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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia T - U - V

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3-1-4-7-0 – the access code to used at the master control board in the lower core to initiate an emergency separation.

3, 4, 24, 1.5, 25 – the series of random numbers found on Prylar Istani Reyla’s isolinear rod by Lieutenant Ro Laren.

3-3 conference room – when the USS Enterprise-E docked at Deep Space Nine, Colonel Kira had Commander Riker escorted to this conference room, since it was the closest to Upper Pylon Two, so he could catch up on the latest Starfleet communications.

34th Rule of Acquisition, the - war is good for business.

285th Rule of Acquisition, the – no good deed ever goes unpunished; Quark was reminded of this rule after saving Lieutenant Ro’s life during the rogue Jem’Hadar attack.

T’Nare - a Vulcan painter. An example of T’Nare’s work is the ShiKahr Sunrise, the Orion Malic had a fake of it on display in one of his ship’s meeting rooms. Quark once had to pay a fine for selling an alleged lot of T’Nare’s work.

T’Peyn – one of the casualties of the rogue Jem’Hadar attack.

T’Pril’s – a Vulcan restaurant on Deep Space Nine; Quark was loosing his breakfast customers to T’Pril’s cuisine.

T’pek - Vulcan female; the chief medical officer onboard the USS Destiny at the time of her death. A Founder replaced Doctor T’pek, and went on to replace Ensign Finok after the Dax symbiont was brought onboard by Constable Odo from Deep Space Nine.

tachyon bursts - directed tachyon emissions used to detect cloaked vessels. During Commander Vaughn’s mission on Alexandra’s Planet, a tachyon burst had a disruptive effect on the Iconian Gateway on the planet.

tachyon eddies - found in the Denorios Belt, they are particles of matter that can travel faster than light and extend from Bajor to the Cardassian solar system.

tactical operative - the job title held by Commander Elias Vaughn before he took the post of First Officer on Deep Space Nine.

Takmor, General - a high-ranking officer of the Perikian Free Army, she was killed in battle against the Lerrit.

Tal Shiar - the Romulan Star Empire’s paramilitary intelligence branch.

Tamberlaine, USS – Ensign ch’Thane’s previous assignment before his joining the crew on Deep Space Nine. He served for a year on the survey ship, with a primarily human crew, after leaving Starfleet Academy.

Tamra - the alias used by Lieutenant Ro Laren when she disguised herself as a dabo girl and went with Quark to Malic’s ship during the Gateways crisis.

Tanok of Vulcan - an ethnologist who lived on Earth for fifty years during the 22nd century; he published a paper on Vulcan in a privately circulated journal that stated humans had reached their evolutionary limit without genetic manipulation.

Taran’atar – a Jem’Hadar, sent to Deep Space Nine by Odo in 2376 to observe humanity. He is an Honored Elder, did not fight in the war against the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, and does not have a need for ketracel-white.

tarf’an – a drink that Quark made from rotten fruit shipment that Nog said no one ever bought.

Tarses, Simon Lieutenant – human male, with some Romulan heritage; one of two doctors assigned to Deep Space Nine under Doctor Julian Bashir. He once served on the USS Enterprise-D, NCC-1701-D as a medical technician.

tasper eggs - from a Cardassian bird-like species, when properly prepared, they are considered a delicacy.

Tavala Minor - village on Armus IX that had an Iconian Gateway, which connected their planet to one ninety-five parsecs away.

Tcha’voth, IKS – Vor’cha-class; the Klingon ship that arrived to protect Deep Space Nine after the Jem’Hadar attack. At the time of the Gateways crisis, the Tcha’voth was recalled.

Team One - during the Sindorin mission, Lieutenant Ro Laren and Taran’atar comprised Team One, since they were beamed off of the Runabout Euphrates first.

Team Two - during the Sindorin mission, Doctor Julian Bashir and Lieutenant Ezri Dax comprised Team Two, since they remained onboard the Runabout Euphrates to make sure Lieutenant Ro and Taran’atar were beamed down safely.

Tellarite Churlnik - an architectural style that involves elaborate decorations on stonework. A blending of this style and Earth Gothic was present on Europa Nova.

Ten-Forward – the crew lounge on Deck Ten of the USS Enterprise-E.

Tenaran Ice Cliffs - location on the Trill homeworld where Lieutenant Ezri Dax was to deliver the ransom to the Purists for Doctor Lenara Kahn.

Tenmei, Prynn Ensign – human female, pilot of the Defiant NX-74205; Commander Elias Vaughn’s daughter.

Terek – an engineering crew leader on Deep Space Nine.

th’Zharath, Shelerib – an Andorian friend Doctor Bashir had while at Starfleet Medical.

Thepnossen - a minor Dominion species. When Taran’atar was a Sixth, the Vorta in command of his unit was fond of a dance the Thepnossen performed. Taran’atar thought the dance was a foolish exercise, and voiced his opinion to the Second. Taran’atar was then reduced in rank to Seventh.

Theta Sixteen – an evasive pattern Commander Jast ordered during the battle with the three Jem’Hadar ships; it would turn the Defiant back to run a two-degree parallel to its strafing course and keep its shielded front facing the attackers.

Thriss - one of three other Andorians that were a part of Thirishar ch’Thane’s mating group on Andor.

Tigan, Ezri Ensign - unjoined Trill female; junior counselor aboard the USS Destiny, and one of only two Trills onboard when the ship was transporting the Dax symbiont from Deep Space Nine to the Trill homeworld. Due to complications with the symbiont, Ensign Tigan was joined with Dax.

Tigan, Norvo - unjoined male Trill, Ezri’s younger brother.

Tiklak, John – a human resident of Deep Space Nine; he was injured after the lower core was ejected, suffering from four broken ribs, a fractured wrist, and a punctured lung after he was thrown over a railing.

Titan - in the Sol star system, it is the largest of Jupiter’s moons. Captain Solok of the T’Kumbra took one of the Iconian resonators to a gateway located on Titan.

Tolin - an Andorian female who, with three other Andorians, used an Iconian Gateway to travel to Tellar and retrieve the colAndor Scrolls.

Tomed incident, the – contact between the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets that occurred in 2311; Elias Vaughn was a lieutenant at the time. After the Tomed incident, the Romulans withdrew within their own borders for over fifty years.

tongo – a Ferengi game that can be played at Quark’s late at night.

Tora Ziyal - Dukat’s half-Bajoran daughter. After being a Breen prisoner for several years, she was rescued by her father and Major Kira Nerys. A year later, she began to live on Deep Space Nine, with Kira looking out for the young woman. Ziyal formed a romantic relationship with Elim Garak, the only other Cardassian on the station. Ziyal was later killed by Gul Damar, Dukat’s most trusted officer, when the Dominion was forced to withdraw from Deep Space Nine during the war.

Torona Alpha - during the Gateways crisis, three Bolians accidentally destroyed a Jarada hive on Torona Alpha.

Torona IV - the homeworld of the Jarada. An Iconian Gateway connected Torona IV to Europa Nova. Five hundred thousand refugees were allowed to safely go through the gateway, in exchange for intelligence on the Iconian technology.

Torrna Antosso, General - a wide shouldered man with a red beard and bushy eyebrows, the leader of the rebel group against the Lerrit Army. Kira Nerys served the general in the resistance against to liberate the peninsula. She also went with him to the port on the Perikian Peninsula when he was assigned to be the liaison to the Endtree navy.

Torrna Lyyra - a large, stout woman with red hair, the wife of General Torrna Antosso. She was an apothecary who gave Kira Nerys a remedy to help heal her scarred left arm.

Tozhat Resettlement Camp - located on Bajor, it was where the children from Europa Nova had been taken during the evacuation.

Trager, the - Cardassian Galor-class vessel with Dominion shield and transporter technology under the command of Gul Macet. Despite phaser damage and hull breaches, the Trager assisted in the evacuation of Europa Nova during the Gateways crisis.

transport-scrambling field - Cail and Feyla of the Purists erected a field within a one-kilometer radius of the Caves of Mak’ala as part of their attempt to destroy the caves. Captain Picard told Doctor Crusher and Counselor Troi that they couldn’t beam anything up to the ship, or down to the caves because of the field.

transporters – Deep Space Nine has twenty-five personal and cargo transporters distributed throughout the station. Transporters turn the target into energy, and reconvert them into solid matter.

Treasury Guard - the Ferengi defense forces, they were mobilized as the Orions attacked.

Trident, USS - Ambassador-class vessel under the command of Captain Elizabeth Shelby. The Trident is assigned to the former Thallonian empire, along with Captain Calhoun’s USS Excalibur-A.

Trier - Orion female, a slave girl that Ro took as a hostage in order to escape from Malic’s ship. She was then taken to Deep Space Nine, where Quark hired her to be a dabo girl in his bar.

Trill- a Federation member race; some in the population serve as hosts for symbionts, slug-like beings that maintain the memories and experiences of past hosts. Their distinguishing characteristics are cold hands and spots that run from their temples down to their feet.

Trill Defense Perimeter - unmanned vessels that Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax upgraded during the Dominion War to defend Trill from the Jem’Hadar. In 2376, Verad reprogrammed the ships to attack Trill, and had to be stopped by both the USS Enterprise-E and the Defiant. Verad used multiphasic harmonics to change the drones’ shield frequencies to 34.1 nanocochranes.

Trill President - elected leader of the Trill government.

Trill Senate - governing body of the planet Trill.

triple-niner - a mild insult among Trill; ninety-nine point nine percent of the Trill population are unfit for joining with a symbiont.

Troi, Deanna Commander – Betazed/human female; Ship’s Counselor of the USS Enterprise-E, NCC 1701-E. During the Gateways crisis in 2376, Commander Troi was placed in temporary command of the USS Marco Polo after Captain Picard returned to command the USS Enterprise-E.

Troi, Ian Andrew – human male; Starfleet officer who married the Betazed ambassador, and had two daughters; Deanna Troi was the younger of the two girls.

Truke – a communications noncommissioned officer assigned to the USS Enterprise-E.

Tu - a famed Orion pirate. Malic started out as a deckhand on his ship in the late 22nd century.

tube grub - a Ferengi dish; prior to placing the communications array in the Gamma Quadrant, Lieutenant Nog had talked Ensign Prynn Tenmei into trying a tube grub. It didn’t agree with her, and she quickly spat it back out.

tubeworms – a Ferengi delicacy, often toasted so non-Ferengi can eat them.

Tunhal Din, Captain - the captain of the ship that took Kira Nerys and other wounded soldiers from Fort Tendro to Natlar Port.

tuul - a Malon curse word, no translation available.

twig tea - the preferred beverage of Commander Elias Vaughn.

Tynan - the ship used by Ambassador Kareel Odan of Trill; was damaged during an attack in the Galvan system, and crashed on the L-class planet Galvan III.

Tzenkethi - an aggressive race in the Alpha Quadrant; had a brief war against the Federation. A Founder attempted to sabotage the Defiant in 2373, to attack the Tzenkethi and start another war between them and the Federation.


Ufandi III - within the Klingon borders, it is a planet known to be the home of pirates and black-marketers. Captain Klag of the IKS Gorkon delivered one of the resonators to an Iconian Gateway located on Ufandi III.

Ungtae – a Bajoran vedek who was the front-runner to replace Winn Adami as kai at the end of the Dominion War. Three months later, he was no longer in the running.

unidentified vessel - an odd-looking, oblong vessel that was ten times the size of the Sungari. Its length measured two hundred meters. The hull was composed of a variety of roginium alloys, with a secondary hull of duranium. The weapons used by the ship were some sort of directed landrion pulses. The ship caused severe damage the Sungari, but was destroyed by the Defiant.

United Federation of Planets – a democratic power that consists of many races from across the Alpha Quadrant, including humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Trill, Bolians and Betazoids.

unnamed book of prophecy, the – a collection of accurate prophecies written before the building of B’hala by Ohalu; told everything from the founding of B’hala, to the occupation of Bajor, and the end result of the Dominion War.

unnamed council, the – the seven most influential and doctrinally inclined members of the Vedek Assembly that came together after the sudden disappearance of Kai Winn.

unofficial assistant commander – Lieutenant Ezri Dax’s title for the Defiant’s first mission into the Gamma Quadrant.

Upper Pylon One - the docking port that the Trager was docked at during its time at Deep Space Nine, after the successful evacuation of Europa Nova.

Upper Pylon Two – the docking port Colonel Kira assigned to the USS Enterprise-E when it arrived at Deep Space Nine from the Badlands.

Utopia Planitia – the Starfleet shipyards in the Sol system; the replacement of the Defiant’s warhead module was being sent from there. After the destruction of the USS Saratoga at Wolf 359, Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko was posted at Utopia Planitia, and worked on the prototype Defiant.


v’Xaji - a Gamma Quadrant race first encountered by Taran’atar twenty-one years ago.

Vaardwaur - a race based in the Delta Quadrant that was revived by the crew of the USS Voyager. The Federation learned of the Vaardwaur after the success of the Pathfinder Project.

Vale, Lieutenant - female tactical officer assigned to the USS Enterprise-E.

Vandros IV – the location of an Iconian Gateway in the Gamma Quadrant; A joint Starfleet/Jem’Hadar task force led by Captain Benjamin Sisko and the Vorta Weyoun had to work together to keep rogue Jem’Hadar from gaining control of the Iconian technology.

Varley, Donald Captain - human male, commander of the Galaxy-class USS Yamato, the sister ship to the USS Enterprise-D. In the mid-2360s, Captain Varley discovered the Iconian homeworld inside the Romulan Neutral Zone. Shortly after contacted Captain Picard about his discovery, his ship was destroyed by an Iconian computer virus, killing him and his entire crew.

Vaughn, Elias A. Commander – Human male, First Officer of Deep Space Nine and Commander of the Defiant. Former tactical specialist for Starfleet; an eighty year veteran of Starfleet.

Vaughn-alpha-zero-seven-zero – Commander Elias Vaughn’s authorization code.

Vedek – the title for monks in a religious order of Bajor; higher than a prylar, but lower than a kai.

Vedek Assembly – half of Bajor’s ruling government, consisting of the religious leaders of Bajor.

vegetable broth - Doctor Bashir introduced Taran’atar to this dish during the Sindorin mission after making sure he didn’t have any allergies to the ingredients.

Verillian children – while on the Kamal, Commander Vaughn remembered the war orphans’ desperate and hungry faces.

Venture, the – the twenty-year old Bajoran-built used shuttle Jake Sisko bought from Quark.

Vicarian razorback wrangler – Quark observed that Lieutenant Ro could curse enough to embarrass a Vicarian razorback wrangler.

Vilix’pran, Lieutenant - a Starfleet officer aboard Deep Space Nine, has multiple offspring.

Vincam - Orion male; handled the communications’ console onboard Malic’s Vulcan vessel.

VISOR – a device that Geordi la Forge had gotten when he was five years old, which allowed him to see. He had used the device for decades, but the VISOR was replaced with more natural-looking ocular implants.

Void, the - a starless region of space located in the Delta Quadrant. There was a subspace anomaly that connected the Void to Malon space, but it was destroyed by the USS Voyager.

Vorta, the – a cloned species that serves as the ambassadors, administrators and scientists for the Dominion.

Voyager, USS - Intrepid-class starship commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway. The Voyager was pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, near the Ocampan homeworld in 2371. The crew lost contact with Starfleet Command at that time, and was declared lost several months later. A Hirogen sensor array allowed the Emergency Medical Holographic program to make contact with a deep-space vessel, the USS Prometheus. A year later, the Pathfinder Project was successful in establishing contact with Voyager.

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