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SmartAOL V2.1

How it works
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Welcome! This little program was designed in order to be able to stay most of the time online without having to manually reconnect to America Online (R) after the internet connection has been dropped.
The program was tested on a Intel Pentium III, 500MHz, WinXP, AOL7.0 machine, connected via cable (DSL). As you may download the fully functional shareware version, you will have to check at your own risk whether this little tool suits your needs (in that case, you are welcomed to come back right here and  to make  a donation, for more information, see below) or if you will have to look for something different somewhere else. The author does not guarantee, that any other version (for new versions of AOL software, new Windows versions, other platforms etc.) of this tool will be developed in the future.

Screenshot (2003-01-15)


  • ScreenName
    Your AOL Username.
  • Password
    Your AOL Password.
  • Save Password
    The tool saves the parameters you set so that you do not have to reenter your information each time SmartAOL V2.1 is started. As the configuration is saved without any encoding, intruders could read your password as plain text. It is not recommended to set this option!  
  • AOL Process Name
    Usually "aol.exe" or "waol.exe". Win2000/NT/XP users can lookup the correct value by entering the task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and selecting AOL. Right-click mouse button and choose "go to process".
  • AOL Executable (Full Path)
    Select the path to AOL's executable by clicking the "..."-Button or enter the data manually.
  • Connect To Address
    Be sure to enter a valid address. You can enter an url ( or use an ip-address ( You need a host that is always up. Based on the information you enter, SmartAOL V2.1 will try to resolve ip-address or hostname. If it fails, it will assume, that you are not connected to the internet and will launch the application you selected in "AOL Executable (Full Path)". 
  • Interval
    Select the interval SmartAOL V2.1 should use for checking for connectivity.


  • Hide
    You can hide SmartAOL V2.1 in the task bar. Right-click and choose "Restore" to make it visible again.
  • Start
    Start the tool. You may pause and resume the process. Parameters are updated each time you click this button. 
  • Kill Process
    Terminate the assigned process manually. May be used to check the configuration.

How it works


Extract the SmartAOL V2.1(zip) to C:\SmartAOL\. Double-click C:\SmartAOL\SmartAOL.exe to launch the program or create the appropriate shortcut on your desktop. If you are going to use another path, you should apply the entry within SmartAol.ini. The application will save the settings to the path assigned here (it is going to create a file called "SmartAol.dat"). 

One thing left

If you like what you get, I'd really appreciate you to make a little donation via Paypal. A good amount would be 20.- EUR. Just click the following button:

SmartAOL V2.1© was created in 2003 by H. Haerer.
For further information you may contact: AOL and AMERICA ONLINE are registered trademarks owned by America Online, Inc. SmartAOL V2.1 is not endorsed by, or affiliated with America Online.