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Sensett's Spot


Most of you know a little bit about our country - things you've learned from Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan or Steve "the Crocodile Hunter" Irwin - but there is so much more to Australia than just crocodiles ! Sit back, browse, and learn something else about what Australia has to offer....................

"Great Southern Land"
Written by Iva Davies
Performed by Ice House

All the music on this site is either
written or performed
by Australian artists.
The midi's used here can be found at

"The Aussie Midi Site"

General Information

The ANZACS ... Coming Soon

Famous or Notorious 



Playtime ... Coming Soon


Aussie Oddities



Deadly and Dangerous




Sydney ... Coming Soon


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A Bit About Me ... Coming Soon

In memory of all who were lost



VickiiT (g'day matey !!) has a marvelous in-depth
Aussie site - don't miss seeing it !

Click on Vicki's photo to visit
"Victoria's Secrets"


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