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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia S

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6th Rule of Acquisition, the - never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity; Quark thought of this rule after his cousin Gaila sabotaged the negotiations for the Iconian Gateway technology.

17th Rule of Acquisition, the - a contract is a contract is a contract (but only between Ferengi); Quark reminded Malic of this rule during the final phase of negotiations for the Iconian Gateways.

62nd Rule of Acquisition, the – the riskier the road, the greater the profit; Quark believed that this rule applied to the relationship he was pursuing with Lieutenant Ro.

SIF - acronym for the structural integrity field.

Sabre-class - light cruisers built for speed and maneuverability, with a snub-nose design and the warp nacelles close to the ship’s hull. The average crew complement is forty, spread out over four decks. The first Sabre-class vessels were launched prior to the second Borg attack in 2374, and most were assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

Sagan, the - one of the Defiant’s two shuttles.

samsit - alcohol that comes in a small, fragile crystal container. Ezri shared a bottle of it with Brinner on their fifth date aboard the Destiny. She also took some to him while he was in isolation after the Dax symbiont was brought onboard.

San Francisco - Earth city on North America’s West Coast; location of Starfleet Headquarters, Starfleet Academy, and the Federation Council Chambers. San Francisco is the city the O’Brien family chose to move to after Miles O’Brien accepted the posting as an engineering professor at Starfleet Academy.

Sappora IV - the childhood home planet of Ezri Tigan and her family.

Saratoga, USS – Federation starship destroyed by the Borg cube at Wolf 359; Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko served as First Officer, he and his son Jake were two of the survivors, but his wife Jennifer was killed during the attack.

Sarina - genetically enhanced human female that lived at the Institute until Doctor Julian Bashir cured her medical condition so that she was aware of the world around her.

Sartai, Commander – commander of the Romulan forces in the Allied task force assembled by Admiral Ross.

satellite defenses - when the Orions attacked Ferenginar during the Gateways crisis, they were able to disable forty-three percent of the satellite defenses.

Scio Marses – a member of the unnamed council; believed that the matter of the attack against the station should be part of an open discussion within the Vedek Assembly.

Scott, Montgomery Captain - human male; former officer under Captain James T. Kirk’s command of both the Constitution-class USS Enterprise and the Constitution-class refit USS Enterprise-A. After spending seventy years in a transporter loop, he was rescued by Commander William T. Riker and Lieutenant Commander Geordi la Forge of the USS Enterprise-D. He now serves as the Starfleet liaison to the Corps of Engineers, after spending some time on Risa.

Scotty - Captain Montgomery Scott’s nickname.

Secret Life of Jules Bashir, The - Julian Bashir’s own way of thinking of his genetic enhancements as a teenager.

Section Twelve - part of Deep Space Nine’s habitat ring, the destination of the Ng’s refugees from Europa Nova.

Section 31 – a shadow intelligence agency that believes it serves and protects the United Federation of Planets.

security condition alpha - protocol which separates parts of a vessel from the crew with the use of blast doors and security forcefields; used to prevent biological contamination, or when escorting VIPs of the United Federation of Planets. The Destiny was at security condition alpha while transporting the Dax symbiont from Deep Space Nine to Trill.

security office, the – the office on the Promenade for the station’s chief of security; also connected to an armory and the holding cells, the office is protected by a set of blast doors that can be closed across the entrance.

Seltran mine - during the Bajoran Occupation, the mine was destroyed by the Shakaar resistance.

Selzner, Ensign – a female Starfleet communications officer, with an overbite, assigned to Deep Space Nine.

Sempa Province - after leaving Fort Tendro, General Torrna took over the late General Takmor’s regiment, and reclaimed Sempa Province from the Lerrit in one of the final battles of the war between the Perikian Republic and the Lerrit.

sensor ghost - on their way out of the Badlands from Sindorin, Lieutenant Ezri Dax noticed a sensor ghost, realigned the sensor array, and the ghost was gone. Doctor Julian Bashir later learned that the sensor ghost was the cloaked holoship en route to Sindorin.

Sentok Nor – a Cardassian-built station in the Betazed star system that Lieutenant Commander la Forge was at during a mission in 2375.

Sentries, the - the group of Iconians Captain Jean-Luc Picard encountered when he traveled through a gateway located on the Petraw fleet flagship.

Sergio - Europani minister of agriculture, he insisted on getting quarters when he was beamed aboard the Defiant.

Setrin Yeta – a Bajoran woman, one of Lieutenant Ro’s junior deputies who died in the Jem’Hadar attack; a bubbly redhead with a high-pitched laugh who was from the Hedrikspool Province on Bajor.

sex palace program – a holosuite program available at Quark’s; the Ferengi bartender decided it would be too obvious to use on his dinner date with Lieutenant Ro.

Shabren’s Fifth Prophecy - the Emissary went to the fire caves to stop the Pah-wraiths from being freed.

Shakaar Edon – the First Minister of Bajor; the elected leader of Bajor was on a tour of Federation member worlds three months after the Dominion War ended.

Shalhib, Lily Captain – the top mediator/negotiator for Starfleet Military Intelligence; she has a security clearance similar to Commander Vaughn’s.

Shannon – a researcher on the USS Aldebaran’s medical staff who was in a relationship with Thomas Chang; also had a long-running friendship with Doctor Julian Bashir of Deep Space Nine.

shield modulator - after four months of negotiations, Lieutenant Nog acquired a shield modulator from the Shelliak that would protect against the effects of radiation, but lowers the effectiveness against weapons’ fire. Nog’s intention was to help in the exploration of the Badlands. During the Gateways crisis, Lieutenant Nog installed the modulators on the Defiant and it’s shuttles, as well as two of Deep Space Nine’s runabouts.

ShiKahr Sunrise - a painting by the artist T’Nare of Vulcan. Malic had the best fake of this painting Quark had ever seen on display in the meeting room aboard his ship.

Shelby, Elizabeth Paula Captain - human female, commander of the USS Trident, assigned to the former Thallonian Empire. Previous assignments include field specialist in the research of the Borg Collective, First Officer under Captain William T. Riker of the USS Enterprise-D during the first Borg incursion, First Officer of the USS Excalibur under Captain Korsmo and Captain Calhoun, and commander of the USS Exeter. Captain Shelby was present during Admiral Ross’ holocoference about the Gateways crisis.

Shelliak - a xenophobic race, non-aligned with the Federation. Lieutenant Nog acquired a shield modulator that strengthens shields against the effects of radiation.

shelthreth - the Andorian mating ritual, where four individuals join together to produce a child.

shield enhancer - a piece of technology Colonel Kira took from the Malon freighter to use on the Euphrates to block a large mass of antimatter waste from entering the Iconian Gateway.

ship of death, the - a Hirogen hunting vessel that had attacked two other Malon export vessels before it attacked the Apsac. The ship was made from monotanium, and the Malon weapons didn’t have any effect on it. The ship was caught and destroyed by the antimatter waste the Apsac released into an Iconian Gateway.

Shoka Pian – a Bajoran civilian volunteer, whom worked as a Militia communications consultant on Deep Space Nine.

Shul Aba - female Bajoran, married to Sergeant Shul Torem for thirty-two years; worked in the Bajoran temple as a cleaning woman/housekeeper and cook for the vedeks on Deep Space Nine.

Shul Torem, Sergeant – Bajoran Militia security officer on Deep Space Nine, one of the first Odo added to his staff after the Bajoran Occupation; he continued to patrol the Promenade during the late hours after Lieutenant Ro was named as security chief.

Shuttle Garrett - one of the shuttles used by the USS Enterprise-E. Doctor Crusher and Counselor Troi used the shuttle during the transport of the Odan symbiont from the ship to the caves on Trill.

Siege of Las Vegas, the - one of the final battles of World War III on Earth; Lieutenant Ezri Dax was looking over a holosuite program shortly after the Dominion War for Doctor Julian Bashir based on the battle

signal enhancers - used by the Purists of Trill to gain access to the planetary transporter system. The enhancers contained the signal strength, transporter frequency, and the matrix code.

silithium receptors - a component of the new communications array, their alignment was necessary to successfully send a signal from the array in the Gamma Quadrant to Deep Space Nine.

Silverio, Grazia President - elected leader of the Europa Nova government. She had short, curly white hair with a wrinkled face, a jowly neck, and a bulbous nose.

Sinchante Jin – a member of the unnamed council; wanted to consult the Orb of Wisdom after the attack on Deep Space Nine.

Sindorin - a class-M world located in the Badlands. While a Maqui rebel, Ro Laren investigated this planet for use as a base. During the Dominion War, a Jem’Hadar hatchery was built on Sindorin. In the final days of the war, Section 31 sent Doctor Locken and several other agents to the planet, to take over the hatchery and breed a new type of Jem’Hadar. The planet is tropical, with two-thirds of the land covered in dense rainforests.

Singh, Lieutenant - small, dark skinned humanoid officer who monitored the holographic controls and signals for Admiral Ross’ holoconference.

Singh, Noonien Khan - genetically enhanced human; a tyrant during the Eugenics Wars in the late 20th century, he and many of his followers escaped in stasis aboard the Botany Bay. The ship was found by Captain James T. Kirk during the first five-year mission of the USS Enterprise under his command. Kirk exiled Khan Singh and his followers, and Lieutenant Marla McGivers, on Ceti Alpha Five after the failed attempts to takeover the ship. Doctor Ethan Locken used Khan Singh’s icon of a crescent moon superimposed over the sun, a sign of unity. Doctor Bashir and Lieutenant Dax found the icon carved into the forehead of the dead Romulan commander on the N’renix-class cruiser during the Sindorin mission.

Singha – home of a Bajoran refuge camp, where Prylar Istani Reyla befriended the Kira family during the Occupation.

Sirella - Klingon noblewoman, Chancellor Martok’s wife.

Sisko’s – the name of Joseph Sisko’s restaurant in New Orleans, Earth.

Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Captain – human male; former commander of Deep Space Nine and the Defiant. During a final showdown between himself and Dukat of Cardassia, was saved by the Prophets of the Celestial Temple, since he was the Emissary.

Sisko, Jacob Isaac – human male; son of Benjamin Sisko. A writer by profession; former reporter for the Federation News Service.

Sisko, Jennifer – human female; the first wife of Benjamin Sisko. She died aboard the USS Saratoga during the Borg attack at Wolf 359.

Sisko, Joseph – human male; father of Benjamin Sisko. Resides in New Orleans on Earth, where he runs a restaurant in the French Quarter.

Site Extension – the committee at B’hala that made the decisions about where to dig next and sent in the first documentation scientists or vedeks with years of archeological experience.

Sloan, Luther - deputy director of Section 31; attempted to recruit Doctor Bashir as an agent for Section 31 during the Dominion War, worked to place a Romulan dissident on the Continuing Committee, and held the cure for the Founders’ Disease. Sloan assigned Ensign Roberta Luke aboard the USS Voyager to monitor Maqui activity in the Badlands before the ship was lost. Sloan was taken prisoner by Doctor Bashir and Chief Miles O’Brien shortly before the end of the Dominion War, and chose to kill himself instead of giving the cure for the Founders’ Disease to Doctor Bashir to save Odo.

Slug-o-Cola - a green, slimy beverage preferred by the Ferengi.

Snikwah - Orion male; one of Malic’s bodyguards, as well as one of his most trusted employees.

Sol system - the home star system for humans, consists of nine planets, including Earth. An Iconian Gateway connected the Sol system to the Kar-telos system in the Gamma Quadrant.

Solok, Captain - Vulcan male, commander of the all Vulcan crew of the USS T’Kumbra. A rival of Benjamin Sisko’s from their days at Starfleet Academy, the winner of three Christopher Pike Medal of Valor awards. During the Gateways crisis, Solok was assigned the task of mapping the Gateway activity, to see where each one led and let out at.

Solon, Frankling - ship’s surgeon assigned to the USS Destiny.

Son of the Emissary, the – the title bestowed on Jake Sisko by the Bajoran faithful.

Son’a - the aged children of the Ba’ku; Section 31 allied themselves with the Son’a in an effort to get metaphasic radiation from the Ba’ku homeworld located in the Briar Patch. The mission was a failure, due to the intervention of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-E.

Songs of Dusk – a lovely, lyrical Bajoran meditation on age and dying, an affirmation of life and of existence beyond life; Vedek Yevir was going to delivery an evening service using the Songs of Dusk the night he arrived on Deep Space Nine.

Soukora - a Cardassian/Dominion planet in the; during the war, Lieutenant Commanders Worf and Jadzia Dax were sent to Soukora to retrieve Lasaran, a Cardassian informant. The mission was a failure, when Worf chose to save Jadzia Dax after she was fatally wounded by Jem’Hadar.

Spacedock - large, orbital space station in the Sol system, able to have several starships dock inside of it.

Species 8472 - a Borg Collective designation for an alien race that resides in fluidic space discovered by the Borg Collective in the Delta Quadrant; the Federation learned of Species 8472 due to the Pathfinder Project.

Spican flame gem - Tamra, Quark’s dabo girl escort, wore a necklace that had a Spican flame gem at its center. The gem served as an arrow that pointed down to her cleavage.

Spican jeweler’s – a shop on Deep Space Nine’s Promenade, across from the infirmary and next to a turbolift.

spiced soup - a Klingon dish that Chancellor Martok preferred, was served during the meeting between the chancellor and Captain Jean-Luc Picard during the Gateways crisis. The spices used were more potent than habanero peppers from Earth.

Spilimbergo - one of the five major cities of Europa Nova; the Gryphon was assigned to handle the refugees from this city during the evacuation.

Spillane, Ann Lieutenant - slim human female, with long blonde hair, the chief of security for the USS Gryphon. During the Europa Nova evacuation, she was supervising the refugees’ movements into the planetary gateway that connected Costa Rocosa to the Torona IV.

spring wine – a Bajoran beverage that Colonel Kira enjoys.

springball – a Bajoran sport similar to racquetball.

Srivani, the - an aggressive race based in the Delta Quadrant; Starfleet learned about them after the success of the Pathfinder Project.

staff - during her time on ancient Bajor, Kira Nerys used a staff made from a kava tree against the Lerrit Army.

staffs – two-meters long made from dense alloy, a sparring weapon that Lieutenant Dax used these staffs in an attempt to gain the trust and respect of Kitana’klan.

Stanley – a classmate of Ensign Dennings who hid the silly hat Kelison would always wear to dinner.

Starbase 235 – a Federation starbase with an advanced medical facility; three compartment syndrome patients from Deep Space Nine were being sent there for biosynthetic limbs.

Starbase 375 – a Federation starbase that was sending a shipment of parts to Deep Space Nine to be used in the repair efforts after the Jem’Hadar attack. Also, Captain Picard believed that this would be Commander Vaughn’s next destination after leaving the USS Enterprise-E. After leaving Commander Vaughn on Deep Space Nine, the USS Enterprise-E continued on to the starbase for more extensive repair work.

Starfleet – the exploration/defensive arm of the United Federation of Planets.

Starfleet Academy – the teaching/training school for Federation citizens who wish to become Starfleet officers. The program is also open to non-aligned alien races, with sponsorship from a command-level Starfleet officer.

Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry – Lieutenant Ezri Dax’s name had been submitted for this award from Starfleet Command for her actions during the rogue Jem’Hadar attack.

Starfleet Command - the command division of Starfleet, responsible for officer assignments and ship deployments.

Starfleet Corps of Engineers - a group of engineers and scientists whose activity is monitored by Captain Montgomery Scott.

Starfleet Intelligence - the intelligence division of Starfleet, responsible for espionage and special operations.

Starfleet Medical - the headquarters for medical personnel in Starfleet, located in San Francisco, Earth. For a brief time in the 2360s, Commander Beverly Crusher was the head of Starfleet Medical, but left the post after one year to return to the USS Enterprise-D.

Stargazer, USS - Constellation-class vessel, Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s first command, lost to the Ferengi in battle.

Sthili, Nancy – a member of the crew at Deep Space Nine who Ensign ch’Thane believed felt responsible for the casualties sustained during the Jem’Hadar attack.

Stvoran - Malon male, the husband of Controller Marssi at the time of the Apsac’s destruction.

subspace antenna - a component of the communications array placed in the Gamma Quadrant, Ensign ch’Thane was concerned that the alignment of the antenna was wrong prior to the array’s successful message broadcast to Deep Space Nine.

subspace array – while in the Badlands, a plasma wave damaged the USS Enterprise-E’s array, which kept them from receiving the news of the Allied task force being assembled.

subvocal communication - Petraw technology that allowed Kam to remain in contact with the others of his race during the negotiations on Malic’s ship.

Sungari, the – one of Deep Space Nine’s assigned runabouts; used with the Rio Grande and engineers in EVA suits and work bees during the lower core transfer from Empok Nor to Deep Space Nine. The Sungari, with Lieutenant Bowers at the controls, was dispatched to the Gamma Quadrant shortly after the communications array was in place, to escort the civilian freighter Halloran back to Deep Space Nine. Lieutenant Nog and Ensign ch’Thane used the Sungari during their investigation of the lack of gateways near the Bajoran system. The Sungari was destroyed by a warp core breach caused by the attack from an unidentified vessel.

surveillance probes - Cole used cloaked probes in the Badlands in orbit of Sindorin to monitor activity on the planet, recording images on the frequencies in the EM spectrum.

Sutherland, USS – a Starfleet vessel Lieutenant Commander Data commanded on Stardate 45020.5, during the Klingon Civil War.

Syba Avtra, Prince - on ancient Bajor, he was the unofficial leader of the Lerrit, due to the Queen’s illness.

Syba dynasty - the ruling royalty of the Lerrit of ancient Bajor at the time the Perikian gained their independence. The Queen and Prince Syba Avtra were the last two of their line.

Sylvan Jay - one of the names Kasidy Yates was considering for her unborn child.

Symbiosis Commission - the committee on Trill which decides who should undergo joining with the symbionts, and who shouldn’t. They also monitor the activity of joined Trills.

synthetic nursery pool - after rescuing Ambassador Odan from Galvan III, the symbiont had to be removed. Doctor Beverly Crusher created the pool to give the symbiont time to heal before it could be placed in a new host body.

System 418 - the Petraw designation for the Bajoran system.

System 429 - the Petraw designation for a system with a gateway, close to System 418. Hig was headed for the gateway that connected his location to System 429.

System J55(triangle)Q - the Iconian designation for a star system in the Delta Quadrant that connected to the Europa Nova system through a hezlat gateway.

System O22(candleholder)T - the Iconian designation for an uninhabited star system that had an O-type star.

System X27(pie)L - the Iconian designation for the Europa Nova star system in the Alpha Quadrant.

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