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Sunday, August 28, 2005, The Graben Winery and Wine Cellar West of Brezovica
Unsupported Tunnel DownJanez Šekoranja tells the storyGraben Wine CellarGraben Wine Cellar
Janez Šekoranja, U.D.I.
Brezovica - Graben
07/49 51 006, 49 51 059
GSM: 041/548 774
Unsupported Graben Wine CellarJanez Šekoranja explains the excavationGraben Contact Information
The Scenery Along the Road North from Brezovica
The Graben Vinyard NeighborhoodChurch in Rural SloveniaHomestead in Rural Slovenia
Rural Slovenian HomesteadsRural SloveniaCornfield for Fodder

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