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Mabrin - a member of the Shakaar Resistance with Kira Nerys.

Macet, Gul - Cardassian male, commander of the Galor-class Trager. He has a striking resemblance to his cousin, Dukat, except for his facial hair. When Captain Benjamin Maxwell attacked Cardassian outposts and science vessels in the mid2360s, Gul Macet was the Cardassian representative aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Macet was a part of Damar’s resistance group towards the end of the Dominion War. Macet brought the Trager to assist Starfleet and the Bajoran Militia in the evacuation of Europa Nova, and returned to the station with the rest of the fleet.

magnetron scan - one of the scans performed by Ensign ch’Thane in the investigation of the lack of Iconian Gateways in the Bajoran system, it turned up negative.

main processing cores – Deep Space Nine has three of these in the computer network.

Makar Province - after the battle against the Lerrit Army at Barlin Field, the Perikian Republic was able to reclaim the province and most of the Lonnat Valley.

Makluan - a Romulan vessel that was assigned to bolster the defenses of Deep Space Nine, along with the Defiant and the Tcha’voth. It was recalled at the time of the Gateways crisis.

Maldik, Doctor - physician at Fort Tendro, with a white beard and white hair. He treated both General Torrna and Kira Nerys after their escape from the Lerrit.

Malic - an old Orion pirate that Quark met in his bar during the lower core transfer. Quark was extorted into working for Malic to negotiate for the Gateway technology from the Petraw, represented by Quark’s own cousin Gaila.

Malic’s padd - used by the Orion for decades, it contained information on every operation and everything he had observed during his time with the Orion Syndicate. Its design consisted of a border pattern of Aldebaran serpents and the back had a carved relief representation of a nude Orion woman. Malic began using the padd after his intelligence that took the enforcer Zil down was altered so that others got the credit he deserved.

Malon - a gold-skinned race based in the Delta Quadrant. One of the main commercial businesses of the Malon is the export of antimatter waste and theta radiation from their home systems. Starfleet learned of the Malon after the success of the Pathfinder Project. During the Europa Nova evacuation, Colonel Kira Nerys and Taran’atar were beamed aboard a Malon freighter.

Malon Prime - the homeworld of the Malon race.

mandala – a large, circular decoration used in Bajoran prayer and meditation practices.

Maqui, the – a group of resistance fighters against the Cardassians, composed of former Starfleet officers and Federation citizens that hid within the Badlands. The Maqui were wiped out by the Jem’Hadar when the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion.

Maranzano - Europani refugee on Deep Space Nine; an older man with white hair and liver spots on his skin. He thanked Lieutenant Dax for all of Starfleet’s help in the evacuation and giving them a place to live.

Marauder Mo - a series of Ferengi action figures. Quark and Gaila used to cheat younger children out of their lunch money so they could buy the latest toys. Ishka kept Quark’s Marauder Mo action figures in storage for several decades, until he took them back with him to Deep Space Nine.

Marco Polo, USS - Sabre-class vessel; Captain Jean-Luc Picard was assigned to command the Marco Polo during the first stages of the Gateways crisis. After returning to the USS Enterprise-E, Commander Deanna Troi was placed in command of the Marco Polo.

Marssi, Controller - female Malon, crew commander of the Malon antimatter freighter Aspac, wife of Stvoran and the mother of Ella. She designed the Aspac herself, overseeing the construction of the ship, and paid for some of the technology used. Marssi was killed by the Alpha Hirogen hunter from ‘the ship of death’ in 2376, after finding an open hole in space.

Marta - the owner of a tavern located at the Natlar Port of Perikia.

Marten – a diplomatic trainee fresh from the Academy, a friend of Eric’s who was also killed during the rogue Jem’Hadar attack. His remains were going to be sent to New Paris.

Martok – Klingon male, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. Martok led the Klingon forces against the Dominion while holding the rank of general, and was named to his current position by Worf. Worf had defeated Chancellor Gowron in honorable combat, and turned leadership of the Klingon Empire over to Martok.

master command console - in the Jem’Hadar hatchery on Sindorin, the console was located in the former communal area that Doctor Ethan Locken had turned into his private suite. The console controlled defensive and offensive systems.

Matasa - Ingavi female on Sindorin; Kel’s wife.

matrix code - in the signal enhancers used by the Purists, the matrix code identified the transporter system used. Data, Geordi la Forge, Nog and Thirishar ch’Thane used the matrix code to find the central location used by the Purists on Trill.

Maxwell, Benjamin - human male, former Starfleet captain. He was in command of the USS Rutledge during the Cardassian Border Wars, and lost his family to an attack on the Setlik III outpost. Years later, while in command of the USS Phoenix, Maxwell began attacking Cardassian outposts and science vessels since he believed that the Cardassians were arming themselves for a new incursion against the Federation. Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D was sent into Cardassian space to stop Maxwell.

McAllister - an engineering officer on Deep Space Nine.

McEwian – one of the casualties of the rogue Jem’Hadar attack.

med kit – medical carryall used by doctors; carries medical tricorders, patches, hyposprays and other medical equipment.

Medical D – the autopsy facilities on Deep Space Nine, located in the Mid-Core.

meeting hall – located on Deep Space Nine’s Promenade, across from the jeweler’s; was used for the welcoming reception held for Commander Vaughn and Taran’atar.

Meldrar I – Ensign Jataq’qat’s homeworld; a vial of his blood would be poured into the Meldrarae sea by his siblings.

Mello, Elaine Captain - a short woman with a round face and curly brown hair; the commanding officer of the USS Gryphon, was present for Admiral Ross’ holoconference during the Gateway crisis.

Merra - an agent of Section 31; she arrived on New Beijing with Federation relief teams after the Dominion attack, befriended Doctor Ethan Locken, and recruited him into Section 31.

mess hall - common dining room aboard the Defiant, it has several tables with attached seats and replicators along one wall. The mess hall is also used for mission briefings, and can be used for senior staff conferences.

mind probe - after successfully kidnapping Lieutenant Ezri Dax, Verad used a large, complex device to perform a mind probe on her.

Ministry of Commerce, the – Bajoran agency that Captain Kasidy Yates works for on a part-time basis due to her pregnancy.

Ministry of Justice, the – Bajoran agency that Lieutenant Ro sends reports to from Deep Space Nine.

mobile environment simulator - the technical name for a holoship, the only one of it’s kind built for a failed Section 31 mission in the Briar Patch.

Module One - a part of the upgrades to the Defiant’s conn system

Module Two - a part of the upgrades to the Defiant’s conn system, failed the primary test cycles and was being tested for faults in the system.

Mok’bara – a Klingon ritual that Curzon Dax devoted a lifetime of study to.

Moloki - one of the spies in Lerrit territory that worked for the Perikian Free Army. He sent word that shipbuilders from Jerad Province were rebuilding the Lerrit Navy.

Monaghan, Captain - female civilian freighter captain of the Halloran based in the Sol system. While conducting the Jovian run, the Halloran was transported to the Kar-telos system in the Gamma Quadrant through an Iconian Gateway.

Monyodin – a Benzite lab technician on Deep Space Nine; during the attack, a cloud of chemical polymer gases had been released from a bank of atmospheric regulators, liquefying the alveoli of his lungs. Ensign Tenmei kept him company in the Infirmary’s ICU after the attack.

moogie - the Ferengi word for ‘mother’.

Morlek - a high-ranking member of the Perikian Republic that General Torrna disagreed with.

Morn – Lurian male; a civilian freighter captain and one of Quark’s most regular customers.

mothball - a substance stored with clothing to kill insect larvae.

Mulla, Tan - an older Ingavi male, Kel’s uncle; he rescued Ro Laren from the mudslide that claimed the lives of the two Maqui that were with her when she first went to Sindorin.

Murdoch, Doctor - a member of the same medical staff as Doctor Ethan Locken on New Beijing; taught Doctor Locken how to set children at ease while treating them, and was believed to have been killed during the Dominion attack. Doctor Murdoch was an alias used by Cole of Section 31.


9th Rule of Acquisition, the – opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

94th Rule of Acquisition, the – females and finances don’t mix.

N’renix-class - Romulan cruiser class; the crew complement is forty-five, with medium shielding and weapons, excellent cloaking technology, a maximum speed of warp nine point eight, and can maintain a cruising speed of warp nine point five for over twenty-six hours. The cruisers are used to transport high-ranking military officers and secret technology. None of them left Romulan space during the Dominion War. A derelict cruiser was found by the crew of the Euphrates during the Sindorin mission, near the Romulan protectorate.

Namthot, Chi - professor at Memory Alpha who has continued to work on Iconian research since Captain Varley’s discovery of the homeworld in the Romulan Neutral Zone; Captain Picard considered him to be a superior expert on the Iconians.

Natlar Port, the - the main port of the Perikian Republic on ancient Bajor. General Torrna was assigned to an office at the Natlar Port, to serve as the republic’s liaison to the Endtree navy.

Natlar Ryslin, Prefect - a small, short haired female Bajoran, the leader of the independent Perikian Republic on ancient Bajor.

Nechayev, Alynna Admiral - human female, high-ranking member of Starfleet Intelligence. She once sent Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Worf and Doctor Beverly Crusher into Cardassian space to end the threat of metagenic weapons. Her image was used during a Dominion mind-probe to determine Commander Benjamin Sisko’s determination to protect Bajor. She also sent Mackenzie Calhoun on deep-cover assignments for several years.

Neutral Smile Number Seven - one of Quark’s facial expressions, used for persons unknown who appeared well dressed and were not holding a weapon to his head.

New Bajor – the first Bajoran colony in the Gamma Quadrant; it was destroyed by the Jem’Hadar of the Dominion in 2371.

New Beijing - Federation colony world; attacked and destroyed by the Dominion during the war. Two regiments of Jem’Hadar soldiers attacked the colony, causing over five thousand civilian deaths, one of the worst massacres of the war.

New Beijing Pediatric Center - Doctor Ethan Locken accepted a position there after medical school, and worked on correcting prenatal microcellular damage.

New Federation, the - the goal of Ethan Locken was to create the New Federation, with the use of the altered Jem’Hadar. He used Khan Singh’s icon as a symbol of the New Federation.

New Paris – where Marten’s remains were being sent from Deep Space Nine.

Ng - a civilian freighter that assisted in the evacuation of Europa Nova.

Nguyen, Petty Officer – an engineering team leader on Deep Space Nine; Ensign ch’Thane believed he felt responsible for the casualties sustained during the Jem’Hadar attack.

Nieto - a tall skinny, black haired man with a beard, the mayor of Costa Rocosa on Europa Nova.

Nog, Lieutenant – Ferengi male. Chief Engineer/Operations Officer of Deep Space Nine and the Defiant. The first (and only) Ferengi in Starfleet.

noninterference provisions – a part of the treaty that ended the Dominion War; both the Klingons and the Romulans were unhappy with them.

notch-rocks – Tarkalean currency.


O’Brien, Keiko – human female, Miles O’Brien’s wife; former resident of the Bajoran sector. She went with her husband and two children after the Dominion War when he accepted his position at Starfleet Academy.

O’Brien, Kirayoshi – human male, the second child of the O’Brien family. Due to an accident early in Keiko’s pregnancy, the fetus had to be transferred to Major Kira Nerys by Doctor Julian Bashir. Major Kira carried the child to term for the O’Brien’s.

O’Brien, Miles Edward Professor – human male from Ireland; former Chief of Operations on Deep Space Nine. He currently teaches engineering courses at Starfleet Academy on Earth. Also served as an engineer/transporter operator on the USS Enterprise-D.

O’Brien, Molly – human female, the first child of the O’Brien family. She was born on the USS Enterprise-D, NCC 1701-D, delivered by Lieutenant Worf in the Ten-Forward Lounge.

Obsidian Order - the Cardassian Union’s intelligence branch. Garak, a former resident of Deep Space Nine, was once an agent of the Obsidian Order before his exile from Cardassia.

Occupation, the – term for the five decades that the Cardassians strip-mined Bajor, and oppressed the Bajorans.

Odan, Kareel - female Trill host for the Odan symbiont. She became the host in the mid-2360s, after Commander William Riker of the USS Enterprise-D hosted the Odan symbiont for a short time. Ambassador Odan was mortally wounded during the attack on her ship in the Galvan system, and the symbiont was removed.

Odan, Kinjer - Trill male who became the host for Odan after Ambassador Kareel Odan died in 2376 due to injuries sustained during Verad’s Purists attack.

Odo – Founder male; former head of station security for Deep Space Nine. After assisting in ending the war with the Dominion, he rejoined the Great Link in the Gamma Quadrant and now exerts influence within the Link, and the Dominion. Odo sent Taran’atar to Deep Space Nine, so that he could observe humanity and return to the Gamma Quadrant with new insights for the other Jem’Hadar.

odo’ital - Cardassian phrase meaning ‘unknown sample’.

Ohalu – the Bajoran man who wrote the unnamed book of prophecy that contained the Prophecy of the Avatar; when he was alive, he claimed that the Prophets weren’t sacred, and that they were learning from the Bajorans as the Bajorans were learning from them.

Omet’iklan – Jem’Hadar First; teamed up with Captain Sisko during the mission to destroy the Iconian gateway in the Gamma Quadrant. When his loyalty was questioned by the Vorta Weyoun, Omet’iklan vaporized him and allowed Sisko & his crew to return to the Defiant.

Omicron Theta – a colony world where Doctor Noonien Soong constructed both Lore and Data; the colony was destroyed by the Crystalline Entity in the 2330s.

Opaka - a respected kai, she was the leader of the Bajoran faith at the time of the Cardassians withdrew from Bajor.

operations table - located in the lower level of Ops; standard station for the first officer and can be used as a conference table for a meeting of senior officers.

Ops – the multi-leveled command center of Deep Space Nine; houses the commander’s office and a transporter bad, as well as the Engineering, Science and Tactical stations.

Orb of Contemplation, the – the orb that is kept in a private room that is adjoined to the Bajoran shrine on Deep Space Nine.

Orb of Memory, the – one of the eight orbs taken by the Cardassians during the Occupation of Bajor; Commander Vaughn found it in the aft cargo bay of the Kamal.

Orb of Prophecy and Change, the – the orb that is kept on a low pedestal in the Bajoran shrine on Deep Space Nine.

Orb of Time, the - the orb that is kept on Bajor after being recovered from the Cardassians during the war with the Klingons. The orb can be used to travel to the past.

Orbs of the Prophets – the Prophets’ attempts to make contact with others of their kind; ten orbs had been released from the wormhole over a millennia, nine of the orbs were collected by the Bajorans. At the end of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, eight of the orbs were taken by the Cardassians for study, but the ninth was saved by Kai Opaka and turned over the Commander Benjamin Sisko, to assist in his search for the Celestial Temple. Captain Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Joseph Sisko and Ensign Ezri Dax on Tyree found the tenth orb, known as the Orb of the Emissary, in 2374.

Ordek transformer table - Malic used this type of table in one of his meeting rooms, to make it appear that there was an oak table. Quark recognized the technology when he first walked into the room.

Order of the Temple – the prylars who worked the dig at B’hala. A branch of the order invited Jake Sisko to experience Bajoran history firsthand after the Dominion War ended.

Orion pursuit ships - two pursuit ships were sent to track the Bajoran Militia flitter in the Farius system after the escape of Ro and Quark from Malic’s ship.

Orion Syndicate - the largest organized crime ring in the Alpha Quadrant.

Orions - a pirate race, large and muscular with green skin and black hair. When the Orions used a Gateway to attack Ferenginar, six of them beamed down to Grand Nagus Rom’s home.

Orias system – a Romulan protectorate in Cardassian space; where Kasidy Yates contracted a topical rash due to an allergic reaction to a shipment of Rakalian p’losie that had gone bad. The third planet in the Orias system was Doctor Locken’s first target for his prion weapons.

Osborne’s World - during the Dominion War, Ro Laren piloted an unnamed ship through a field of antimatter mines laid by the Jem’Hadar on her way to Osborne’s World.

Oscar Kilo - quantum torpedo spread pattern ordered by Captain Picard while defending Trill from the defense perimeter drones.

Ovirians - a race that enjoys warm climates; several Ovirians had been on Deep Space Nine the month before the Europa Nova evacuation.

Oxford Dictionary of Terran Languages - Commander Vaughn used an older edition of the dictionary to look up the term ‘mothball’.

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