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Shaun Blowing Out His Candles ...23rd Birthday

Shaun And Mom, his 23rd Birthday

Happy Birthday Shauny Pooh

July 12, 1978


When i was one , we celebrated, we made it through a year,
We invited friends and family to share in all the cheer.
We had our cake and icecream and presents all around.
You lit a candle for me then, won't you light one for me now?

At each birthday celebration, the candles piled up.
The flames grew even higher as the years added up.
It's a birthday Tradition! It's expected to be done.
You lit one for me then , won't you light one for me now?

Light a candlefor me ~ to remember,
A candle to reflect ~ upon the good times that we shared.
the times we struggled through , the time we had no cares.
They can't be written off, nor can they be forgotten.
Don't let me drift away like the smoke from a candle snuffed.

Even though I am no longer with you to share all the joy,
To blow out my own candles and play with all my toys,
I'm in your heart and minds, my memory's always there.
Can you let my day come and go as if you don't care?

I was here! I lived! I breathed!
Light a candle for me ~To Remember

Author unknown