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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia W - X- Y - Z

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wardroom, the – the briefing room used by the senior staff on Deep Space Nine.

warhead control – located on Deck Two of the Defiant, a tiny tightly packed room that is part of the autodestruct system.

warhead module, the – foremost section of the Defiant’s hull that also housed the navigational deflector; equipped with its own impulse engines, an independent power supply and six photon torpedo warheads.

Warp Eight - maximum speed of the Defiant.

Wasa Graim, Sergeant – Bajoran Militia security officer assigned to Deep Space Nine; one of the most accurate shooters on the station who had also trained about half of the security force. Sergeant Wasa was killed by Kitana’klan in the Lower Core during his attempt to destroy the station. He left behind two teenage daughters.

Watson, I need you - an old Earth joke, the first signal sent by Commander Elias Vaughn aboard the Defiant, through the new communications array to Colonel Kira Nerys on Deep Space Nine. Colonel Kira’s reply was, “Who the hell is Watson?”

Wayeh Surt, Major – the Bajoran administrative liaison assigned to Deep Space Nine after the Dominion War; took an indefinite leave of absence after his wife of nearly thirty years was killed during the Jem’Hadar attack.

Wayfarer, the - a civilian transport that Doctor Julian Bashir and Lieutenant Ezri Dax were going to use to leave the station for Earth while the lower core from Empok Nor was transferred to Deep Space Nine.

weapons platform - Cardassian orbital defense measure used in the Chin’toka system during the Dominion War. Orbital weapons platforms were also used to defend Cardassia Prime. Locken used one in orbit of Sindorin, but modified it with a cloaking device.

Weller, Ensign – a communications officer onboard the USS Cerberus under Admiral Ross’ command.

Werd - Orion male; one of Malic’s bodyguards, as well as one of his most trusted employees.

white, the – another term for ketracel-white.

Wife of the Emissary, the – title conferred upon Captain Kasidy Yates by the Bajoran faithful.

Winn Adami – the former kai, who disappeared toward the end of the Dominion War a few weeks after visiting Deep Space Nine.

Worf – Klingon male, Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. After serving on the USS Enterprise-D NCC-1701-D, Worf joined the crew on Deep Space Nine as Strategic Operations Officer, coordinating fleet movements through the surrounding sectors during the Klingon War. Worf also served as General Martok’s First Officer. When the Dominion War ended, Worf accepted the ambassador position at Chancellor Martok’s request and with Captain Sisko’s permission.

work bees - small, maneuverable pods used by the engineering crews during the lower core transfer from Empok Nor to Deep Space Nine.

work shifts – Deep Space Nine personal operated on a four-shift workday, with twenty-six hours a day.

Woros Keyth – Bajoran man who worked in the administrative offices on Deep Space Nine; during the attack on the station, he was hit in the head by a desk clock that caused a subdural hemorrhage.

Wu, Giancarlo - human male of mixed ancestry; Ambassador Worf’s top aide at the Federation Embassy on Qo’noS.


Xhosa, the – Captain Kasidy Yates’ freighter ship; used during the evacuation of Europa Nova.


Yangtzee Kiang, the - one of the first three runabouts assigned to Deep Space Nine; crashed on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant with Commander Benjamin Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Doctor Julian Bashir and Kai Opaka onboard.

Yates, Kasidy – human female; civilian freighter captain residing in the Bajoran sector. Kasidy married Benjamin Sisko towards the end of the Dominion War, and became pregnant quickly afterward.

Ychell Mafon, Sergeant - Bajoran female, member of the Bajoran Militia. She was the pilot of the Bajoran flitter used for Ro and Quark’s escape from Malic’s ship in the Farius system.

Yeldrin – a hand-to-hand-combat training room found in older Cardassian ships.

Yevir Linjarin, Vedek – Bajoran male, one of the seven most powerful vedeks in the Vedek Assembly; was once touched by the Prophets through the hand of the Emissary while serving on Deep Space Nine as a lieutenant in the Bajoran Militia.

Yvrig - a city on another peninsula west of the Perikia with a thriving port, located near the fire caves of Bajor.


Zatari emerald - Malic displayed a remarkably good fake of this impressive jewel under directed floodlights in his meeting room, along with several other jewels and erotic artwork.

Zee - Ezri (Tigan) Dax’s nickname, given to her by her younger brother when he was first learning to talk. She only shares it with those she loves.

Zelbinion - an ancient crate of a ship that Ro Laren piloted during a raid on a Cardassian supply depot during her time with the Maqui.

Zek – Ferengi male; former Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance. Towards the end of the Dominion War, Zek and Ishka went to Deep Space Nine, named Rom as the next Grand Nagus, and retired to Risa with Ishka.

zh’Thane, Charivretha – Ensign ch’Thane’s ‘mother’; held the seat for Andor on the Federation Council, and serves as an influential vote in major issues. Out of his four parents, Charivretha is the closest to Thirishar, both biologically and socially. She served Andor for the past eight years to extend trade agreements with non-aligned worlds. At the time of the Gateways crisis, she was on Europa Nova.

Zhavey – Thirishar ch’Thane’s term for his ‘mother’, Charivretha zh’Thane.

Zil - one of the more talented enforcers in the Orion Syndicate when Malic began working for him on Finneas XII. Due to Malic’s short stature, he was able to spy on Zil’s targets, as well as Zil himself.

zletha flower - a blue blossom with stamen and a white stem.

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