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Boy Scout Troop 4
Columbia, SC, USA

St. Martins in the fields           Episcopal Church
## Clemson Avenue
Columbia, SC 29204

Meets Mondays 7:00-8:00 P.M.

For Further Information Contact:
   Dave Bruenner 790-2550
Committee Chair:
   Catherine Bruce 544-0823        
Advancement Chair:
   Lisa Woodard 782-0960

Site Contents

 Boy Scout Forms 
 Eagle Scout Forms 
 Adult Leader Forms 
 All Unit Forms 
 Cub Scout Forms 
 Venture/Varsity Forms



All forms require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print out.

Boy Scout Forms

Application for Merit Badge (bluecards - 3 per page)
Boy Scout Uniform Insignia Placement
Boy Scout World Conservation Award Application
Campfire Program Planner
Camping Model Troop Meeting Plan
Troop Camp Roster (Summer camp)
Troop Meeting Plan Form
Troop National Quality Unit Award Checklist
Troop Rechartering Checklist
Troop Resource Survey

Eagle Scout Forms

Eagle Packet Checklist
Eagle Palm Application
Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (may be obsolete)
Eagle Scout Scholarships Application
Guidelines for Advancement to Eagle Scout Rank for Scouts with Disabilities / Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Award Merit Badges
National Eagle Scout Association Membership Application

Adult Leader Forms

Award of Merit Nomination
Order of the Arrow Adult Election
Silver Beaver Award Nomination
Merit Badge Counselor Information
International Letter of Introduction Application
Scoutmaster Award of Merit Nomination
Veteran Application (Adult recognition)

All Unit Forms

50-Miler Award Application
Advancement Report
Application for BSA Lifeguard Certification
Blank Monthly Calendar
Capture the Flag Victory Form
Flying Permit Application (For orientation and Aviation merit badge flights)
Flying: Parent/Guardian Consent for BSA Aviation Flights
Historic Trails Award Application
Local Tour Permit Application
Meeting Place Inspection Checklist
Personal Health and Medical Record Class 1 and Class 2 (front)
Personal Health and Medical Record Class 1 and Class 2 (back)
Personal Health and Medical Record Form Class 3
National Tour Permit Application
Motor Vehicle Checklist
Unit Money-Earning Application
Snorkeling BSA Application
Transfer Form (Youth & Adult Members)
Universal and Non-Unit Insignia Placement
William T. Hornady (conservation) Awards Applications (Link to BSA National Council page)

Cub Scout Forms

Cub Pack National Quality Unit Award Application
Cub Scout Individual Record
Cub Scout Pack Quality Unit Checklist
Cub Scout Uniform Insignia Placement
Cub Scout/Webelos Den Advancement Report
Cub Scout World Conservation Award Application
National Summertime Pack Award

Venture/Varsity Forms

Varsity Scout Team Quality Unit Checklist
Venture Crew/Ship Quality Unit Checklist
Venturing Uniform Insignia Placement