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I have been playing Stellar Frontier for years,and as most of you know the game is degrading at a fairly fast pace. Some of us only stop in once a month, others play for hours everyday. Many of us spend alot of time earning ranks and a place on the Aces Board that shows new players "These are some of the best players in the game". The amount of cheating (for points, kills, DEV abuse, or in gameplay) has become so rampant that many of us are spending our time elsewhere, and after all, why shouldn't we? We (The people responsible for creating this site) feel that it is a damn shame for the game we have loved for years to be abandoned to cheaters, and eventually, abandoned by its owners. When a game produces less money than it costs to operate it, it has one foot in the grave. We will be updating this site often. We hope that the people in charge (You know who you are) will take notice to our page. Some of us are die hard SF players, and we want the game to die harder.

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BackDraft a.k.a "ring"

As always, you can forward your complaint to Doug Hendrix, but it is best to concentrate our efforst as so he knows the complaints come from a group rather than an individual