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The Renagade Blue

Ok... Here's the skinny, im lazy, so i havent really worked on this site all that much, theres a bunch of stuff on it, but im gonna update it slowly so keep checking back in.

Hey there Everybody!
im kindof trying to get people to read my story, that's kinda why i put it everywhere and occationally write it on the wall...
my AIM screenname's RenagadeBlue16, if you have that, or whatever, oh man im tired....
email's at the bottom VVV

if anyone from england stumbles upon this, 1)awsome job with the play, both nights, absolutely spectacular 2)im sure you saw me at one time or annother, i do have a knack for not quite complying with the rules sometimes... well... all the time, hahaha!
farewell for now, its been fun

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The Renagade Blue
To read my story, right click this and go to "Save Target As..."
Its all ive written, im not gonna lie, if i get around to it, ill write some more, sign the guestbook and tell me if you liked it, maybe ill have some extra motivation

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