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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia P - Q - R

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PFA - the acronym for the Perikian Free Army of ancient Bajor.

p’losie wine – sweet fruit beverage that Quark had a case of in storage, which he hoped to use on his dinner date with Lieutenant Ro before it turned sour.

PTP One – post-traumatic psychology test administered at Starfleet Academy; the Klingons have a version of it as well.

padd – personal access data device; commonly used for reading, record keeping and research.

Padilla - the most populous of the five major cities on Europa Nova; the Intrepid and the Goldblatt’s Folly were assigned the task of evacuating Padilla.

pagh – the Bajoran word for ‘life force’ or ‘soul’.

pagh’tem’far – Bajoran concept of a sacred vision.

Pah-wraiths – the Prophets that were cast out of the Celestial Temple, into the fire caves of Bajor.

Pal - a Petraw, Kam’s aide aboard Malic’s ship during the negotiations for the Iconian Gateways.

Palmer, Lieutenant – transporter officer on the USS Enterprise-E.

paluku - a species of animal native to the Bajoran system, they are about the size of a small Terran dog, but spidery in shape. They were a source of food for the resistance fighters during the Cardassian Occupation.

Pathfinder Project, the - based San Francisco, Earth, a group of engineers and scientists attempting to make contact with the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. The project was overseen by Admiral Owen Paris, with Commander Pete Hawkins as the direct supervisor. One of the engineers involved with the project was Lieutenant Reginald Barcley, who used holographic representations of the Voyager crew to help himself relax.

Patrick - genetically enhance human male, who had a child-like attitude; a part of the Jack Pack living at the Institute.

Peldor Festival - a Bajoran holiday of joy and gratitude.

Pennington School – a writing school on Earth that Jake Sisko had been accepted to, but never attended.

Perez - Europani refugee that was sharing quarters with his brother and sister, he had a complaint about the heat in his room.

Periki Remarro - Bajoran female, the first to publicly denounce the oppressive Lerrit regime and call for independence. The Lerrit government had her hung shortly after she began to voice her opinions against them.

Perikian flag, the - the flag of the Perikian Republic, it was flown beneath the Endtree flag on the Haeys.

Perikan Free Army - the army of the Perikian Republic of ancient Bajor.

Perikian Peninsula - located on Bajor, named for Periki Remarro.

Perikian Republic - an independent government, the name given to the residents of the Perikian Peninsula after the Lerrit Army was defeated and pushed back to the mainland.

Perim, Ensign – unjoined Trill conn officer onboard the USS Enterprise-E.

Phase Three - during the lower core transfer from Empok Nor to Deep Space Nine, Doctor Tarses compared this phase to a heart transplant.

phased polaron beam – the title for the Dominion’s directed energy weapons.

phaser scopes – Lieutenant Ro Laren had intercepted an illegal shipment of them, but kept it a secret from Colonel Kira Nerys. She believed that Quark would owe her a favor because of her actions.

Picard, Jean-Luc Captain – human male; commander of the USS Enterprise-E, NCC 1701-E. Also commanded the USS Stargazer and the USS Enterprise-D. During the Gateways mission, Captain Picard was placed in temporary command of the USS Marco Polo.

Picard, Maurice - deceased human male; Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s father.

pieta - a religious icon of a woman holding her dead son by the artist Michelangelo. The DellaMonica family had a replica of it since the eighteenth century, but had to leave it behind on Europa Nova.

Pirak, Gul - Cardassian military officer that was the target of an attack by the Shakaar resistance.

Plan B - during the evacuation of Europa Nova, Plan B was implemented after the transporters were taken offline. Landing sites for ships were found and refugees were transported to the ships.

Plexicons - a methane breathing race; some Plexicons had left Deep Space Nine shortly before the Europa Nova evacuation.

plomeek soup - a Vulcan dish that Doctor Bashir enjoys; Doctor Locken made his, rather than replicate the dish.

Po, Vedek – one of the Bajoran vedeks on Deep Space Nine.

polarizer - a tool used by Lieutenant Nog to align the one of the holosuites in Quark’s bar so that Colonel Kira Nerys and Commander Elias Vaughn could participate in Admiral Ross’s holoconference during the Gateways crisis.

positron scan - one of the scans performed by Ensign ch’Thane in the investigation of the lack of Iconian Gateways in the Bajoran system after the magnetron scan turned up negative.

Potemkin, USS – one of Commander Riker’s previous posts; he served as an operations lieutenant before his promotion to lieutenant commander.

Praxis - a Klingon moon, in orbit of Qo’noS at the time of it’s destruction in the mid2270s. The moon’s explosion, which was monitored by the USS Excelsior under Captain Hikaru Sulu’s command, was the cause for the Klingon Empire to seek peace with the United Federation of Planets. During the Gateways crisis, the remnants of an Iconian Gateway were found in the remains of Praxis.

prenatal exam - despite living on Bajor, Captain Kasidy Yates still traveled to Deep Space Nine so that Doctor Julian Bashir could conduct her monthly prenatal exams. When she was on the station for her fifth exam, she learned of the problem at Europa Nova, and volunteered the Xhosa.

Presley, Rear Admiral – high ranking Starfleet officer with a security clearance similar to Commander Vaughn’s; after Vaughn made his decision to join the crew on Deep Space Nine, Admiral Presley put the order through, pending Colonel Kira’s approval.

prey - the term used by the Hirogen hunters to define those that they hunt. The worthiness of the prey is determined by the rarity of the physical characteristics and the resistance posed during the hunt.

Prilla - a young girl who announced the arrival of the Bajora at the first meeting of the Perikian Republic. She also showed the Bajora envoys to a chamber where they could refresh themselves while the meeting continued.

prion weapons - missiles that carried a mutated protein sequence developed by Doctor Ethan Locken that could be transmitted through the air, in water, and through sexual contact that could infect any species with a central nervous system, turning their brains into mushy paste.

Program 06010 – a holodeck program, Life Cycle Meditation/Old Growth Forest, that Commander Vaughn hadn’t used in ten years but enjoyed during the trip from the Badlands to Deep Space Nine. The full program runs over two hours.

Promenade, the – circular section of Deep Space Nine that houses Quark’s Bar, the Klingon restaurant, the Bajoran Shrine, the Security Office, and other businesses. Consists of an upper and lower level.

Promenade Merchants’ Association – the association of business leaders and merchants on Deep Space Nine’s Promenade.

Prophecy of the Avatar, the – the final prophecy in the unnamed book that called for the deaths of ten thousand people before the child of the Emissary could be born into a world of peace.

Prophets – the residents and creators of the Celestial Temple; non-linear aliens who Commander Sisko made contact with in 2368.

protectorates - outer territories of the Cardassian Union safeguarded by the Federation, the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire until the Cardassians could protect their own borders again.

protomatter - the Purists demanded weapons-grade protomatter from Lieutenant Ezri Dax as ransom for the release of Doctor Lenara Kahn.

Prylar – the lowest title for a servant in a religious order of Bajor.

Purists - Verad Kalor’s dissident faction of unjoined Trill; believed that the symbionts were aliens who had taken over the Trill.


Qapla’ - Klingon term for ‘success’.

Qo’noS - the homeworld of the Klingon Empire, location of the Klingon High Council and the Federation Embassy. During the Gateways crisis, this was the USS Marco Polo’s first stop.

Quark – Ferengi male; resident of Deep Space Nine. Quark is the owner of Quark’s on the Promenade, and spokesman of the Promenade Merchants’ Association.

Quark’s Treasure - the Ferengi shuttle Gaila sent to Quark, to repay him for the loan that started his weapons business. The shuttle was sabotaged and couldn’t drop out of warp. When Rom tried to slow the ship down on approach to Earth, Quark, Rom, Nog and Odo were transported back in time to 1947 and crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

Queen, the - ruler of the Lerrit on ancient Bajor. Perikian spies reported that she was dying, but continued to put in appearances at official functions.


R’taga, Captain – Klingon commander who was part of the Allied task force headed for the Gamma Quadrant; was also present at Taran’atar’s debriefing in Deep Space Nine’s wardroom.

Rachel Jadzia – one of the names Kasidy Yates was considering for her unborn child.

raktajino – Klingon coffee, the favored drink of Colonel Kira Nerys.

ready room, the - Captain Picard’s office, adjoined to the bridge of the USS Enterprise-E.

Reckoning, the – a showdown between the Prophets and the Pah-wraiths that would usher Bajor into a new era. The Reckoning occurred on Deep Space Nine in 2374, between Prophet Kira Nerys and Pah-wraith Jake Sisko, but was interrupted by Kai Winn Adami.

Redlitz - Starfleet crewman assigned to the Defiant bridge in 2376.

Remeta’klan – Jem’Hadar Third, faithful to the will of the Founders and the order of things, up to his death during the first six months of the Dominion War.

remla bird - an animal native to Bajor. When the Bajora envoys arrived at the first meeting of the Perikian Republic, General Torrna asked if they were flew in by remla birds.

Renhol, Doctor - Trill female, a member of the Symbiosis Commission that Lieutenant Ezri Dax had to check-in with at least once a month. She had an angular face, and her brown hair was always severely pulled back. Doctor Renhol contacted Lieutenant Dax during the Europa Nova evacuation.

Replimat, the – a small eatery on the Promenade, which just had self-serve replicators for food and drinks and tables to eat at.

Resistance, the – the militant Bajoran freedom fighters/terrorists who fought the Cardassians during the Occupation of Bajor.

Reymer, Captain - commanding officer of the USS Destiny.

Richardson, Vice Admiral – high ranking Starfleet officer with a security clearance similar to Commander Vaughn’s; attempted to force Vaughn’s status as an independent tactical operative, which led to Vaughn threatening to retire from Starfleet.

Rigel - at the time of the massacre at New Beijing, Starfleet forces were successfully repelling a Dominion attack in the Rigel system.

Riilampe - a Kobheerian entrepreneur that was looking to buy land. Quark contacted him about purchasing some land on Chin’toka IX.

Riker, William Thomas Commander – human male; First Officer of the USS Enterprise-E, NCC 1701-E.

Riker, William Thomas – a Maqui rebel, transporter duplicate of Commander William T. Riker. Shortly after the Defiant was assigned to Deep Space Nine, Riker attempted to steal the warship and launch an attack against the Cardassian Union. To ensure the survival of his fellow Maqui, Thomas Riker surrendered himself to the Cardassian Central Command.

Rio Grande, the – one of Deep Space Nine’s assigned runabouts and has been assigned to Deep Space Nine since Starfleet took over the station in 2368. Lieutenant Nog used the Rio Grande during his mission to the Trivas system.

Risa – a pleasure planet, popular vacation spot in the Federation.

Ro Laren, Lieutenant – Bajoran female, the chief of station security for Deep Space Nine. Currently an officer in the Bajoran Militia, former Starfleet officer and Maqui rebel. Ro served as a conn officer onboard the USS Enterprise-D, and attended Starfleet’s Advance Tactical Training course.

Ro-Epsilon-Seven-Five-One - Lieutenant Ro Laren’s command authorization code.

Robison, Captain – commanding officer of the USS Aldebaran at the time of it’s destruction in 2376.

Roka - non-Trill member of the Purists. Verad killed Roka shortly after he reported the survival of the Odan symbiont.

Rom – Ferengi male; Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance. A former technician for the Bajoran Militia on Deep Space Nine, he was named as Zek’s successor in late 2375, towards the end of the Dominion War. Rom is the younger brother of Quark, and Nog’s father.

Romulan Senate – the governing body of the Romulan Star Empire; agreed to allow the Defiant the continued use of a cloaking device.

Romulan Star Empire, the – an enigmatic and secretive race, an offshoot of the Vulcans.

Rondac III - a planet inside Cardassian space. When Damar began his campaign against the Dominion, the cloning facilities on Rondac III were the first targets. The Trager led the attack. Months later, the ship still bore the scars from that battle.

Roness, Ensign - female Starfleet officer who was aboard the Runabout Rio Grande with Lieutenant Bowers when the Malon escape pod came through the gateway with Taran’atar aboard.

root beer – an Earth beverage that Nog began drinking when he was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

Ross, Bill Admiral – ranking Starfleet officer near the Bajoran sector; during the war, he formed a close relationship with Captain Sisko and his senior staff. After the Jem’Hadar attack, Ross was in charge of the peacekeeping force that was to enter the Gamma Quadrant.

Rubicon, the - one of Deep Space Nine’s runabouts used in the early 2370s; crashed on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant with Doctor Julian Bashir and Chief Miles O’Brien onboard.

Runabout Pad A - the landing pad where the Runabout Euphrates was docked on Deep Space Nine before the Europa Nova evacuation.

Runabout Pad C – the landing pad where the Runabout Euphrates was docked on Deep Space Nine before the Sindorin mission.

runabouts – small, warp-capable ships assigned to Deep Space Nine; they have tractor beams, phaser arrays, and transporter pads, as well as small crew quarters in the aft compartments.

Rura Penthe - location near the edge of the Klingon Empire, a penal colony that was known as the aliens’ graveyard when Captain James T. Kirk and Doctor Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy were sent there after the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon.

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