D'Deridex Class (B-Type Warbird)



Category: Heavy Cruiser

Phasers: 6 Beam Disruptors

Torpedo Tubes: 2 Plasma Torpedo launchers

Length: 1041.65 Metres

Height: 285.47 Metres

Width: 772.43 Metres

Mass: 4,320,000

Crew: 1500+

Max Speed: Warp 9.6

Max Cruise Speed: 

This is the Romulans main vessel. It takes up most of the fleet. Unmanuevarable yet powerful the ship has a greater firepower but a slightly lower sustainable warp speed than Galaxy Class vessels. It is believed that this vessel (or some predecessor of this vessel) has been in service since before the 2340's. If this is so this makes the Warbird one of the oldest known vessels in the fleet. The vessel is twice the size of a Galaxy Class but only slightly more powerful. The age of the vessel and the strange wing arrangement which leaves part of the vessel hollow is the main contributor. The vessel is susceptible to small agile vessels due to it's sparse weapons as it is built to challenge the larger unmanuevarable vessels such as the Galaxy and Dominion Battlecruiser. However the vessel has demonstrated a surprising manoeuvrability during the recent Dominion War. Although they should remain in service until the end of the 24th Century we expect to see the Warbird slowly phased out of service as the Star Empire builds new vessels.

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