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also known as

The bar at the end of the universe

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Oops.... Kent's head is chopped off!
Sadlack's Cheerleaders

The Sadlack's Cheerleaders 1999

Sadlacks is where
happening people go
to not happen

The unofficial Princess and Patron Saint of Sadlack's share a moment.

or maybe a beer.
Hey! Let's kill the guy with the camera!



This is a frail, possibly misguided attempt, to categorize snapshots taken at Sadlack's.
Just go with it......

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A More Recent Set of Pictures

More hanging out going on.


Bands playing at Sadlack's

When people come to Sadlack's to happen, they're called the band.


Out on the Sadlack's Patio

People just not happening.


Inside Sadlack's

Random pictures inside.


Fixing a Hole at Sadlack's

People care about this old place and show it in the strangest ways.


A Band playing at Sadlack's, Other Pictures

People making noise for people drinking beer.


What Planet are You From?

Explanation unneccesary.


Yet More Inside Sadlack's

Still more of a good thing-- pictures inside.


Halloween at Sadlack's

The costumes are happening.


A Foole on a Hill

It's the Spirit of Sadlack's.


More Patio Pics

The simple zen of not happening.


A little song and dance

Just dance, and sing, and threaten the photographer.


Other Random Pictures at Sadlack's

Simply overkill. For diehard Sadlackians.
and don't forget

Sadlack's bingo night.... Where even when you win, you're still a loser.

and look out when they call O-69!


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Need many more pictures of bands playing. E-mail in GIF or TIFF format, 500 kb maximum, one picture per e-mail. Thanks!
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This page is a tribute page to the society that has taken root at Sadlack's.
It is in no way affiliated with Sadlack's ownership or management,
or approved by or encouraged by said ownership or management.
We all love you Rose!
Dave? Dave's not here.

Ultra-thanks to
Dave Keller
for numerous pictures