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~~In Loving Memory Of~~

July 12, 1978
June 29, 2002

~Forever In Our Hearts ~

I made this page in memory of a very special person.
Someone who only saw the best in people.
Someone who would never say or do anything to hurt another soul.
My cousin Shaun Sheldon Weagle 23 who was killed in a car accident June 29,2002.
His friend Cara Jean Wyman 19 was also killed.

Shaun was known to his friends as "Giggles",because he was always smiling and laughing.
To me ,and to most of our family he was our "Shauny Pooh",which I'm sure he hated ,but it stuck with him since he was a baby.
Shuan's neice Karen wrote a poem,which his sister Jackie read at his funeral.
They both did an amazing job.


We always knew you was an angel
With your halo that would shine so bright
When something would go wrong,
You would always make it right,

You were a gift that God sent from above
And because of you,we know real love
We loved you in so many ways
Some loved you as their brother,
Some loved you as their uncle,
Some loved you as their friend,
Some loved you as their"special one"
And let's not forget the two special people
Who loved you as their son.

We all watched the smart,mature
And sometimes quiet man that you grew into
And for that we will all miss you and the affectyou had on all our lives.

By:Karen Weagle

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All Pages Made With Love And Respect
By Tania Jean Langille (cousin)
With The Help Of His Very Sad Mom
Making these Pages Was Very Hard For Her