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Cure urinary tract infections with Cranberry

Urinary Tract Infections cause:

When I was pregnant my midwife recommended drinking cranberry juice to avoid urinary tract infections. She said cranberry was the only acidic food that stays acidic all the way through your digestive system.

Later in life, I use it whenever I get the symptoms above. My 5 year old son had a few times when he needed to pee frequently, often with nothing coming out and was also wetting the bed, which he had never done before. I realized he had a urinary tract infection and had him drink cranberry juice which cured it. Of course, don't drink it right before bedtime -- don't drink anything right before bedtime or it makes you need to go!

Now, they have cranberry pills!!!! Buy them at any pharmacy, big supermarket or health food store.

These are great because cranberry juice is sour even with lots of added sugar. The cranberry pill bottles even say "for urinary tract health". They do have a warning not to use if you have kidney stones (more on this subject farther down).

Now, my disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I just speak from experience. And I say: if you have the symptoms above get cranberry pills and take the full dose for two or three days. That should zap those germs dead. Don't take it constantly or you will create a constant acidic condition in your urinary tract and some mutant bacteria or fungus will survive and proliferate in there, immune to cranberry. Only use it when you sense an infection coming on, or maybe once or twice a month.

Bathing and washing your bottom often helps, of course.

I began to realize that urinary tract infections were all over my family history. My sister wet the bed until she was over 10 years old, and two other sisters had urinary tract infections that manifested itself by blood poisoning which got so bad they went to the hospital where it was finally diagnosed. Then I got it as an itchy painful business and then my son, and rcently my elderly mother mentioned it. Cranberry has worked on all of us who have taken it.

Kidney Stones
A friend of mine's grown daughter nearly died when she got a urinary tract infection at the same time as kidney stones. She developed severe blood poisoning. I believe the bacteria entered the blood stream where the kidney stones scratched open the lining of her bladder and tract. Once she recovered, the doctor told her to take cranberry as a preventative but not constantly. Cranberry pill bottles warn not to take them while you have kidney stones, but I don't know why.

Another theory of mine: Your intimate partner might be infecting you. He or she might carry a colony of the germ even though he or she isn't bothered by the symptoms. Have your sweetie take a full dose of cranberry pills two days in a row once a month and see if your infections decline.

My name is Jeannette J. and you can contact me at yippee_yokel(at sign) Please let me know if this works for you.

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