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One sad and lonely year has passed
Since the terrible tradgedy
That ended your young life in a car accident
Shaun, we think of you every day
Our hearts still ache with sadness
And many times we cry
You did not go alone that night
Apart of us went with you
There is a vacant place in our home
That never can be filled
We miss you smile, your love
Your kindness and laughter
They are memories we hold deep,
Within our hearts
To raise a son and loose him
Is a hurt no one can ever know
Except parents that have had that sad loss
Our lives go on without you Shaun
But it is so hard
Nothing is the same without you in our lives
Heaven now has a special place for you
And your brother Rick
(Rickey Daniels 1960-1989)
Lord, put Your arms around them
And take care of them both
It's sad when there are special occasions
And your not there
We were blessed for the wonderful years
We had with you
Although we lost you way too soon
The lives you touched
Were more then you knew
Your friends will always remember you
As the special friend you were
The greif we had this past year
It was good to have friends
That would sit and listen
How sad it is to lose a loved one
Our son Shaun
Shaun , you will live
Forever in our hearts
Love Mom and Dad