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A Tribute to Spock: A Reference Guide

A Tribute to Spock: A Reference Guide

ISBN 1-4140-0980-1 hardcover
ISBN 1-4140-0981-X paperback

This book was written for all fans who are new to the world of Star Trek. It was not geared toward the seasoned fan. This guide is for the new blood. It is the author's hopes that this guide will help answer questions as they pertain to The Original Series episodes and movies as well as The Next Generation Series episodes and movies.

This guide has a section of Trivia and Tidbits, Trekker or Trekkie, Facts behind the Fiction, What One Can Learn at Conventions, Soliloquies written by fans, and the URL addresses for online groups that new fans may wish to join as they learn all there is to know about the fantastic and fascinating world of Star Trek.

This Reference Guide is A Tribute to Spock in that it also looks into the rumors and facts behind Spock's death and return. There is a section for a compare and contrast of both Spock's and Data's deaths.

There is a little of something for everyone in this guide. Pick up the book, grab a chair, sit down with a nice, warm cup of your favorite drink, and enjoy the presentation.

Now available in either hardcover or softcover.

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