Test Page for SF Academy new look


Hello and welcome to the new look SF Academy test page. As you can see I haven't changed anything too radically, I wanted to keep a look which was recognizable as my own, so for that reason the background and normal test have remained the same, the buttons are also laid out similarly to before but it is not as similar as it appears. Ive added more colour to the titles, a whole new navigation bar so that to get from one area to another you don't have to go back to the main, thanks to the navigation bar it is my belief that no page on SF Academy will be further than 3 clicks away once the new pages are introduced. As you can see Ive also used CSS to colour the links and titles much more effectively. I've used a variety of new programs to create this. The old SF Academy look was created in Frontpage 2000 using Paint and Word Autoshapes for button images. The new SF Academy utilizes Dreamweaver for both HTML and CSS, with Adobe Photoshop 7 for images, and as a result I feel it looks a lot better. Below is a sample of the new button design, role your mouse over for DHTML fun! Please note: On slow connections this may not work immediately.



You should find the button changes. The page works in both Mozilla which I wub with all my heart and that silly Internet Explorer thing that everyone likes for no particular reason and doesnt support CSS 2 so I had to use much simpler CSS than I planned. (*CTerry kicks Bill Gates) As it works in Mozilla and IE it should work in all the browsers that use Mozilla's Gecko Engine (Netscape for example) or IE as their engine (Crazy Browser) I havent tested in Opera, or Konqueror or I believe there is one other browser engine, but if it's compliant it should work and I think it's an incredibly small amount that dont use IE or Mozilla these days.

New links should appear like this: SF Academy, links will be used a lot more on SF Academy, every time I mention something in an article which has an article on it somewhere else it will link to it, for example in many of the ship articles there are mentions of similar vessels so from now on those vessels will be linked to :) .Below is the new subtitle look, it is marked polls where there are a selection of polls to do with your opinions.


The following polls are for my own statistical use. Each one represents a different part of the site (e.g. background colour), they should be clearly marked enough for you to realise what each one is, if you dont, your an idiot and for that reason are hereby banned from my site. On Sunday 4th of August I will publish the mean results for each poll, any section which gets a mean of less than 7/10 will be reworked, as a guide 5/10 is dead average. Be nice, I dont want to have to rework the entire thing over and over again :).

Navigation Bar
What marks would you give the navigation bar out of 10?

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How would u rate the buttons out of 10?

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Backgrounds and Fonts
How would u rate the Backgrounds and Fonts out of 10?

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