lot of time, but it was done. What's the message in this? Well, the same thing can happen to us. If enough of you guys form an alliance against us, you'll have a fighting chance.

On a side note, Easy targets look like this: