04/8/02- Well the results and feedback Ive received have been good enough that Ive decided to give the new look the go ahead I will be purchasing sfacademy.co.uk soon and beging uploading the new look pages onto the server.

30/7/02- I was actually expecting to have the new look finished about a week ago but I had a few problems, designs I didnt like etc. but I still managed to get it up and working on time.

30/6/02- Yes, I know, it's a week late but miscellaneous ships are here! It took me a bit longer than I thought and in a way it's good time cos today is the first anniversary of when I originally opened SF Academy! And now we're through the first stage. *CTerry does a little jig.

13/06/02- Yes the long wait is finally over! After almost two months we're back in commission, and we're updated. SF Academy brings you the history of the Mirror Universe! Id like to thank those of you who've waited so long for this, and our supporters, but we'll get back to regular updates now.

27/04/02- Maquis History

14/04/02- Q History completed, luckily on time, this time round. :)

07/04/02- Miscellaneous section with Bajoran history up. Yes I know it's late, very, very late, but Im sorry and I'll be more on time with the next one.

16/03/02- Ferengi Ships up

15/03/02- Added two little things from HTML gear. The first is directly above, it can be used to tell your friends about SF Academy. The second can be seen clicking links. No longer do you have to e-mail CTerry to add links! Simply click the button on the links page to submit your links really easily.

10/03/02- Ferengi History and the index section is up.

27/02/02- Added a couple more links to the associates page please take a look they're important. Please also join Startblaze, it's an excellent service, and you'll help get sf-academy links, now isnt that a nice thing to do for sf-academy? :)

24/02/02- I've got a new banner my thanks to 'Vassago' who made it. Expect Borg Ships stuff up later today. Borg ships complete as well.

14/02/02- Borg History and Index up. Im too good to u ppl.

10/02/02- I've stuck up a new poll (see above), please vote, if the majority say yes to Ferengi section I'll make it after the Borg section's finished.

09/02/02- I have a new re-directional address of http://www.sf-academy.tk and a new e-mail address of webmaster@sf-academy.tk . Also added a guestbook for everyone to sign.

02/02/02- Dominion Ships up!

27/01/02- Dominion Index with ships up. FINALLY!

11/01/02- Added a Reviews section for Enterprise.

06/01/02- Finished Cardassian Ships

28/12/01- Added the Romulan Shuttle to the Romulan Ships Page.

13/12/01- Finally put up the Cardassian main page and history.

10/11/01- Put all the updates on this update page cos they were starting to take up a lot of space on the index page.

03/11/01- Romulan Ship section  completed.

21/10/01- Added Zebrafleet as a new e-partner. The Zebrafleet banner can be found below the web counter. As a favour Fleet Admiral Batok has made us a new banner. Check it out. Tell me what you think. Note: The Updates have started to span the entire page! As a result after the Romulan ships are added there will be an updates page

05/10/01- A VERY belated update. Finally got Romulan history and a Romulan index up.

22/09/01- Sorry it's taken so long. Unfortunately I ran into a snag where I accidentally deleted the Romulan history before uploading it! However I'm going to work on it extra quick. For the time being you'll find a new web counter at the bottom of my page!

24/08/01- FINALLY got the Klingon Ships section up. Gonna try a bit of advertising now. Finding web sites and boards putting up links. Hopefully we can get some damn traffic through this place!

21/08/01- Joined a few web rings. Hopefully get some more traffic. And then we'll get a few more members on the board!

05/08/01- I don't believe it! I got an Ikonboard, click the message board to join up!

02/08/01- Klingon General and History up!

27/07/01- Links section up.

22/07/01- Put up a message board. It isn't a great one. I'm gonna work on finding a free server where I can put up an Ikonboard.

21/07/01- Added a Federation Ships section (at last). Go to Federation and click Federation Ships. 

03/07/01- Took the font down to 14 pt instead of 18. People complained of the writing being to large. Corrected a couple of things. Will be major update next week featuring all Federation ships. I've been working on it most of today. Just have to stick in images, check a couple of things with sources and stick in all the hyperlinks.

30/6/01- Page opens, pictures added at 12:27.