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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia K - L

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K’mpec - deceased Klingon male, former Chancellor of the High Council. A respected leader, he ruled as chancellor longer than any other warrior in the history of the Klingon Empire, until he was slowly poisoned by Duras.

Kahn, Lenara Doctor - joined female Trill, prominent scientist for the Federation. A previous host for the Kahn symbiont was married to a previous host for the Dax symbiont. Doctor Kahn and Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax had a brief romantic relationship in 2373. Verad Kalon used Doctor Kahn as bait to lure Lieutenant Ezri Dax to Trill in 2376.

Kai – the title for the leader of the religious orders of Bajor.

Kalon, Verad – Trill male. An unjoined Trill, who, in 2370 attempted to steal the Dax symbiont from Lieutenant Jadzia Dax, tried to sell symbionts on the black market in 2372, and finally attempted to wipe out the Trill civilization with a retrovirus in 2376.

Kam - the Petraw aboard Malic’s ship that sent Hig to the Bajoran system after Quark revealed that the Orions knew there weren’t any Iconian Gateways within ten light years of Bajor.

Kamal – a Cardassian freighter found in the Badlands by the USS Enterprise-E. The freighter had been caught in a plasma eddy for thirty-two years and four months.

Kamala – an empathic metamorph the USS Enterprise-D had transported to the final signing of a peace treaty.

kanar - an alcoholic Cardassian beverage.

kar’takin – a Jem’Hadar hand weapon, a long staff with a two-point blade.

Kar-telos system - a star system several light years from the Gamma Quadrant side of the Bajoran wormhole. An Iconian Gateway connected this star system to the Sol system in the Alpha Quadrant. Ensign ch’Thane noticed that it was within ten light years of the Gamma Quadrant side of the wormhole.

kava – a Bajoran plant that Kasidy Yates was planning to grow for the spring at her home on Bajor.

kava tree - in ancient Bajor, kava trees were used to make staffs for use in battle, since they were so hard.

Kel - male Ingavi with short, coarse green hair, large eyes, a flat nose, and a wide, down-turned mouth; served as Lieutenant Ro and Taran’atar’s guide during their time on Sindorin.

Kelison – a classmate of Ensign Dennings who always wore a silly hat to dinner.

Kelly – one of the casualties of the rogue Jem’Hadar attack.

Kendra Province – the region on Bajor where Captain Benjamin Sisko had purchased land, about two months before the end of the war. Three months after the war ended, his dream home had been built on the land.

Kendra Valley River - on ancient Bajor, the Bajora were using the river as part of their supply route to the Lerrit. Admiral Inna of the Endtree Navy took a convoy of ships to block the supply line after the victory at Barlin Field.

kejelious – one of the most important materials used during the Sh’dama Age. While at B’hala, Jake Sisko unearthed a broken shard made from this material.

ketracel-white – an enzyme that the Jem’Hadar can not make within their own bodies. Without ketracel-white, the Jem’Hadar go into a killing frenzy and then die.

Kevlin Jak – a flight attendant on a Bajoran shuttle that assisted Vedek Yavir with his luggage before the flight to Deep Space Nine.

Kira Alpha One Alpha – Colonel Kira’s authorization code.

Kira Nerys, Colonel – Bajoran female. Commander of Deep Space Nine; former First Officer of the station, under Captain Benjamin Sisko.

Kira Reon - Bajoran male, Kira Nerys’ brother.

Kira Taban - deceased Bajoran male, Kira Nerys’ father. He was killed by the Cardassians while trying to defend his home during the occupation.

Kira Zero Nine – Colonel Kira’s override code when the computer requests additional authorization.

Kira-One - a flight program for the Euphrates that would take it back to the Delta Quadrant side of the Iconian Gateway connected to Europa Nova in the Alpha Quadrant and block the stream of antimatter waste from the Malon freighter, leaving Colonel Kira on a class-M world in the Delta Quadrant.

Kira-Three - a flight program for Deep Space Nine’s runabouts, it moves the ship in a spiral, zigzagging pattern around larger vessels while firing phasers at multiple points along the enemy’s shields.

Kitana’klan, Third – a rogue Jem’Hadar who was discovered by Ensign ch’Thane in Quark’s bar after the attack. He claimed that the Founder Odo sent him on a mission of peace. Kitana’klan was later killed by Taran’atar while trying to destroy Deep Space Nine.

Kitchens, the – an area in the northeast section of the B’hala excavation.

Khan, the - the title Ethan Locken had his Jem’Hadar use in reference to his position in the New Federation.

Klag, Captain – Klingon commander of the IKS Gorkon; was one of the Klingon commanders of the Allied task force, under Admiral Ross’s command. Shortly after the Dominion War, the Gorkon escorted Ambassador Worf and his aide to taD after picking them up from the USS Enterprise-E.

Klingon Empire, the – a race of warriors, whose territory is in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Empire has a peace treaty with the Federation, and is allied with the Romulan Star Empire.

Klingon Imperial Intelligence - the Klingon Empire’s intelligence division.

Kosst Amojan - a Pah-wraith that was imprisoned in a different location than the fire caves.

Korvale Ocean - located on Bajor, the Perikian Peninsula is surrounded by the ocean on the southern end of the main continent.

Krigar - deceased Klingon male; Chancellor Martok’s father.

Krish – one of the prylars working in the Kitchens at B’hala.

Kron - a male Malon crewmember of the Apsac, he had served with Controller Marssi for decades.

Kukalaka – a stuffed teddy bear that Doctor Bashir still has from his childhood.

Kyli Shon – one of the members of the unnamed council; wanted to consult the Orb of Contemplation after Deep Space Nine was attacked.


L’Aquila - the capital city of Europa Nova; the Defiant was assigned to handle the refugees from the capital so that Commander Vaughn could deal with the government officials and other VIPs.

L’ullho, Ju’les Commander - the commanding officer of Starbase 96, was present for Admiral Ross’ holoconference during the Gateway crisis.

La Forge, Geordi Lieutenant Commander – human male; Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise-E, NCC 1701-E.

Laas – Founder male; made contact with Odo on Deep Space Nine in 2375. After Odo refused to join him in finding others of their kind to form a new Link, he found his way to the Gamma Quadrant and joined the Great Link. When Odo takes solid form, and separates from the Link, Laas often joins him, to argue opposite positions.

lab, the - in the Jem’Hadar hatchery on Sindorin, Doctor Ethan Locken kept seven ‘failures’ in stasis, with notes and subdirectory computer files on the experiments carried out in each one. The subjects included a possible Andorian minus the white hair and antenna, a Betazoid female, and a Cardassian male.

Lago DeBacco - a lake about a hundred seventy-five kilometers northwest of Spilimbergo on Europa Nova, Colonel Kira diverted a mass of antimatter waste to the lake with the Euprates tractor beam.

Laksie – a township near Jalanda, where Galihie claimed to be from.

Lal – the Hindu word for ‘beloved’; the name of Data’s android daughter.

Lamnek fleet - the Bajoran Militia’s ten biggest ships under the command of Colonel Lenaris Holem was dispatched to assist in the evacuation of Europa Nova.

Lang, Natima – a Cardassian woman, a dissident who had a brief relationship with Quark during the Occupation of Bajor, and renewed the relationship, again briefly, shortly after the Federation took over Deep Space Nine. She returned to Cardassia Prime after the Dominion War.

Lankford, Ensign - conn/ops officer assigned to the Defiant in 2376.

Larutan - Yridian scientist who developed the retrovirus used by Verad on the Trill population in 2376. After selling the retrovirus to Verad, Larutan tried to sell the cure to Ambassador Kareel Odan.

Lauren - genetically enhanced human female with an increased sex drive due to her enhancements, a part of the Jack Pack living at the Institute.

Leeta – Bajoran female; Rom’s wife. A former Dabo girl in Quark’s, she married Rom after brief relationships with Doctor Julian Bashir and Doctor Lewis Zimmerman of Jupiter Station. After Rom was named as Grand Nagus, she left the station with her husband.

leks – Cardassian currency.

Lenaris Holem, Colonel - male Bajoran Militia officer, the commander of the Lamnak fleet. During the Bajoran Occupation, he was a member of the Ornathia resistance cell, and had been involved in the Pullock V raid. Several years ago, Colonel Lenaris was ordered by Kai Winn Adami to track down Shakaar Edon and Major Kira Nerys, and arrest him for the theft of soil reclamators. Instead, Shakaar earned the colonel’s support in his bid for First Minister.

Lerrit - one of the nation-states of ancient Bajor, an oppressive regime.

Lerrit Army, the - when Colonel Kira Nerys was transported to ancient Bajor, she joined the fight against the Lerrit Army.

Lerrit Navy, the - after the destruction of the port at Yvrig, Kira Nerys was concerned about attacks from the Lerrit Navy.

Lerrit soldier - an axe-wielder, during one of the battles against the Lerrit Army, Kira Nerys used a staff to break one of his legs.

Lethean veteran asylum – while on the Kamal, Commander Vaughn remembered the echo of mad, helpless cries of fear and warning.

Level Four, Section Forty-eight - the location of Deep Space Nine’s Habitat Ring where Lieutenant Ezri Dax ordered McAllister to take a look at the replicators.

Level Fourteen – the lowest security clearance required to view Captain Benjamin L. Sisko’s complete personnel file.

Level Three, Corridor C 0426 – the location of Kasidy Yates’ quarters on Deep Space Nine.

Level Twenty – Commander Elias Vaughn’s security clearance.

Li Nalas, the – First Minister Shakaar’s ship of state, used during his tour of the United Federation of Planets. The ship was named for one of the greatest heroes of the Bajoran Resistance, Li Nalas, who was mistakenly killed by Bajoran Militia Colonel West during the failed Circle Coup in 2369.

Libre Pista - one of the five major cities of Europa Nova; the East Winds was assigned to evacuate refugees from Libre Pista.

Linellian fluid effigy – a religious artifact that Elias Vaughn had returned to the embassy after it was stolen. He was twenty-four years old then.

Ling, Cathy Ensign - Starfleet operations officer who worked with Lieutenant Ro’s security staff to arrange temporary quarters on Deep Space Nine for the Europa Nova evacuees.

Lipin, Minister - member of the Bajoran Council of Ministers who helped to arrange emergency housing on Bajor for the Europa Nova evacuees.

Locken, Ethan Doctor - genetically enhanced human male who had been working as a pediatrician on New Beijing during the Dominion War. After New Beijing’s destruction, he was recruited into Section 31 and sent to Sindorin in the Badlands.

Locken’s Jem’Hadar - the one hundred eighty-two Jem’Hadar soldiers bred by Doctor Ethan Locken on Sindorin; they wore red uniforms with silver trim. Locken allowed them free access to the ketracel-white they needed to survive, but programmed them with the belief in his godliness, and had them refer to him as ‘the Khan’.

Locutus of Borg – Captain Picard’s identity after the Borg Collective assimilated him; led the attack against Starfleet at Wolf 359, causing the destruction of thirty-nine ships, including the USS Saratoga.

Loga - Orion male; a member of Malic’s crew on the Vulcan vessel, he handled the sensor array.

Lonely Nights - Quark has a wide selection of these holosuite programs, and offered Commander Vaughn the chance to use them after the lower core transfer when he thought the commander was romantically interested in Ensign Prynn Tenmei.

Lonnat Valley - after the victory against the Lerrit Army at Barlin Field, the Perikian Republic was able to reclaim most of the Lonnat Valley.

Lore – a Soong-type android, constructed by Doctor Noonien Soong before Data.

Lorit Akrem - the Bajoran who introduced a twelve-year old Kira Nerys to Shakaar Edon in the caves of the Dahkur hills.

Lower Core – the engineering section of the Deep Space Nine’s Central Core; houses the fusion reactors and multiple plasma conduits.

Lupaza - a member of the Shakaar Resistance with Kira Nerys.

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