Borg Ships


General Borg Ship Overview: The Borg are considered the most dangerous threat to the Federation. You will find a lot of data on them is classified as we do not wish the data on their technology to fall into enemy hands. It is hard to make a direct statement about the power of a Borg ship as due to the way the Borg work, Borg ships are in a constant state of improvement becoming slowly more powerful all the time. As a result any statement about Borg ships may out of date by the time it is made. Take all the data you are about to read on Borg Ships with a slight pinch of salt. The mainstay of the Borg fleet is the Cube, with thousands, perhaps even millions, currently in use. One Cube can obliterate an entire civilisation, assimilating all life. The Borg's main weaponry systems are Borg disruptors and Photonic missiles, but their mastery of the tractor beam is most well known. The Borg are known to have at least two times of tractor beam weapon. The first drains the shielding on a vessel into it is gone and the ship can be fired on and destroyed. The second cuts through the ship like a knife through butter. The Borg have other weapons, including a sort of pulse weapon used upon Earth defences after Wolf 359. Borg ships are also fitted with the ability to use, and create, Transwarp conduits which allow travel up to 20 times faster than normal. Any Borg ship on sensors must be reported right away by order of Starfleet Command. Below are the main 6 Borg ships followed by ships with less data.

Borg Scout Cube- Small Cube used by the Borg which carries only 5 drones.