Dominion Fighter AKA Jem'Hadar Attack Ship



Category: Strike Fighter

Phasers: 3 Phased Polaron Beams

Torpedo Tubes: Polaron Torpedoes. Amount of tubes unknown but Dominion fighters were seen firing polaron torpedoes in the incident code-named 'Starship Down'.

Length: 68.32 Metres

Height: 18.32 Metres

Width: 70.02 Metres

Mass: 2,450 Tonnes

Crew: 12+

Max Speed: Warp 9.6

Max Cruise Speed: Classified

Similar in size and role to a Klingon B'rel the Fighter is much more powerful. Before the Federation adapted it's shielding to the phased polaron beams that the Dominion used (and could fire through shielding) the fighter was considered a much bigger threat, three of these vessels destroyed the USS Odyssey yet when the shielding was created the true weakness of their defences was revealed. Pulse Phaser cannons (as used on Defiant Class vessels) rip through these vessels and larger ships such as the Galaxy Class can now take them on with ease. As a result of the new shielding towards the end of the war the Dominion began construction of larger vessels, first it built more Battlecruisers and then it developed the Battleship. Even more fighters were lost when the defecting Weyoun 6 told Odo that the fighters had a key weakness, the shields were very weak at the dorsal field junctions and that meant it was vulnerable to attack from above. This ship is slightly more powerful than a Steamrunner Class vessel.

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