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Troop 4 Camping Trip

Cold weather supplies


             Individual Gear to Bring: 1 Backpack (External or Internal Frame)

1 Sleeping Bag rated to 0 degrees

1 Set of Rain Gear (top and bottom)

1 Pair warm gloves

1 Stocking Hat (preferably wool or polypro)

2 1 liter bottles of water

2 Pairs warm pants

2 warm shirts

1 fleece pullover

1 pair of polypro long johns (not cotton)

4 pairs wool blend socks (not cotton

1 pair of warm hiking boots

1 small plastic plate or frisbee

1 spoon for eating

       Team gear to Bring: 1 tent

1 small pot per two scouts

1 backpacking stove per two scouts

1 bottle of PolarPure and AquaPure water purifier tablets

Freeze dried food for meals (you & partner plan to share each meal)

1 roll Toilet Paper per two Scouts

You Pack It You Carry it!