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San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco, California!

San Francisco is a terrific place to be. If you are a visitor, or if you are a new resident, below you will find some helpful hints and links:

San Francisco Bay Area has micro climates due to the ocean breeze and fog. Sometimes San Francisco is freezing cold on the ocean side and warm on the inland side, at the same time! So it is good to dress like the locals, in layers. Visitors who are unaware of this, might end up out of the comfort zone. A good plan for touring the town, is to wear a tank top, under your regular top, followed by a sweater, and bring your coat. Wear warm sturdy shoes, as we have lots of stairs and hills. Bring your sunglasses and some type of hair control, such as a hair clasp of some kind. Bring a large enough tote to hold all your layers as you enter warm areas. The Golden Gate Bridge often is cool and gusty, so make sure everything is fastened on tight if you plan on going there. And, no matter what the weather looks like, make sure you have sunscreen on! Don't let the fog fool you. Burns can happen on a foggy summer day.

There are many wonderful restaurants, hotels, and things to do in San Francisco. We have compiled a list of our favorites. Here are some recommendations:

Black Car Network Inc. Black Car Network provides luxury transportation in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Due to the micro-climates, this is a great way to tour the area.

Remember to hire a reputable Destination Management Company if you are bringing a large group to San Francisco. The DMC specialists will make sure things go smoothly and that you continue to look your best! Here are a few of the best:

Maximize Events - San Francisco Destination Management Company Awesomely organized high energy people.

Brier & Dunn Destination Management - San Francisco --One of the oldest and best Destination Management Companies in San Francisco.

Your hotel choice of will determine how your visit is. Stick to the following ones and you can't lose.

San Francisco Marriott Hotel - Located downtown--This hotel is nicknamed "The Jukebox". Beautiful hotel, close to Moscone Center and everything else. Built in the early 90's.

San Francisco Hilton Hotel - located near Union Square--Another wonderful San Francisco hotel that is close to everything.

Omni Hotel of San Francisco--So Luxurious.

Hotel Vitale of San Francisco--Nice Location.

Hotel Palomar of San Francisco--Wow!

Where to eat? Here are a few ideas:

Basta Pasta Italian Restaurant-- Delicious food,casual atmosphere

Aqua Restaurant - California Cuisine-- Classy atmosphere

Here are some links that you also might find helpful:

San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau--Helpful resources to check out before visiting.

San Francisco International Airport - SFO--Informative travel resources, as well as flight information for departures and arrivals. Site includes a layout of the airport.

Winery Directory--Links to Sonoma and Napa Valley Wineries. Find Wine Tasting rooms and more.

How about a different kind of tour? Lots of good reviews about this one:

San Francisco Vampire Tour----------------------------Nob Hill Chills and Thrills of San Francisco

What an amazing city. You can find just about anything you need in San Francisco. You can enjoy the great outdoors during the day and then a lavish classy night on the town

It is a quick jaunt to the ocean's beach or to the truly beautiful Golden Gate Park. You can do both, since Golden Gate Park starts in the historic Haight Asbury area and continues all the way to the ocean. The park is filled with places to visit. Exotic plant museums, Stowe Lake, the rose garden, the Japanese Tea Garden, the portal to the past, real live buffaloes, a model boat club, horses, picnic areas galore, hiking trails, windmills and more. Once you get to the end, by the ocean, you can go into the Beach Chalet and have a cocktail, or some wonderful food, while gazing out over the ocean.

Perhaps you would rather explore tourist areas. You could always go out to Fisherman's Wharf and visit the Maritime Museum, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Hyde Street Pier (with a cool ship collection), and the Museum Mechanique (old fun house machines), which is now located at Pier 39 at the end of Taylor Street. While you are there, you will find your nose is leading you over to the sidewalk food vendors, with the most amazing food! (especially seafood)

Maybe you would rather experience the Golden Gate Bridge. There are many great tours that go there. It is really amazing how COLD and WINDY it can get out there, so think ahead.

If you like entertainment, you will never be dis-appointed in San Francisco. There are always great theater productions and events going on. There are also state-of-the-art movie theaters. Beach Blanket Babylon always has great reviews! The night life is very exciting in many parts of the city. So many clubs, so little time.

If you are an avid golfer, you will enjoy the 2 golf courses located within the city of San Francisco, one in the Presidio and one near Lake Merced, on the South West side of San Francisco.

When coming to San Francisco, many people rent a car, so they can freely see all the sights as they please. Five things to remember: Driving in San Francisco can be nerve wrecking, parking in the city is near impossible, the driver has to watch the road rather than the views, you don't know where the bad areas are, and the hotel will charge you a small fortune for parking. You may find that it is a better idea to just hire a limousine or sedan service for a nice private tour and or inner city transfers. Some companys offer city transfers if there is enough time in between going and returning. The driver's usually have lots of great information and ideas, and can make sure you don't miss anything.

If you are planning to have a large group of people come to the city for a conference or convention, you may want to consider a local Destination Management Company (DMC). They can help to make sure that your event doesn't turn into a disaster.

Have fun in San Francisco, the city by the bay!



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