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Shaun's Family Album


Mom & Dad (Marilyn & John)

Home Form The Hospital , First Pics

Mom, Dad & baby /Jackie, Krista, Mom,John, Tania, Shaun & Kelly

1st Birthday

Giggles / Jackie , Shaun , John & Kelly

Santa, Shaun & Mom / shaun & Nanny Tanner

Tania & Shaun/ Mike, Shaun & Rick

Beautilful Blue Eyes With Smiles

Shaun With His First Bug / Mother & Son on The Dunes

Future NHLer /Mom & Shaun

Dad & Shaun/ Dad & Shaun With Frosty

Nursery School Graduation/ Rick, Shaun & Dad(watch the toes)

First Day Of School/ Family church Picture

First 3 Wheeler In The House/ Shaun Aunt Marjorie Uncle Bob

Shaun & Aunt Franny/Shaun & Justine

Shaun & Cousin Andy

Shaun & Krista /Shaun & Dad( The Great Hunters)

Mom & Dad's Wedding

Mom & Dad

Shaun & Jonathan

Shaun & Jonathan / Confermation

Shaun Feeding Hungry Jonathan /Shaun

Getting Ready For His Trip Out West Mom , Shaun & Jonathan

Shaun , Mom & Dad / The Grad

The Grad

Proud Parents /Relaxed Shaun

Aunt Babbara, Kevin ,Jonathan & Cousin Tania

Grampy Weagle / Cousin Tracy

Neice Megan/ Neice Karen

All Smiles/ Katie & Shaun

Shaun & Mom

Shaun & Katie / Shaun at Park

Katie & Shaun /23rd Birthday

23rd Birthday / In His Car

He Loved His Car

Can't You Tell


Loosing Shaun was and still remains very sad
Anyone that knew Shaun knows
He would want to be thought of, and bring a smile , not a tear
The tears will flow , they never completely stop
But remebering his laughter and sence of humor can bring back the smile
A little humor never hurt anyone , so when you see these pictures try to think of what was happening when they was taken
Shaun's pictures are surrounded by love and laughter
He wasn't called Giggles For Nothing