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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia E - F

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Earth Gothic - an architectural style that involves elaborate decorations on stonework. A blending of this style and Tellarite Churlnik was present on Europa Nova.

east platform, the – location near the Promenade where Colonel Kira wanted Lieutenant Dax to meet her and Commander Vaughn after the USS Enterprise-E docked at the station.

East Winds, the - a transport ship out of Risa, commanded by Cassandra.

Eideman, Kelly Lieutenant – a junior engineer on the USS Aldebaran.

Eivos – an aging prylar, one of the student overseers at B’hala.

Ela – a Bajoran ranjen on Deep Space Nine who discussed doctrinal differences that were being contested among members of the Vedek Assembly with Vedek Yevir while he was on the station.

Elaysian governor, the – victim of an assassination that Commander Vaughn could have prevented.

Elipagh – the Ancient Bajoran word for herald; could also be translated as messenger or proxy, as carrier or bearer of news, and as emissary.

Ella - a ten year old Malon female, the daughter of Controller Marssi and Stvoran.

Ellisalda, Lieutenant – an instructor at Starfleet Academy who has a high, wavering voice.

Elvim – one of the casualties of the rogue Jem’Hadar attack on Deep Space Nine

Emergency Medical Holograms - holographic programs designed to assist medical staffs during emergencies developed by Doctor Lewis Zimmerman of Jupiter Station for Starfleet Medical. The EMH Mark One was installed onboard both the USS Voyager, the USS Destiny, and the USS Enterprise-E. The EMH Mark Two was installed on the Prometheus prototype. The template for the Mark One EMH was Doctor Zimmerman himself.

Emergency shelter protocols – orders for the chief of station security when there is an unknown threat to the station; direct civilians to the reinforced areas, evacuate and secure prisoners, if any.

Emick, Walter Captain - commander of the USS Intrepid, was present for Admiral Ross’ holoconference during the Gateway crisis.

Emissary, the – title of the one who made contact with the Prophets of the Celestial Temple. In 2368, Commander Benjamin Sisko made contact with the aliens in the Bajoran Wormhole, and was given the title of Emissary by the Bajoran people.

emotion chip - a removable chip used by Lieutenant Commander Data that allows him to experience human emotions; he has to ability to turn it off or on.

Empok Nor – a Cardassian-built station abandoned in the Trivas system; moved to the Bajoran sector by Lieutenant Nog and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to use as spare parts in the future.

Endtree - a nation state of ancient Bajor that had a strong navy. The Endtree allied themselves with the rebels fighting against the Lerrit to form the Perikian Republic.

Endtree flag, the - the flag of the Endtree, displayed on all the ships of their fleet, it has a green and black design.

energy vortices – the scientific term assigned to the Bajoran Orbs by the Federation.

Enterprise-D, USS – Galaxy-class vessel; destroyed during a Klingon attack in orbit of Veridian III in 2371. Officers that served on the Enterprise-D include Lieutenant Ro Laren, Chief Miles O’Brien, Medical Technician Simon Tarses, and Lieutenant Commander Worf.

Enterprise-E, USS – Sovereign-class vessel commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The ship was built after the destruction of the USS Enterprise-D in orbit of Veridian III. Commander Vaughn had worked with the crew of the Enterprise-E on three occasions – during the Betazed emancipation, while investigating Breen activity in the Badlands, and during Verad’s Purists Movement on Trill in 2376.

environmental controls – this system was polled at level four once every hour.

Eran Dal, Vedek – Bajoran male, with a round face and a shaved head; the leader of the unnamed council formed due to Kai Winn’s disappearance and First Minister Shakaar’s absence; which organized the meetings of the council. Vedek Eran also helped to arrange emergency housing on Bajor for the Europa Nova evacuees.

Eric – a Federation diplomatic trainee, fresh from the Academy who had hit on Colonel Kira his first night on Deep Space Nine saying that her eyes burned like the stars. He and his friend Marten were killed in the rogue Jem’Hadar attack. His remains were being sent back to his family Asgard.

Euphrates, the – one of Deep Space Nine’s runabouts; used by Colonel Kira, Lieutenant Ro, Vedek Yevir and Captain Yates to go to Bajor. The runabout was also used by Doctor Bashir, Lieutenant Ro, Lieutenant Dax and Taran’atar during the mission to Sindorin in the Badlands. Colonel Kira and Taran’atar used the Euphrates during the Europa Nova evacuation.

Europa Nova - human colony ten light years away from Bajor. The colony was founded in the late 22nd century, but the colonists never joined the Federation. Andor has several trade agreements with Europa Nova. During the Dominion War, the people of Europa Nova repelled the Breen attack forces. At the time of the Gateways crisis, Europa Nova’s atmosphere was poisoned by industrial-grade antimatter waste and theta radiation.

Europani, the - the citizens of the independent planet Europa Nova.

Europani duranium sculpture - a form of art from Europa Nova that had become popular over the last decade. An exhibit of the artwork had been displayed at the Akoram Laan Museum on Bajor several years prior to 2376.

Excalibur-A, USS - refit Galaxy-class vessel commanded by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, assigned to the former Thallonian Empire.


15th Rule of Acquisition, the - dead men close no deals; Quark told Malic the truth about his mission under the threat of being killed by Malic’s Orion bodyguards.

47th Rule of Acquisition, the - never trust a man wearing a better suit than your own. Quark thought of this rule when he saw that his cousin Gaila was wearing a suit of fine Tholian silk to the negotiations for the Iconian Gateway technology.

FCA – the acronym for the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

fa’ntar – deep orange brew that Quark was offering a discount special, claiming it was a rare blend of exotic fruits and spices.

Farius Prime - the neutral location that the Orion Syndicate was negotiating for the ownership of the Iconian Gateway technology. A gateway connected Farius Prime to the Clarus system.

Faro, Lieutenant – an officer onboard the USS Cerberus under Admiral Ross’ command.

Faylen - male Trill, a member of Verad’s Purists terrorist group in 2376.

Federation Council, the – the ruling diplomatic body of the United Federation of Planets. After the attack on Deep Space Nine, there was a motion before the Council that a permanent peacekeeping force should remain in the Gamma Quadrant.

Ferengi Commerce Authority – the government agency that monitors trade within the Ferengi Alliance, and the businessmen who have a trading license with the FCA.

Ferenginar – the home planet of the Ferengi Alliance, has a very damp climate.

Federation, the – the short title of the United Federation of Planets.

Felix – a friend of Doctor Julian Bashir, who develops holosuite programs including the Vic Fontaine/Las Vegas program.

fiber torch – a tool that can be used to integrate wire patches in ODN bundles.

ficus - a plant Doctor Bashir has in his quarters; he asked Commander Vaughn if someone could retrieve it if the station would be destroyed while the lower core transfer was taking place during the Sindorin mission.

field coats - Starfleet issue jacket from eighty years ago, made from sturdy material, with deep pockets and well-placed heating cells; Commander Elias Vaughn still has his field coat from his time as a Starfleet cadet.

Finneas XII - Malic’s destination when he left Tu’s ship, the home planet of the Orion Syndicate enforcer Zil.

Finok, Brinner Ensign - unjoined male Trill onboard the USS Destiny with Ensign Ezri Tigan. After the Dax symbiont was brought onboard, a Founder replaced him. Before the crew found him in a medical stasis field, Ensign Tigan was joined with the Dax symbiont, since she was believed to be the only Trill still onboard.

fire caves, the - located on Bajor, it was where the Prophets imprisoned the Pah-wraiths, sealing the caves with a blue fire.

firewall - the Federation laws that govern against genetic engineering on humanoid species, to prevent the rise of another Khan Singh.

First, the - Doctor Ethan Locken’s first successful Jem’Hadar soldier bred on Sindorin, the leader of the other Jem’Hadar.

First City, the - the capital city on Qo’noS.

First Minister – the highest elected office on Bajor; currently held by Shakaar Edon.

First Screening - a Trill cultural celebration that takes place on the twelfth birthday; almost every Trill goes through with this custom of submitting preliminary screening tests to determine fitness to be a host.

flitters - a type of ship that Kira Nerys flew during the Bajoran Occupation. She told Taran’atar that the Starfleet runabouts reminded her of flying flitters.

flux capacitors - a component of the communications array placed in the Gamma Quadrant; Ensign ch’Thane thought it would need twice as many than were actually used.

Fontaine, Vic – a sentient hologram; a period-specific 1962 Las Vegas lounge singer developed for Doctor Bashir by his friend Felix.

Fort Tendro - located on the outskirts of the Perikian Republic on the front lines of the ground war against the Lerrit.

Founders, the – a race of shape shifters, leaders of the Dominion.

fractal knife - a porcelain-edged bladed weapon, illegal in Federation space and many independent worlds, including Bajor. Ro Laren took the knife from the body of a Cardassian ‘information officer’ during her time with the Maqui, and keeps it in a concealed compartment of her travel bag. At the time of the Sindorin mission in 2376, she still carried the weapon.

Frank - a singer that the hologram Vic Fontaine compares himself to.

Frelan Syla – a small, highly opinionated woman; one of the seven in the unnamed council. She believed that the attack against the station was sanctioned by the Prophets, since the Jem’Hadar had to travel through the Temple Gates.

Frith, Vedek – a member of the Vedek Assembly who, with Vedek Eran, called for an emergency meeting of the assembly after Colonel Kira uploaded the text of the unnamed book of prophecy to the Bajoran communications network.

Frool – one of Quark’s Ferengi waiters on Deep Space Nine.

Furel - a member of the Shakaar Resistance with Kira Nerys.

Fusco, Tony - Europani refugee who stole six crates of arithrazine and used a shuttle pod to block the Costa Rocosa gateway. He wanted himself and his family to be added to the list that was going through the gateway to Torona IV because of his agoraphobia.

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