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Launched December 10, 2001

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Site Specific Information:

Welcome one and all to Star Trek Stuff!! Due to my love of Star Trek, I could not decide on one specific topic to focus on for my website so therefore I have decided to include as much information as I can about Star Trek. And then TAA DAAA!! This site was born.

Updates on 3/30/02
Added Jeri Ryan Image Archive in the Links Section.
A link to another Star Trek Stuff site has also been added. :)

Well, I think I'm gonna do it! I'm saving up and I'm taking a first rate vacation next year to a huge Star Trek Convention!! Let's see...airfare, hotel accomodations, ride & food money, convention money, and of course the all important spending money! much to think about, so little time!

Who is the best Captain?
Captain Kirk
Captain Picard
Captain Sisko
Captain Janeway
Captain Archer