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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia G - H

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gagh - a Klingon dish of live serpent worms.

Gaila - Ferengi male, the cousin to Quark and Grand Nagus Rom. Years ago, Quark gave Gaila a loan, which he used to start his own weapons business. To repay him, Gaila gave him a shuttle, but tampered with the controls so that it couldn’t drop out of warp. When Quark lost his business license for breaking a contract, Gaila offered him a position in his weapons business, but Quark ruined that for him. A year later, A year later, Gaila was one of the Ferengi that went with Quark, Rom and Ensign Nog to Empok Nor for the prisoner exchange with the Dominion, the Vorta Keevan for Ishka. During the Gateways crisis, Gaila represented the Petraw’s interests in the negotiations with the Orion Syndicate.

Galihie S. – the assumed name of Istani Reyla’s murderer who died on the Promenade while running from security personnel.

Gallitep - a mining prison that the Shakaar resistance had helped to liberate during the Bajoran Occupation.

Galvan III - third planet in the Galvan star system; crash site for the Tynan after it was attacked in 2376. The planet has a harsh, Class L atmosphere and the rescue team from the USS Enterprise-E had to wear protective suits.

Gamma Quadrant – one of four sectors of space; home of the Dominion. The Gamma Quadrant is connected to the Alpha Quadrant through the Bajoran Wormhole.

Gamon Vell – a vedek; the true identity of Prylar Istani Reyla’s murderer. He was sent to the station by the Vedek Assembly to get the unnamed book of prophecy from her so it could be destroyed.

Gan Morr, Sergeant - Bajoran male, assigned to the sensor maintenance station on the upper level of Deep Space Nine’s operations center.

Garak, Elim - Cardassian male, a former resident of Deep Space Nine during his exile from Cardassia. He once served in the Obsidian Order, under the supervision of his father, Enabren Tain. Garak worked as a tailor, with a shop on the Promenade. He spent seven years on Deep Space Nine, only leaving the station once before it was surrendered to the Dominion. Garak joined Commander Kira Nerys and Odo when they joined Damar’s Cardassian resistance movement, and remained on Cardassia after the war. He is now one of the main leaders of the Cardassian government, though he doesn’t have a title, just ‘plain and simple Garak’.

Garon II – during a mission on Garon II, Starfleet Ensign Ro Laren disobeyed orders, and eight members of the Away Team were killed. Starfleet imprisoned Ro for several months, until her release and assignment to the USS Enterprise-D, ordered by Starfleet Admiral Kennelly.

Gatnir - Orion male; an employee of Malic’s that took an Iconian Gateway to Ferenginar. He may have been responsible for the raid on Grand Nagus Rom’s home.

Gen - a Petraw who became very concerned when the Defiant successfully shut down the network of gateways for ten minutes.

Gentariat system – the rendezvous point of the Allied task force, a day and half away from Deep Space Nine at high warp.

ginger root – Kasidy Yates developed a craving for the ginger flavor during her fourth month of pregnancy.

ginger tea – the preferred drink of Kasidy Yates during her pregnancy.

Girani Semna – a Bajoran surgeon assigned to Deep Space Nine.

gold-pressed latinum – the main currency accepted on Deep Space Nine, in slips, bars or bricks; composed of liquid latinum injected into gold. The substance can’t be replicated.

Goldblatt’s Folly - civilian freighter that assisted in the evacuation of Europa Nova.

Goran’agar – Jem’Hadar First; he had no need of the ketracel-white, and took his men to Bopak III in the Gamma Quadrant, thinking that his location had something to do with his freedom from the white. Doctor Bashir and Chief O’Brien became his prisoners, and Doctor Bashir was close to finding a way to save Goran’agar’s men, but O’Brien destroyed his work. They left Goran’agar behind, to kill his men.

Gordimer, Ensign - security officer assigned to the Defiant.

Gorkon, IKS - Qang-class Bird of Prey under the command of Captain Klag. The Gorkon was a part of Admiral Ross’ peacekeeping fleet that went to Deep Space Nine three months after the Dominion War. The Gorkon was also used to get an Iconian resonator to a gateway on Ufandi III.

Gowron - deceased Klingon male, former Chancellor of the High Council. Gowron was named to head the council by Captain Jean-Luc Picard after the death of K’mpec. Gowron was a politician, and ruled the empire unwisely. Towards the end of the Dominion War, he took direct control of the Klingon forces from General Martok, and sent the general on no-win battles to discredit him in the eyes of other Klingons. Lieutenant Commander Worf of Deep Space Nine challenged Gowron during a mission briefing, and then killed Gowron in honorable combat. Worf than named Martok as the Chancellor of the High Council.

Grand Nagus – the title of the leader of the Ferengi Alliance; Rom, Quark’s younger brother and Nog’s father, currently holds this position.

graviton residue – the residual effect left behind by a shrouded Jem’Hadar; also, the method that Colonel Kira and Commander Vaughn used to track Kitana’klan after his escape from the cargo bay.

Great Exchequer, the - the Ferengi god, that determined if you had earned enough profit during your life.

Great Link, the – the coming together of the Founders in their liquid form on an unnamed planet in the Gamma Quadrant.

Great River, the – a part of Ferengi belief, that the Great River connected all aspects of commerce, and to successfully navigate the river was to be successful in business.

Greenburg, Doctor - medical officer under Doctor Crusher’s command on the USS Enterprise-E.

Grehm – one of the casualties of the rogue Jem’Hadar attack.

Grekor, Captain - male Klingon, a member of the House of Krad and the commander of one of the two battle cruisers Chancellor Martok assigned to join the fleet that confronted the Petraw during the Gateways crisis. Grekor spent much of the time on the Enterprise-E, trying to convince Worf that his sister would make a fine mate.

grelth - a web-spinning insect from Andor.

Grid Twenty-one – one of the many mesh walkways that surrounded the secondary plasma channel in a series of reinforced metal arcs.

Grid Twenty-two – section of the fusion core, location of the primary reactor banks.

Gril - young, male Malon, a new addition to the crew of the Apsac at the time of the attack from the Hirogen ‘ship of death’.

Grilka – a noblewoman of the Klingon Empire, who had been married to Quark for a short time after the accidental death of her husband in Quark’s Bar.

Grimp – a Ferengi waiter who worked for Quark on Deep Space Nine.

Gryphon, USS - Akira-class vessel that brought the Defiant’s replacement warhead module; also assisted in the evacuation of Europa Nova during the Gateway crisis. Captain Elaine Mello commands the ship.


194th Rule of Acquisition, the - know your customers before they walk in the door; Lieutenant Ro Laren reminded Quark of this rule when he complained about Malic blackmailing him about his business venture with Deru on Cardassia.

Habitat Ring – the inner ring surrounding the central core of Deep Space Nine; crew quarters and the runabout launch pads are located in the ring. The ring consists of five levels.

Haeys, the - Admiral Inna’s ship, it was the one of the largest and most impressive vessels of ancient Bajor.

Hagath - a weapons dealer that Gaila was once partnered with. Quark also worked with him, for a short time.

Hagler, Lieutenant – a victim of solanagen-based aliens who had conducted experiments on various crewmembers of the USS Enterprise-D. Lieutenant Hagler’s blood had been replaced with a liquid polymer.

Halloran - civilian freighter from Mars in the Sol system, commanded by Captain Monaghan. During the Gateways crisis, the Halloran was transported from the Sol system to the Kar-telos system in the Gamma Quadrant. The Halloran later assisted in the evacuation of Europa Nova.

harem room – a holosuite program available at Quark’s; the Ferengi bartender decided that he could use it for his dinner date with Lieutenant Ro, minus the harem.

hasperat – a spicy Bajoran dish; Quark serves twenty-four variations of it in his bar.

Hava, Corporal - Bajoran Militia security officer assigned to the nightshift patrol of the Promenade.

Hawkins, Captain - commander of the civilian freighter Ng.

Hedrikspool Province – a region on Bajor; Deputy Setrin’s family lived there at the time of her death.

hentas - Malon term for distance.

Hera, USS – vessel under Captain la Forge’s command, that disappeared on Stardate 47215.5.

hezlat gateway - one of the first types of gateways built by the Iconians, they hezlat’s were among the largest of them.

Hig - a Petraw, sent to the Bajoran system to investigate way there weren’t any Iconian Gateways within ten light years of the system, and to stop anyone from finding out.

Hinarian coding system - Trier suggested Lieutenant Ro use the coding system to access the files kept in Malic’s padd.

Hiran - the assistant dockmaster at Natlar Port of the Perikian Republic.

Hirogen, the - a nomadic, hunting race based in the Delta Quadrant, distinguishing characteristics are mottled skin, black, grooved armor and helmets, and incredible height, at about two meters tall.

holding cells, the – located in the back of the station’s security office, there are three of them. Third Kitana’klan was held in a cell after Ensign ch’Thane found him in Quark’s.

hole, a - the term used by Kron to describe the Iconian Gateway that connected a star system in the Delta Quadrant to Europa Nova in the Alpha Quadrant.

holoconference - Admiral Ross held a holoconference to brief captains and starbase commanders on the actions they needed to take during the Gateways crisis. Officers in attendance including Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Captain Solok, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, Captain Elizabeth Shelby, Commander Elias Vaughn, and Captain Montgomery Scott. Colonel Kira Nerys of Deep Space Nine was the only non-Starfleet officer present.

holoenvironments - holodecks on starships, holoplayrooms in private homes, and holosuites on space stations; the earliest versions of holoenvironments included encounter suits, sensory helmets and feedback gloves.

holographic systems – on Starfleet ships, holo-systems like the viewscreen have an independent power grid.

holoship - a mobile environment simulator, equipped with a cloaking devise and designed to move a small colony from one point to another without the colonists knowing they were being moved. The ship was built by Section 31 for a mission in the Briar Patch, but after the mission failed, it was officially confiscated and destroyed by Starfleet Command.

holosuite control panel - located in the corridor outside of Quark’s holosuites.

holosuite one - one of the holosuites located in Quark’s on Deep Space Nine’s Promenade. Taran’atar was using the holosuite during the Sindorin mission briefing.

holosuites – holographic environments in a contained space; Quark’s has the only holosuites on Deep Space Nine.

Honored Elder – a title of respect given to the few Jem’Hadar who live to be fifteen years old, or older. Taran’atar is an Honored Elder of the Jem’Hadar.

Ho’nig - a great god that Ro Laren would have believed in if it would get Treir out of her office after their return to Deep Space Nine.

Hood, USS - refit Excelsior-class vessel that was scheduled to transport a Federation industrial replicator from Deep Space Nine to Cardassia Prime as part of the relief efforts.

Hopping Bird, Mike Lieutenant Commander – the chief tactical officer on the USS Aldebaran; was just beginning a relationship with Lieutenant Commander Janna.

host-death trauma syndrome - a medical condition that can affect symbionts after the hosts die unexpectedly. The Dax symbiont was afflicted with this after the violent death of Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax in 2374.

House of Duras, the - a Klingon house, enemies of Ambassador Worf and the Klingon Empire.

House of Krad, the - a fallen Klingon house that Captain Grekor was a part of. During the Gateways crisis, Grekor attempted to find ways that Ambassador Worf could help restore glory to the house.

Hundred, the – to learn more about alien cultures, the Great Link sent out a hundred infant changelings out into the galaxy. Odo and Laas were both part of the Hundred.

Hupyrian freighter cook – a medical case Doctor Bashir had worked on two days after the Jem’Hadar attack; he had to cauterize a scalp wound, and found that the cook a rare genetic disorder for the species.

hyronalin - the standard treatment for radiation poisoning.

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