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Leonard Nimoy and Ruby

Here he is, one of the great men of the galaxy.

Spoke to Nimoy on my last trip out west. He is easy to talk to and listens, really listens when you are speaking to him. He doesn't miss a word, so watch out, you just might have to explain yourself.

I also met and spoke to William Shatner and others from the Original Series as well as the Next Generation. I have met them before but everytime I see them it seems like the first time.

Met and spoke with Koenig (Chekov). He is busy working on his latest script, Illegal Alien. Filming of the project begins in October 2003. The film will be released in April, 2004. I am assisting his crew with a few projects in relation to the film. His crew are a great bunch of men and they are open to suggestions and input from those they feel have something to contribute. I have reviewed the script, signed by Koenig himself, and I have given my input on what alternate ending they should consider. To learn more about this film, visit my webpage at and click on the link that mentions "Illegal Alien".

My Star Trek Reference book, A Tribute to Spock: A Reference Guide, will be released in October of 2003. Look for it at bookstores or ask for it if you can't find it. I will have a link on my webpage where readers can go directly to the publishers in order to purchase it.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Links to Get You to Other Pictures and My Second Webpage

Nimoy signed a cover proof of my second Star Trek novel
Pictures of Nimoy and Koenig that I took while on my trip
Nimoy autographed a poster of Spock in a Vulcan Robe
Nimoy signed a picture of Spock who is sitting at the Science Console on the Enterprise
Pictures of Ruby becoming lost in the world of Star Trek
Webpage for Ruby's published novels. The link for Koenig's "Illegal Alien" website can be found here.
Link for my Star Trek Reference Book