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The DS9 Relaunch MiniPedia C - D

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Cail - female Trill, a member of Verad’s Purist terrorist group in 2376.

Cajara - the seventh planet in the Bajoran system; after the lower core transfer, Empok Nor was towed to orbit the planet.

Calhoun, Mackenzie Captain - Xenexian male, commander of the USS Excalibur-A assigned to the former Thallonian Empire. Married to Captain Elizabeth Paula Shelby, the commander of the USS Trident. Distinguishing characteristics are purple eyes and a scar on the right side of his face, from his eye to his jaw. Captain Calhoun was one of the commanders present in the holoconference held by Admiral Ross.

Capril – one of the vedeks on Deep Space Nine.

Cardassia Prime – the home planet of the Cardassians.

Cardassian reconstruction effort - the aid provided by the Federation and Bajor after the Dominion War. Many of the ships going to and from Cardassian territory travel through Deep Space Nine.

Cardassian Union, the – consists of the Cardassia system, colonies, and the enslaved worlds that were conquered by the Cardassians. The Cardassian Union was the first power to ally itself with the Dominion, giving the Gamma Quadrant power a foothold into the Alpha Quadrant. However, the final battle of the Dominion War was won when the Cardassian forces turned against the Jem’Hadar and the Breen.

Cargo Bay 41C – the cargo bay that Kitana’klan was moved to per Lieutenant Dax’s suggestion that he be moved out of the holding cells; located at the base of Pylon One.

Cargo Hold D – the location on the USS Enterprise-E where the Orb of Memory was being stored while they were taking it to Deep Space Nine from the Badlands.

cargo transporter - located on the third deck of the Defiant, the cargo transporter was used to get the one hundred fifty refugees from the Europa Nova capital.

cartridge – ketracel-white container used by the Jem’Hadar.

Cassandra - Risa woman, commander of the East Winds. She came to Deep Space Nine in 2376 because of a deal she had with Quark. Due to his absence from the station, she agreed to help with the evacuation of Europa Nova. She is also an old friend of Curzon Dax’s.

Catualla – a vacation spot where the Dennings siblings had gone fishing.

cauterizing seal patch – medical patch Doctor Bashir believed he needed to stay alive after being injured by Kitana’klan.

Caves of Mak’ala - located on Trill, the caves house many of the symbionts when they are between hosts. After Ambassador Odan died, Doctor Beverly Crusher transported the Odan symbiont the caves only to find that the Purists had planted a bomb in the caves.

Ceaser’s Palace - a gambling establishment in Las Vegas that was used as the operational command center for Colonel Amber’s Regimental Volunteers for two months in 2053.

Celestial Temple – the home of the Prophets within the Bajoran Wormhole.

Celles, Kra – a classmate of Ensign Dennings who could impersonate Lieutenant Ellisalda.

Central Archives, the – Bajoran records office.

Cerberus, USS – Prometheus-class vessel; Admiral Ross’ ship he used to lead the Allied task force to Deep Space Nine.

ch’Thane, Thirishar Ensign – Andorian male; chief science officer of Deep Space Nine. Shar graduated at the top of his class, was already published several times over, and had been fought for by some of Starfleet’s best scientists.

ch’Thane Gateway One - a computer program of Ensign ch’Thane’s, used during the investigation of the lack of Iconian Gateways within ten light years of Bajor.

Chaffee, the - one of the Defiant’s two shuttles.

Chang, Thomas – the ship’s counselor on the USS Aldebaran for seven years.

Chao, Jeannette Chief - Starfleet noncommissioned officer, the transporter chief assigned to the Defiant.

Chargh, IKS - Klingon battle cruiser assigned to the joint fleet that confronted the Petraw during the Gateways crisis. The Chargh was used to deliver one of the Iconian resonators to a planet within the Klingon borders, and its flight path had it rendezvousing with the Defiant and returned Ambassador Worf to Quo’noS.

Chavez, Ensign – an officer on Deep Space Nine that Jake Sisko knew; was present at the party Quark was hosting for Jake’s return to the station.

chei - Councillor zh’Thane’s term for her ‘son’, Thirishar ch’Thane.

Chieti - one of the five major cities of Europa Nova; the Xhosa was assigned to evacuate refugees from Chieti.

Child of the Emissary, the – the religious title which was being used for Kasidy Yates’ unborn child.

Chin’toka IX - Quark and Deru had acquired land on this planet in the Chin’toka system, and Deru was attempting to sell it to a Kobheerian named Riilampe.

Circle, the - a Bajoran extremist group that formed a year after the Cardassians withdrew from Bajor. Led by Minister Jaro of the Council of Ministers, the Circle called for ‘Bajor for Bajorans’ and attempted to remove all alien influences from their home system.

Clarus IX - the ninth planet in the Clarus system. After Gaila was rescued from Malic’s ship in the Farius system, he asked to be dropped off their instead of going all the way back to Deep Space Nine.

Clarus system - an Orion transport took Quark and his dabo girl escort to the Clarus system from Deep Space Nine. An Iconian Gateway connected the system to Farius Prime, where Malic’s ship was in orbit.

Class B environmental suit - EVA suits not rated for hard vacuum exposure; used by Doctor Bashir and Lieutenant Dax for their investigation aboard the derelict Romulan N’renix-class cruiser.

Class One isolinear rod – Quark had been storing a Class One isolinear rod for Prylar Istani Reyla, but turned it over to Lieutenant Ro after Reyla was murdered on the Promenade.

cloning chambers - in the abandoned Jem’Hadar hatchery on Sindorin, Doctor Ethan Locken had cloned several copies of himself, as well as clones of Doctor Julian Bashir and other clones, including a female.

Cole – an agent of Section 31; sent Doctor Julian Bashir on a mission to the Badlands to stop Doctor Ethan Locken on Sindorin instead of letting him go to Earth with Lieutenant Ezri Dax.

com channel three eight five - a communications channel Colonel Kira used from her office on Deep Space Nine to contact Commander Vaughn during the Defiant’s refit.

combadge - communication equipment worn by Starfleet officers as part of their uniform, the Starfleet Delta sign on an angled rectangle. Bajoran Militia officers also use combadges of a different design. They can also be used to locate an individual on internal sensors, or for transporter systems.

Comes-in-the-night-kills-many - translation for an insect race in the Gamma Quadrant; five meters tall with eight long limbs that end with a two-pronged horned claw. Taran’atar was sent to the planet to wipe them out, since the Founders deemed them a threat to the farming community on the planet. Taran’atar designed a holosuite program that allowed him to fight one of them as an exercise program.

communications array - a subspace sensor/communications array placed on the Gamma Quadrant side of the Bajoran wormhole by the Defiant in 2376, it is the first step in the exploration of non-Dominion territory in the Gamma Quadrant. The new array, a replacement for one destroyed by the Jem’Hadar when Cardassia joined the Dominion, was designed by Lieutenant Nog and Ensign Thirishar ch’Thane.

control unit - a small, hand-held device used by Doctor Ethan Locken in the abandoned Dominion compound on Sindorin, could be used to turn on lights, activate automated systems, and open doors and forcefields.

Costa Rocosa - Spanish term for ‘rocky coast’; one of the small towns along the east coast of Europa Nova’s north continent. The Defiant detected an Iconian Gateway that connected Costa Rocosa to the Jaradan homeworld.

cortical stimulator - a medical tool Doctor Julian Bashir had to set to maximum in an attempt to revive Doctor Lenara Kahn after her rescue from the Purists.

Council, the - the political leaders of Endtree. Admiral Inna sent a report back to the council after General Torrna’s victory against the Lerrit Army.

Council of Ministers – half of the ruling body of Bajor, consisting of the elected officials for the government.

couscous - Doctor Bashir introduced Taran’atar to this grain, rice and bean dish during the Sindorin mission.

crash net - low-tech device used to slow ships down if necessary; Chief Miles O’Brien installed a system of crash nets on Deep Space Nine during his time on the station. The young trees in a grove on Sindorin acted as a crash net during the Euphrates’s descent.

Crusher, Beverly Commander – human female; chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-E, NCC 1701-E.

Crusher, Jack - deceased human male, was married to Beverly Crusher at the time of his death in the 2350s. Jack Crusher served under Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the USS Stargazer when he was killed in the line of duty. Kinjer of Trill reminded Doctor Crusher of Jack when they were transporting the Odan symbiont to the Caves of Mak’ala.

Cryan, Sergeant – Bajoran Militia security officer who was killed during Kitana’klan’s escape.

Crypts, the – in the deepest and furthest part of the B’hala ruins, Colonel Kira guided Captain Yates, Lieutenant Ro and Vedek Yevir to the crypts of the ten thousand who had protected Ohalu’s book before B’hala was lost. One crypt remained empty, for Prylar Istani Reyla, the last guardian of the unnamed book of prophecy.

cultural observer - Honored Elder Taran’atar of the Jem’Hadar’s position in on Deep Space Nine.

cuppajo – the preferred holographic beverage of Vic Fontaine, which Doctor Bashir thought smelled a lot like coffee.

Curzon Tye – one of the names Kasidy Yates was considering for her unborn child.

custodian, the - a hooded Iconian figure Kira Nerys encountered after stepping through a gateway in the caves of the Perikian Peninsula.


d’jarra – a caste system once used by the Bajorans, before the Occupation of Bajor.

D’Sora Jenna Ensign – a junior tactical officer onboard the USS Enterprise-D, who Data had a brief relationship with.

da Vinci, USS - Sabre-class vessel primarily used by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Lieutenant Commander Geordi la Forge was placed on temporary assignment to the da Vinci in 2375.

dabo – a roulette-type game that can be played at Quark’s.

dabo girls - the hostesses of the dabo wheel, used to distract the customers into gambling more money. Doctor Bashir dated Leeta, a dabo girl who would later marry Rom. Jake once dated a dabo girl, for a short time, but it ended badly. Lieutenant Ro disguised herself as a blonde dabo girl to serve as Quark’s escort while he was away from the station negotiating on behalf of the Orion Syndicate for Iconian technology.

Dahkur Province - Colonel Kira Nerys’ home province on Bajor.

Dakhur Hills - Kira Nerys spent much of her teenage years in the caves of these hills, during her time with the Shakaar Resistance.

Daluvians - a race that doesn’t have any fingers. Gaila told Quark that you would be able to count the years of Grand Nagus Rom’s reign on the fingers of one Daluvian hand.

Danube-class – the primary class of runabouts assigned to Deep Space Nine.

darjeeling tea – a hot tea Quark gave to Lieutenant Ro as a thank you, and as an attempt to ask her out on a date.

Darnak VII - planet where a small, tightly organized group took over the government. Commander Vaughn saw similarities between that and Verad’s attempt to destroy the joined Trill in 2376.

darts – a game played in Quark’s; Chief Miles O’Brien set up the dartboard in Quark’s years before, and it remained in the bar after he left the station.

Data, Lieutenant Commander – male android, Operations Manager/Second Officer of the USS Enterprise-E, NCC 1701-E.

data chip – a recording Odo made for Taran’atar to deliver to the Alpha Quadrant was stored on a data chip supplied after the station’s destruction was averted.

Dax, Audrid – fourth host of the Dax symbiont; former head of the Symbiosis Commission.

Dax, Curzon – the seventh host of the Dax symbiont; an ambassador for the Federation, who negotiated several treaties with the Klingon Empire and befriended Ensigns Benjamin Sisko and Cal Hudson.

Dax, Emony – third host of the Dax symbiont; a gymnast who had a brief affair with Leonard McCoy while he was a student at Ole Miss on Earth.

Dax, Ezri Lieutenant – Trill female, ninth and current host of the Dax symbiont. Second officer of Deep Space Nine and the executive officer when on the Defiant; former station counselor.

Dax, Jadzia – the eighth host of the Dax symbiont; former science officer of Deep Space Nine and pilot of the Defiant, she was killed by the Dukat Pah-wraith on Deep Space Nine in 2374.

Dax, Joran – the sixth host of the Dax symbiont; a musician who became a murderer. After Torias’ shuttle accident, the symbiont was placed within him as an experiment conducted by the Symbiosis Commission. They hid the fact of Joran’s being a host for decades, but told the truth when Joran’s memories within the symbiont threatened Jadzia Dax’s life.

Dax, Lela – the first host of the Dax symbiont; was one of the only women in the Trill Senate and initiated a cultural exchange program with the Vulcans.

Dax, Tobin – the second host of the Dax symbiont; a theoretical engineer who worked with the Federation, and helped to develop transporter systems.

Dax, Torias – the fifth host of the Dax symbiont; a test pilot who was working with Starfleet when he died in a shuttle accident.

Davison, Jessie Commander - human female, she served as the Marco Polo’s First Officer under both Captain Picard and Commander Troi during the Gateways crisis.

Dead Zones, the – areas of space that inhibited electrical systems, subspace communications and warp drives. A Dead Zone affected Deep Space Nine and the Defiant for several weeks in late 2375.

Deck Seventy One - the lowest deck of Malic’s ship; in order to be transported to safety, Ro and Quark had to be near the outer hull.

Deep Space Nine – Cardassian-built space station in the Bajoran sector, formerly named Terok Nor. The station has six pylons along its outer ring, an inner ring for habitation, and the central core that contains the Operations center and the Promenade.

Deep Space Niners - the baseball team assembled by Captain Benjamin Sisko to play against the USS T’Kumbra Logicians; the team consisted of Lieutenant Commander Worf, Doctor Julian Bashir, Captain Kasidy Yates, Chief Miles O’Brien, Colonel Kira Nerys, Leeta, Technician Rom, Ensign Nog, Quark, Jake Sisko, and Counselor Ezri Dax. Doctor Bashir kept a holoportrait of the team on a shelf in his quarters.

defense shelters - a number of defense shelters were built on Trill during the Dominion War; each can hold up to 250,000 people and are fortified against bio-attack. These shelters were used in an attempt to stop Verad’s retrovirus from spreading in 2376.

Defiant, the – Starfleet escort vessel assigned to Deep Space Nine; formerly the USS Sao Paulo.

Defiant-class – a class of vessels designed to fight the Borg, officially classified as an escort vessel. Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko worked on the Defiant as a prototype, but there were too many design flaws.

DeLaCruz, Martino - the Europani Surgeon General at the time of the Gateways crisis.

DellaMonica - family of Europani refugees on Deep Space Nine. Ms DellaMonica had a complaint about the replicators in the quarters they were assigned to.

Delta Quadrant – one of four sectors of space, current location of the Intrepid-class USS Voyager. The Borg Collective resides in the Delta Quadrant, as do various races, such as the Kazon sects, the Ocampans, the Vaardwar, the Talaxians and the Vidiians.

Dennings, Kuri Ensign – an anthropology officer on the USS Enterprise-E.

Dennings, Tosh – Ensign Kuri Dennings’ brother who died at the age of 26, the victim of a freak cave-in while surveying a mine in 2367.

Denorios Belt – an area of space in the Bajoran sector, near the entrance to the wormhole. It is full of tachyon eddies, making it a navigational hazard.

Deru - Cardassian male, a business associate of Quark’s. He was once a glinn in the Cardassian military, and served on Terok Nor during the Bajoran Occupation. Malic used the information about Quark’s business arrangement with Deru to extort him into representing the Orion Syndicate during the negotiations for the Iconian Gateways.

Desan - Romulan female in command of a warbird that joined the fleet led by the USS Enterprise-E during the Gateways crisis.

Destiny, USS - Ezri Tigan’s previous assignment before becoming the host of the Dax symbiont while transporting it to the Trill homeworld from Deep Space Nine.

Deviants – Jem’Hadar who do not have a need for ketracel-white; Taran’atar was one of four found by the Vorta in 2376.

Devro, Corporal– newly assigned security officer on Deep Space Nine; was one of the security guards assigned to the cargo bay where Kitana’klan was housed. Devro was killed during Kitana’klan’s escape from the cargo bay.

Dey – a security officer onboard the USS Enterprise-E.

di’teh – the aura of the shrouded, that only another Jem’Hadar can sense.

Dickie – Vic Fontaine’s axeman in the band; was trying to impress a woman, which caused Vic to do two encores one night.

Dinasia - an inhabited planet that the Defiant took one of the resonators to. Commander Vaughn and Ensign ch’Thane were able to beam down to a remote island that was uninhabited, but had an Iconian Gateway.

distillery, the - in the Jem’Hadar hatchery on Sindorin, Doctor Ethan Locken allowed for a central source for the ketracel-white that was distributed to the soldiers in the barracks.

Divine Treasury - in the Ferengi belief system, you had to live a profitable life to get into the Divine Treasury when you die.

Dizhei - one of three other Andorians that were a part of Thirashar ch’Thane’s mating group on Andor.

Dock Patrol - the security force responsible for the safety of the Natlar Port of Perikia.

Docking Ring – the outer ring of Deep Space Nine, has the shield generators, the science labs, and the cargo holds. The Docking Ring also has the Docking Pylons, three upper and three lower.

Doctor Ethan - the name used by the children of New Beijing that Doctor Ethan Locken treated before the Dominion attack; Locken kept a collection of their artwork addressed to ‘Doctor Ethan’ with him on Sindorin.

dom-jot – a billiards game that can be played at Quark’s.

Dome Four - during the plague crisis caused by Verad Kalon on Trill, infected Trill were placed in quarantine in Dome Four.

Dome One - during the plague crisis caused by Verad Kalon on Trill, uninfected Trill were placed in quarantine in Dome One.

Dominion, the – the major ruling power within the Gamma Quadrant, led by the Founders, administrated by the Vorta and defended by the Jem’Hadar.

Dougherty, Matthew Admiral - human male; Starfleet officer who represented Section 31’s interests during the Briar Patch mission, to relocate the six hundred Ba’ku and collect the metaphasic radiation in the rings of the planet. Admiral Dougherty attempted to defy Ru’afu, the Son’a leader, and was killed for it.

Dozaria - the Orion Syndicate had obtained the dilithium mining rights on Dozaria from the Breen. Malic was going to use them in the negotiations for the Iconian Gateways.

Drone 005 - one of the Trill Defense Perimeter drones that attacked the USS Enterprise-E in orbit of Trill.

Dukat, Skrain - deceased Cardassian male, the former prefect of Bajor during the occupation. His long history with the crew of Deep Space Nine included making Kira Nerys’s mother his personal comfort woman during the occupation, assisting Captain Sisko and his crew during an undercover mission into Klingon territory, killing Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax in the Bajoran shrine on the Promenade, and closing the Bajoran wormhole. Dukat was also responsible for the Cardassian Union joining the Dominion.

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