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The Sexiest Filipino Superstars in the World

The Beautiful SEX BOMBs! of the Philippines

Rosanna Roces has finally arrived to Sexy Filipino Superstars! Get ready, cause it's gonna get a whole lot HOTTER over here! Ow!

Rosanna Roces, Leading Cinema Actress



She has finally arrived to my page! And I'm so damn excited to showcase her here! 

Here she is...ROSANNA "OSANG" ROCES! Ow!

Dubbed the ultimate "SEX BOMB" (Pinoy for "actress so sexy it blows your mind") of Philippine Cinema, Rosanna "Osang" Roces is beyond superstardom in her career. She SIZZLES with SEX appeal on the screen like no other woman has before in Philippine cinema, and nobody since has done it as HOT as Rosanna! Besides her sex appeal, personality-wise, she is also just a very friendly woman, very humble, down to earth, the girl next door that you could relate to (Although, WOW! Right?), which has made her one of the most beloved cinema actresses of the Philippines. The thing I love about Rosanna Roces is that she is so magnificently gorgeous, her facial features, her body, her tatas, everything, it's banging, but besides that she's so funny too. No one ever gives her credit as a comedic actress because we're always so blind-sighted by her sex appeal, but so many of her characters, just the way she portrayed them with a perfect mix of seksi sassiness and comedic timing, she had me laughing out loud til the end of the movie in so many of her movies! I love watching her movies, and what's really neat about them is that sometimes she'll play these working-class characters that come from the provinces, and she'll be like a worker on her parent's farm or something, and it's just so WOW! to see a woman as magnificent and oozing with sexuality like her, you know, It just looks like

you know, like some kind of magnificent Filipina supermodel standing in the middle of a rice field plowing the fields with the carabao, tatas all popping out (literally, watch her movies!), it's just, she seems too magnificent to be standing there plowing the fields with the carabao, it just makes her pop out even more heavenly (and literally "pop out", as she does in her movies all the time, haha :) I love her. She's great.
Go Osang!

  Can't wait to see your next movie!

The Manila Times, Friday, August 22, 2003

Osang’s entrepreneurial side:
Rosanna Roces is sinking her teeth into her new role as a businesswoman
By Archie Liao

ACTRESS and TV hostess Rosanna Roces has taken on a new role that doesn’t require her to emote in front of the camera. The star is now also an entrepreneur. She operates three beauty salons, known as “Flawless,” which by the way, happens to be a perfect description of her skin.

The outspoken actress took a breather from her busy schedule to meet with this writer to “talk business.”

Archie Liao: When celebrities decide to set up a business, the choice is usually restaurants, why did you choose beauty salons?

Rosanna Roces: Mahilig talaga akong magpaganda. Kahit noong wala pa ako sa showbiz, kahit sino, pag type ko, inaayusan ko. For me, this is the kind of business that clicks. Kahit na may problema sa buhay, people tend to pamper themselves. To look and feel beautiful kasi I believe that going to a beauty salon is also therapy. In show business, puhu­nan naming mga artista ang aming “good looks.”Call it vanity, but we should look good if not glamorous, all the time. Di ba, kung may bagong hairstyle o kahit tattoo na uso at nakikita ng mga tao, ginagaya nila sa mga artista?

ATL : How did you get into this kind of business?

RR: I owe it a lot to Dra. Vicki Belo. I had my liposuction with her. Tinulungan niya ako kung paano magtayo ng ganitong klaseng negosyo. She gave me insights on how to run the business and shared her entrepreneurial skills to me specifically on how to train and man the right people for the job mainly in the aspect of customer service.

ATL: What preparations did you do before entering this business?

RR: Pinag-aralan kong mabuti iyong mga detalye ng business. I personally selected and recruited my own staff and I made sure that they were trained extensively. I got to enlist the services of specialists. Then, nag-attend ako ng seminars at iyong “on the job” na. Tapos, I had these feasibility studies on my target market including the location of branches. I chose the malls kasi sila ‘yung accessible at puntahan ng maraming tao. In the case of our products, they are scientifically tested and hypoal­lergenic. If we introduce a new product line, cite for example, our facial wash, ako mismo ang unang gumagamit noong produkto bago ilabas sa market. Kung makikita nilang maganda ang epekto sa akin, doon sila bumibilib. It’s difficult if you shortchange your customers, they’ll definitely lose their trust in you. So far, most of our customers are satisfied with our products and services, kasi sabi nila, pinaka-mild naman ang facial products namin sa merkado.

ATL: What makes your beauty salon different from the others?

RR: Mas concentrated kami sa mga facial treatments. Our products and services, they say, are more affordable. They are effective in removing pimples and other skin blemishes. Besides, my staff is highly trained and customer-friendly and the service is personalized. There was a time nga na ako mismo ang nag-facial sa isang customer at ang sarap ng feeling kasi you become an instrument sa pagpapaganda noong tao.

ATL: What other skills have you gained in your role as a businesswoman?

RR: Dati-rati, scripts lang ang binabasa ko. Now, I have to contend myself with interpreting sales reports and trends and from there, I have to learn to create strategies and come up with promotional campaigns.

ATL: There’s this rumor that you have a standing feud with Dra. Vicki Belo?

RR: Right now, we do not see eye to eye but it does not mean to say that we are enemies. I was not even aware kung saan nagsimula o ano’ng pinag-ugatan ng lahat. Siguro, lumaki na lang ang lahat, kasi wala kaming pagkakataon na magkausap. She has her own priorities and I am busy, too. Maybe, one of these days, we’ll get the chance to talk to each other.

ATL: Do you regard her as your competitor or is it the other way around?

RR: No. I don’t consider her as a competitor and I think, ganoon rin siya sa akin. Iba naman ang mga produkto at serbisyo niya. High-tech ang sa kanya. Sa akin, pang-masa.

ATL: I understand, that aside from your beauty salons, you also have other businesses?

RR: Yes. My hubby Tito and I have an auto-detailing business in Kalayaan in Makati. We also have a barber shop there.

Sa probinsiya, mina-manage ng kapatid ko ‘yung mango farm na nabili ko some years ago. 60/40’s the agreed sharing scheme there. 

Sometimes, I do invest some of earnings in the money market. Whatever I have now, pinaghi­rapan ko talaga nang husto and I also credit it to Tito who is very supportive to me. Kasi, noon, may tendency akong maging bulagsak sa pera. At least, Tito knows how to manage our finances. Siya ‘yung rumerenda sa akin. Through the years, I have learned how to use and spend money wisely. Katu­wiran ko, what you don’t have, you don’t need. Even with my children, Grace, who is 14 and Robert, who is 13, I don’t spoil them. Normal at ordinaryo lang sila. The only luxury siguro na naibigay ko sa kanila, ‘yung mga cell phone. I want my kids to know how to value and not to idolize money. Pero, pinag­hahandaan ko ang kanilang kinabukasan. Now, I am setting up separate trust funds for them. This early, I am also executing this testament apportioning some of my properties to them. It’s an open book that my children have different fathers and at the appointed time, ayokong maging agrabyado sila.

Check this article out, it's funny :)

Thursday, 27 January, 2000, 16:15 GMT
Teletubbies' TV boob

The Teletubbies: "Friend" not pictured

The X-rated adventures of the Teletubbies and their semi-nude sidekick may be unfamiliar in much of the world.

But while millions of children revel in their colourful, if rather tame, adventures, one broadcaster has taken the hit show into more adult realms.

A major Philippine TV station has added a fifth Teletubby in the form of a partially nude actress - and earned the wrath of regulators.

Felicitas Alejandro, of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, said the broadcast was apparently accidental, but the station, GMA Network, was warned that a repeat could force the board to impose penalties.

Ms Alejandro said a still picture of Philippine actress Rosanna Roces, with one breast exposed, was shown for several seconds during an episode on 4 January.

'Accidentally pressed button'

She said she was shocked when she first saw the recording, which should only have included Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po, plus their entourage of rabbits.

"The programme is for children and a picture like that suddenly appears," she said.

The broadcast was recorded by MTRCB employees assigned to monitor television shows daily.

A GMA official said the photograph was broadcast for eight seconds when an employee who was helping repair a computer accidentally pressed a button on a panel.

The official said the employee had been disciplined.

Teletubbies, which was first shown on the BBC, has been sold around the world and is one of the most popular children's programmes in the Philippines.