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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia I - J

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Iconian Empire - the empire built by the Iconians with the use of the gateways.

Iconian Gateways - stable transport devices that are large enough for entire starships, or small enough for a single person to walk through. Used by the Iconians to rule their empire two hundred thousand years ago. Prior to 2376, gateways had been found on a Kalandan outpost during Captain James Kirk’s first five year mission, near the Occult star system by Commander Nick Keller, on Iconia in the Romulan Neutral Zone, Alexandra’s Planet, and on Vandros IV in the Gamma Quadrant. When the Petraw reactivated the Iconian Gateways in 2376, they were found all across the galaxy, except for a ten light year radius of the Bajoran system.

Iconians - an ancient race that ruled much of the galaxy two hundred thousand years ago. Their homeworld of Iconia was discovered in the Romulan neutral zone in the mid2360s by Captain Donald Varley of the Starship Yamato. The Iconians used a vast network Gateways to travel from any point in the universe to another point.

Infirmary, the – the medical center for Deep Space Nine, located on the Promenade.

Ingav - a planet conquered by the Cardassian Union shortly before the Bajoran Occupation. After the Dominion War, Ingav became a Federation protectorate.

Ingavi - a furry, chimp-like sentient race found on Sindorin. After the Cardassians occupied Ingav, a ship of Ingavi escaped, but crashed on Sindorin. They used only the basics of technology to survive, feeling a spiritual connection to the planet. During her time with the Maqui, Ro Laren encountered the Ingavi, and befriended them.

Inna Murent, Admiral - short, stout female, the leader of the Endtree Navy of ancient Bajor. Ten thousand years before the first Orb of the Prophets was found, Admiral Murent and most of the Endtree population were followers of the Prophets.

Intrepid, USS - Intrepid-class vessel commanded by Captain Walter Emick, was assigned to assist in the evacuation of Europa Nova during the Gateways crisis.

Intrepid-class - class of vessels first introduced in the early 2370s, highly maneuverable. The ships have bio-neural gel packs integrated into the ship’s circuitry. The Intrepid-class is able to land on a planet’s surface during a Code Blue status. Another feature of the class is that when warp speed is engaged, the nacelles angle upward to create the warp field.

Ishka – Ferengi female, the mother of Quark and Rom. After becoming acquainted with Grand Nagus Zek during a Tongo tournament in the early 2370s, she became his financial advisor. In 2375, she went with Zek when he retired to Risa after influencing his decision to name Rom as the new Grand Nagus.

Isolation Room One - the part of the Destiny’s medical ward where the apparatus for screening for Founders was kept; only Captain Reymer, Doctor T’pek and the chief of security had access, but only with at least two of them present.

Isolation Room Two - part of the Destiny’s medical ward where Ensign Finok was kept with the Dax symbiont in case an emergency joining was necessary.

Istani Reyla – a prylar, one of the main overseers with Site Extension. She had short, silver hair and deeply tanned skin.


Jack - genetically enhanced human male with an aggressive attitude, leader of the Jack Pack at the Institute.

Jalik - an independent freedom fighter who fought with Ro Laren during the Dominion War. Jalik’s sacrifice during the mission to Osborne’s World ensured that everyone else survived.

Janna, Tisseverlin Lieutenant Commander – First Officer of the USS Aldebaran at the time of it’s destruction during the rogue Jem’Hadar attack in 2376.

Jarada - a xenophobic, insect-like race that insist on strict protocol.

Jast, Tiris Commander – deceased Bolian female, former First Officer of Deep Space Nine and commander of the Defiant. Jast served on Deep Space Nine for two months before being killed during the rogue Jem’Hadar attack. Jast was in command of the Defiant, and attempting to defend the station from the attack three months after the Dominion War ended.

Jataq’qat, Ensign – Starfleet officer who was killed in the attack. A pouch of blood from his heart was going to be sent to Meldrar I so his siblings could pour it into the Meldrarae sea. Before his death, he had challenged Colonel Kira to a game of springball.

Javal’tivon, First – the rogue Jem’Hadar leader; was Kitana’klan’s First at the end of the Dominion War.

Jellico, Edward Admiral - human male. Previous assignments include the USS Cairo and temporary command of the USS Enterprise-D. As a captain, Jellico negotiated several accords with the Cardassian Union. After the fall of the Thallonian Empire, he supervised Captain Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the USS Excalibur.

Jem’Hadar – cloned soldiers and defenders of the Dominion. All Jem’Hadar are male, and have a need for ketracel-white, which is how the Founders control them.

Jenolen, USS - a Starfleet transport vessel that crashed into the surface of a Dyson Sphere in the late 22nd century. Montgomery Scott, newly retired from Starfleet, was onboard, and one of only two survivors of the crash. Scott put himself and Ensign Franklin into the transporter while cycling the diagnostic subroutine. After seventy years, Scott was the only survivor rescued by the USS Enterprise-D.

Jerad Province - on ancient Bajor, it was a part of the Bajora government. Shipbuilders in Jerad Province agreed to help rebuild the Lerrit Navy.

Jeradians - citizens of Jerad Province on ancient Bajor.

jevonite – a rare mineral, believed to only be found on Cardassia. In the ruins of B’hala, an artifact had been found with traces of jevonite.

Joseph Cusak - one of the names Kasidy Yates was considering for her unborn child.

Jovian run - shuttle and freighter route in the Sol system, from Jupiter to Saturn and back each day. Young Starfleet shuttle pilots often engaged in Titan’s Turn during the Jovian run.

Jull - a male Trill, member of Verad’s terrorist group, the Purists. During the Dominion War, Jull was believed to be a Dominion collaborator. Captain Picard believed that Jull helped to arm the Purists.

jumja stick - a Bajoran treat, made from the sap of the jumja tree. Thirishar ch’Thane had developed a taste for jumja sticks while trying the foods of other worlds.

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