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The following are up-to-date images of my 1978 S2, Orleana. She is a wonderful little ship and it is clear that all masters for whom she has sailed since her launching have loved her well and cared for her accordingly. She looks at least as attractive and shipshape in person as she does here. Enjoy this portcall. Bert

As she was drawn by her creator.

In her berth

And again from her starboard side

From the cockpit, looking forward on her starboard side

And looking forward on her port side

On the cabin top, looking aft

In the cockpit,looking down her companionway

At the bottom of the ladder looking forward to port

At the bottom of the ladder looking dead ahead

Spying forward between the starboard side hanging locker and the enclosed head

Peering into the forward v-berth

A peek inside the head

Looking aft at the galley, companionway and lazarette berth (full of sailbags, etc.)

The galley and small starboard settee

And, clearly, the companionway, lazarette berth and port settee/berth


Here's wishing you fair winds and following seas!